The Hold Steady
Stay Positive

Release Date: July 15, 2008
Produced by: John Agnello
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


‘70s Rock is making a slow but pervasive comeback.  What keeps it from becoming a  mainstream return is that so much of the ingredients of ‘60s and ‘70s Rock had firmly entrenched roots that made up the bulk of the music.  Many of the musicians back then grew up with various musical backgrounds and a developing love for Blues.  Mixing the styles became what the ‘60s and ‘70s were about.  Now, the background is primarily Rock, which explains the easy 3-chord songs and punk-pop that litters the charts as a result.  And so, it is great to hear a band like NYC’s The Hold Steady deliver albums such as they have been.

Their 4th and latest album, Stay Positive reflects the music of the ‘70s with a distinct Springsteen-esque sound.  But think Mellencamp and you’re not too far away from the style of the heartland Rock n Roll of Stay Positive.

Stay Positive is classic Rock with the heart of Bruce rooted within the DNA make-up of The Hold Steady.  It’s American Rock without question.  In fact, a tenet of heartland activity is the drinking on top of water-towers reference found in the first song, “Constructive Summer.”  But even as it remembers the misguided activities of our youth, it takes us further up the age scale as it is noted that we must make our own lives.

It’s refreshing to revisit the sounds of early Springsteen with this batch of memorable songs that will warm your heart.  And the album is worth every dime you’ll spend on it.  It’s not an album of great songs here and there, but rather an album collection of songs that give feet to the albums of the past.  One is as good as the one preceding it.

Reconnect with something new.








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