Elvis Presley
From Elvis In Memphis
Legacy Edition

Release Date: July 28, 2009
Produced by: Felton Jarvis (Reissue Produced by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen)
Format: 2CD Legacy Edition



Matt Rowe


The legacy of Elvis Presley knows no end.  This is especially true with the superiority of American  Studios sessions that yielded several LP issues, From Elvis in Memphis, and Back in Memphis (Back in Memphis was a studio re-release of the studio album originally packaged in the 2LP From Memphis to Vegas – From Vegas to Memphis).  Many classic tracks that emanate from this same recording sessions are stories all unto themselves, and better recounted within the lengthy, Gordon/McAdams essay found in the  treasure trove of a 24-page booklet in this Legacy Edition 2CD remaster.

From Elvis in Memphis represented a change of pace for the superstar, a welcomed return to the homebase.  In just two months, Elvis had produced 36 tracks, several that would go on to become multi-million seller singles.  The first one out of the gate was the Mac Davis-written “In the Ghetto,” an unusual but potent tune that put the spotlight on not only Elvis but also the song's writer.  The other 11 tracks on the album included unique Presley covers of songs by notable songwriters. 

For this Legacy Edition, four bonus tracks are included from the sessions (“I'll Be There,” the Beatles' “Hey Jude,” “If I'm a Fool (For Loving You),” and “Who Am I?”), but released on subsequent albums.

The second disc from this 2CD set represent the studio album found first on the From Memphis to Vegas-From Vegas to Memphis, and then later as a breakaway reissue as a standalone studio album, Back in Memphis.  It contained ten American Studio session tracks that included “And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind,” a Neil Diamond song that helped broadened the depth of Presley, and the effective, “Without Love (There is Nothing).”  Augmenting this 2nd CD is the inclusion of ten LP and non-LP tracks, many of which Elvis fans will recognize immediately.  These are the original Mono single masters of songs like “In The Ghetto,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Don't Cry Daddy” (with the B-side of “Rubberneckin'”), and “Kentucky Rain.”  The inclusion of these single masters really reveal the importance of the American Studio work that Elvis undertook, and why you can now have a strong Legacy Edition in your library.

As if the re-mastered music and bonus tracks weren't enough, the inclusion of the 24-page booklet should easily put the cap on this reissued set.  It is filled completely, crammed one might say, with photos, memorabilia that includes sleeve covers, a 45RPM orange RCA label, and other goodies, a magnificent 2,400 word essay that leaves virtually nothing out, and complete credit listings of each CD and the album that is contained on them.  The CDs are painted with the familiar orange RCA label color, and housed in a tri-fold paneled softpak, protected by a sturdy plastic O-Card.

This 40th Anniversary reissue is a solid release and should be welcomed in any library, particularly for fans of Elvis Presley, and fans of that era of music.  The bonus tracks add immense value.









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