Evolve IV
Decadent Light

Release Date: November 18, 2008
Produced by: Peter Matuchniak
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Track for track, the cohesive unit of Peter Matuchniak (Mach One/Janysium – UK), Michael Eiger (Vitamin Funk/Mind Expansion/HED – US), and the rhythm crew of Paul Sheriff (Drums), and Jim DeBaun (Bass) as Evolve IV, Decadent Light is a remarkable debut that delivers a great listening experience.  With recognizable influences in their music, this group has produced a warmly familiar selection of strong tunes.

The lead guitar of Peter Matuchniak is the rock upon which this album is built.  It will not only put you in mind of so many past favourite styles but will stay with you, easily demanding second, third, and more listens as you marvel at the elasticity of his notes and its haunting prowess.

Evolve IV has grown together with the express purpose of music that is nurtured by the past influences of progressive Rock/Pop bands with a twist of early Beatles.  There are some songs that sound like a page from Grateful Dead (“Baby Come Back,” “Judgement Day”).  There are even Wishbone Ash-like tunes in the funky “Number 16,” and the ‘best of show’ “Rolling Along.”  Yes influences easily squeeze out in all corners of the album, primarily from the guitar sections.  Hints of other elements (Jazz and an art-rock classical) also spring out in a few songs (“Listen Up,” itself a spectacular Rock tune, and the use of flute in “Write,” a song that sounds Asia-like.

Don’t make the mistake of brushing Evolve IV off as they have a chemistry that makes the eleven songs of this album a lot of fun to listen to.  Rock can use more bands like Evolve IV and albums like Decadent light, a grand album in the classic sense.  Decadent Light makes me feel like I’m twenty again.

Me?  Not only am I going to spin Decadent Light once again, I’m off to hunt up ALL albums that Matuchniak played on.









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