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Reviews by - Marco Passarelli

Here's three by Marco...

Morningwood -- Morningwood (Capitol Records)

New York City’s famed Lower East Side was dirty, sleazy and yet strangely glamorous 20 years ago.  The same can be said of the music coming out of the city then but something changed…and now Morningwood wants to bring it back.  “Nu Rock” is nothing less than a kick in the crotch, “Nth Degree” is the best pop/ rock gem of 2006 and I absolutely can not stop listening to “Easy” or “Babysitter”. 

Want sexy?  Just listen to Chantal Claret’s lusty declarations on “Take Off Your Clothes” and tell me if that exact thought didn’t just cross your mind!  If you like rock music that packs a visceral sucker punch, has more hooks than a tackle box and is lead by a mega-sexy front woman, you can do no wrong with Morningwood.

We Are Scientists --With Love and Squalor (Virgin Records)

I was invited by the gracious folks at Virgin Records to see WAS as they opened for the ‘hot at the moment’ Artic Monkeys this summer.  Unfortunately, this ended up being a situation where the opening band completely wiped the stage with the headliner!  This energetic trio is taking the current post-punk/ emo formula and adding hard-rock sonics to the mix. 

The guitar riffs are edgy, nicely outlining the paranoia in Keith Murray’s vocals and Michael Tapper’s drumming sounds like it is barely able to be contained within the confines of a CD.  The result is an addictive “dance/ punk” hybrid that gets better with every listen.  Even better is the fact that there is not a single lackluster track to be found within its 37 minute running time.

Kasabian -- Empire (Sugar Hill Records)

To anyone who fell in love with Kasabian’s 2004 self titled debut, you can rest assured that no evidence of the dreaded “sophomore slump” is evident on their latest release, Empire.  The album is a bit more rocking with perhaps, a little more “Brit Pop” flavoring thrown into Kasabian’s sonic stew, melding Primal Scream with Oasis and The Who.

“Shoot The Runner” is impossibly catchy, rollicking track that should find equal airplay in both rock clubs and dance halls.  The band’s dance floor influence shines on the Prodigy-esque, “Aponea”, and “Stuntman” while “Sun Rise Night Flies” and “By My Side” shows the bands melodic gifts mixed with killer grooves.  If Kasabian keeps this up, they can easily become the next Coldplay or even, Radiohead.  Yeah, they are that good!  Highly recommended. 



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