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MusicTAP is the place where people stop off to get news of upcoming discs - CD, SACD, DVD-Audio - as well as news of music importance, interviews, and disc reviews. This fast-growing site provides an influential media that caters to the interest of many of our readers. To take advantage of this, you are invited to contact us for information on how you can submit your disc(s) for review, provide us with early press releases, offer us interview opportunities, or just simply alert us to important news that our readers may be interested in.


If you're a fan and just want to chat, here's the place to do it. You are the reason why we do this so you might as well chime in with your two bits. We like reading the mail and enjoy your suggestions. Give us the business at

Review Disc Submissions

If you would like us to consider your disc(s) for review, please contact us at the following email address for pertinent info as to how you can get your disc(s) to us. Please note that your submission or our acceptance does not guarantee review. Submit all review disc submission requests to

Sending important Press Releases to MusicTAP is a great way of potentially getting your wanted publicity to an interested audience. We constantly receive press releases in PDF, HTML, or Word formats. If you would like for MusicTAP to review and possibly report on your upcoming releases, send your PR materials to

News Submissions

If you have interesting info that you feel MusicTAP should know about, send it to us. We'd love to see what you have to say. If it's a piece of news about an artist, upcoming releases, who's in the studio, or even a release that has slipped beneath our radar, by all means tell us about it. We do reserve the right to determine what is newsworthy so sending it to us is no guarantee of publishing. Send all news to


We are becoming more active in the area of interviews. If you feel that you'd like your artist, band, company, or yourself to be interviewed by someone on our staff, please let us know. We are a constantly evolving site so what may not work for interview material today just may be what we want tomorrow. Send all info and contact information to


We are always on the lookout for dedicated reviewers. If you have a knack for understanding music and you have great English skills, come and write for us. Of course, all positions are unpaid. What you gain is a forum to get your name known and potentially some free review material. We do ask that you initially submit materials using new discs that you have purchased until we feel comfortable with each other. We also want a strong degree of commitment as 'in and out' reviewing is difficult to depend upon. We're also interested in people that are interested in writing a weekly column as it pertains to the various genres of music. If you are knowledgeable about your favourite genre and want some recognition for it, let's talk. If you work in the music industry and want to inform the public, let's talk. Remember: professionalism, dedication, and commitment is what we're after. Write us at


This is an important first step to reaching your target audience. MusicTAP services people who are anxious to acquire music that they enjoy. Not only do we act as a conduit between you and this audience, but we actively listen for new and exciting music that we feel our readers may not otherwise be exposed to but would enjoy immensely. This falls true as well of products that our readers may find useful in the pursuit of their musical enjoyment. If you feel that MusicTAP can help you, feel free to contact us for advertising info. Email us at

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