Fool For The City

Release Date: April 07, 2009
Produced by: Nick Jameson
SACD Mastered by: Shawn R Britton
Format: SACD



Matt Rowe


Some years back, SACD was a sort of promised land for sound enthusiasts. With the lack of consumer interest, the big labels scaled back until they had completely choked off the life-breath of the format leaving it to gasp for life in the hands of the faithful few that still released them. Mobile Fidelity is one of those companies. Thank God for them. they have consistently released a handful of great titles in not only SACD but also high-quality LP, and Gold Disc, all superior in sound as they undergo a rigid process of mastering on their proprietary GAIN (Greater Ambient Information Network) 2 System.

Mo-Fi brings a revitalization to the 1975 Foghat album that lauched the band into the upper echelon of Rock with the album's two big Top40 hits, "Fool For the City," and the well-known "Slow Ride." By the time this album appeared, the band that had largely emigrated from the British Blues/Rock band, Savoy Brown, had released four earlier albums. The S/T debut enjoyed two FM staples in the band's version of Chuck Berry's "Maybelline," and their popular cover of Willie Dixon's "I Just Want to Make Love to You." Subsequent albums leading up to Fool For the City are the magnificent - but ignored - Rock and Roll, the hardier Energized, and the album that seamlessly led to Fool For the City, named Rock and Roll Outlaws.

The album begins with the title cut. On this SACD, the power of the song is exemplified by the clarity of the music that is its high-powered ingredient. The funky but heavy bass is clearly heard. The guitars are sharp and crystalline. Lonesome Dave's unique vocals are shaped and perfectly heard in this clean remix. There's a Blues cover here of "Terraplane Blues," penned by the mysterious - and legendary - Robert Johnson, that is stunning in its presentation on this SACD. but everyone will gravitate to the band's best known hit, "Slow Ride." Here, it is reproduced enjoyably. You can even sense the air within the studio as you hear this song on your SACD player. As the song reaches the middle of its non-single album cut (around 4:12 and lasting for almost two minutes before rebuilding into the heavy song that it is), you can enjoy the clarity of the drums, the non-musical chorus, the funk of the bass, and the signature slide of Price's guitar. The album's final song, "Take It or Leave It," shines on this SACD version of the best-selling Foghat issue.

The SACD is packaged in the popular Japanese-styled Mini-LP as a gatefolded album, returning to the artistry of the original LP packaging. The SACD itself is sleeved within a cloth-like holder, then slipped between a folded cardboard insert, which itself slips into the Mini-LP cover. The back of the package is numbered in this Special Limited Edition SACD to insure its collectibility, a hallmark of Mo-Fi remastered albums.

I've greatly enjoyed this lively SACD of a Foghat classic album. I can only hope that the same level of brilliance is performed on the earlier Foghat albums named above as well as the excellent Live album, and the later (after Fool For the City) studio works of Night Shift, and Stone Blue. With the exception of the fantastic reunion album Return of the Boogie Men, the albums that led to that set, and which came after Stone Blue, were not immediate and satisfying although good argument can be made for some of the songs found on those albums.

Mobile Fidelity has delivered a wonderful re-master of Fool For the City, gifting us with the best that this album has potentially ever sounded. If you're a Foghat fan, this is a 'must have' even if you do not have an SACD player (if you own a PS3, chances are there that you can play SACD although not every version of PS3 plays them - check your manual). You'll be amazed and appreciative.


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