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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Released: 2003
Origination Year: 2003
Time: 50:45
Tracks: 13
Produced by: David Elias & KC Groves
Style: Studio
Format: SACD
Enhancement: DSD

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David Elias
The Window
Self Released

David Elias' beautifully recorded and poignant vision of utter freedom that is both sad and a realization that freedom brings deprivation in the sense of unfound or lost love. With "Freedom on the Freeway", Elias reveals that to be a free spirit only effects deletion from the human race and a crushing feeling of departure. In the end it brings sad acceptance that the sunsets are enjoyed alone; the smell of the air unshared. Moving into a softer flow, "Summer Wind" deals with faded memories, wisps that remind but never satisfy as time moves forward.

"Something About You", a song of descriptions that searches the heart for the memories of how love had come. The Window is a collection of 13 songs that are as emotional as the feel of nostalgia. They're shreds of things absorbed and that are lost to the fragmentation of time.

The Window represents trips through Americana ala Guthrie and Lightfoot via loneliness and beauty. With an organic feel to the subtleties of the emotional strains of the instruments and providing the haunting ravages of time, David Elias becomes the voice of the soul in transit. Softly evaluating the feel of a summer wind and bemoaning the slides of seasons. With folk music as its braces, The Window becomes a bridge into the lore of life.

David Elias' has taken a bold step into the future of recorded music by releasing The Window as the first independent SACD hybrid Stereo/Multi-Channel apart from the big labels. This should bring hope to not only aspiring recording artists but also to the platform of recording in the one of the pure languages of music, DSD. This isn't a bold faced endorsement of SA-CD only so take a step back DVD-A enthusiasts. It means that we are one step closer to a broader acceptance of hi-resolution.

The Window's Multi-Channel layer plants you into the middle of the sessions creating a genuine feel of intimacy as you immerse in the closeness of the music. The Stereo tracks are beautifully clear, representing a textbook example of how naturally DSD captures the nuance of the instruments and vocals thus creating a pillow-deep experience. With closed-eyes, The Window can take you on a journey that leaves you touched.

Track Listing:

Freedom on the Freeway / Summer Wind / Go Down Easy / The Old King / Something About You / Half an Hour Away (Intro)/ Half an Hour Away / Her Name is A / Transcendental Deprivation Part III / Season of the Fall / The Window (Intro) / The Window / Picture of Nothing.

David Elias:

David Elias - Guitar / Vocal / Harmonica
Sally Van Meter - Dobro / Weissenborn / Lap Steel
Matt Flinner: Mandolin / Bouzouki
Ross Martin: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Eric Thorin - Upright Bass
Marc Dalio - Drums / Percussion
John Magnie - Accordion / Keyboards

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