The Mick Fleetwood Band
Blue Again

Release Date: March 17, 2009
Produced by: Rick Vito and Mick Fleetwood
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


It's no secret that Mick Fleetwood has a base in electric blues.  Prior to his multi-million selling incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, he maintained several iterations of that same band with some strong blues personnel.  Of inestimable value was the vastly underrated Peter Green, whose blues guitar smoked the band's output song after song, show after show.  But even before that, Mick Fleetwood, along with John McVie and Peter Green, were a part of the John Mayall Bluesbreakers band, a revolving-door collection of musicians that boasts a who's who list of ex-members.  Needless to say, Mick Fleetwood has cut his musical chops on the blues.

On this dynamic Live set, Blue Again, Mick Fleetwood assembles an able crew that includes Rick Vito, an ex-member of Fleetwood Mac, and two very accomplished musicians in Lenny Castellanos (Bass), and Mark Johnstone (keyboards).  Together, they deliver 11 well-played songs, many written by Peter Green (including the popularized “Black Magic Woman”), and a bonus Green-penned track of “Albatross.”

The show is taken from a 2008 show at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St Louis, Mo and is a collection of stunningly well-played songs that benefits from the smoking strings of Rick Vito's guitar.  You'll have no lack of strong and bluesy music as the band effortlessly works their way around familiar territory, producing a night that should not be forgotten.  Vito was on fire that night in February with a guitar that channelled great music, and was enhanced by the brilliant play of the other band members.  Songs like the previously mentioned “Black Magic Woman,” “Look for Somebody,” “Love that Burns,” and the excellent rendition of Elmore James' classic, “Shake Your Moneymaker.”

The music on this album represent a solid time of blues rock that prevailed largely in the late sixties/early seventies.  You'll be transported to a magical time of great music with a frenetic display of blues prowess that comes from masters familiar with such music.  The extensive size of the included booklet, 16-pages in length, provides a deeper look into the history of the Fleetwood Mac brand, branching into a close look at Peter Green that is not only shared here but also on the songs found here.

Blues/Rock in all of its slide guitar glory is heard on these songs.  Blue Again is magnificent.  The bonus inclusion of “Albatross” really seals the deal.









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