Alice Cooper
School's Out

Release Date: February 10, 2009
Produced by: Bob Ezrin
Format: 24k Gold Remaster



Matt Rowe


The band known as Alice Cooper (before Furnier gathered the name unto himself) led up to a very popular album that contains the anthemic “School's Out,” with a very well-defined set of albums (the virtually unknown Easy Action, and Pretties For You (re-packaged in the '70s as School Daze), and the maturing and influential Love It to Death, and Killer).  School's Out was wrapped within a theme that became standard operating procedure for the band (and the persona after the demise of the band).  The collection of songs were great, were memorable, and is still a favourite amongst Alice Cooper aficionados.

Audio Fidelity has reissued a Hoffman-remastered version of School's Out, adding this brilliant classic to its collection of 24k Gold discs series that benefit greatly from a remastering procedure that Hoffman calls the “breath of life.”  There is no denying that the procedure and tech used to enhance the original album is a beneficial one as the songs on this reissue of School's Out delivers a  clarifying experience that makes it more than a joy to revisit.

The songs within the classic album, School's Out, need no introduction.  There are few who haven't heard its very recognizable title track.  School's Out was the album that elevated a public to anxiously await, and highly respect (sales-wise, and hits-wise) the subsequent AC release, Billion Dollar Babies.  While the band did not have much for legs after Billion Dollar Babies (Muscle of Love may not be as strong an album, but it still worked, and worked better than its given credit), Alice Cooper was forever launched into Rock as the fore-runner of Shock Rock.  School's Out was a watermark release, and Audio Fidelity's audio enhancement procedures make this version a stand-out reissue.

I can't say whether this remaster is the greatest one as I don't have every remaster of this album ever released.  There are those that know better than I.  But I can say this with ease, this Audio Fidelity-released, Hoffman-remastered, numbered Limited Edition version is candy to my ears.  And that's great for me.  And for you.









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