September 21, 2009


We are, once again, saddened by a Rock 'n' Roll death. On Sept 14, Bobby Graham succumbed to a four-month battle with stomach cancer. But before he left, he left one MASSIVE legacy. Having played on well over 15,000 albums as a sessions drummer, he was well known within the Rock circles, if not as well known outside of it. But chances are quite high that you've heard his work on songs. Why? With 13 Number One hits ("You Really Got Me" - Kinks, "Downtown" - Petula Clark, to name a few), it is nearly impossible to not have heard his work. He played on more than 100 Top 50 hits, and worked with many notables. Some of them include Joe Cocker, The Animals, Dusty Springfield, and SO many more. It is with this that we express sadness at his departure. The Great Band will certainly benefit from his abilities.

Bobby Graham

We also want to wish Leonard Cohen the best of luck after his scare in a concert in Spain. He collapsed during a song and was removed via ambulance to a hospital where he was later released. Leonard, take care of yourself. We're happy to have been able to see you but prefer that you hang out with us more. Don't overdo it!

I have a thousand and one apologies to offer for the very minor post today but I was swamped with a funny thing called life during the weekend. I'll be back on Wednesday with more. Abd hovering in the background is the promise that once we get the kinks ironed out on the new WordPress site, we'll be doing lots of updates. Technology has advanced well enough to allow me to update from remote areas without the constraints of my PC-based coding. As I receive something, I can just post it automatically from where ever I'm at. Very nice! That's a bit down the road though.

Round 28 of Great Album Covers:

Tom F.:

John P. - Genuine Imitation Life Gazette - The Four Seasons: The album didn't sell, but the cover was the 1st "newspaper" format with several pages enclosed. A few years later, Jethro Tull did the "Thick As A Brick" cover in the same format. :

and David H.:







We have a few cool things for you today that includes some vinyl. My question...will we be reissuing all of the big titles of the past in vinyl LP? All in heavyweight 180g - or heavier, much better than that cheap flimsy vinyl of the waning years of its former glory. Most of it remastered(?). All of it heavier, not only in its weight, but in its cost. Regardless, new vinyl still feels good. I love my turntable!!

Rhino Records is releasing the 4CD Box, Storyteller, for Rod Stewart, on November 17. Just to let you know...

Elektra Records will reissue three Joni Mitchell classic titles in 180g vinyl LP on November 11. Those titles include The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Court and Spark, and Ladies of the Canyon. Excited? Yeah, I know.

Rhino has a 6CD Box for The Doors coming on November 11. It is called Live in New York.

Curb Records will release Beautiful History: A Hits Collection for Plumb, in a 2CD set planned for November 3.

Hip-O Records puts Anthology for Blackmore's Rainbow into the Digital realm on November 17.




Review - The Dangling Success - City Life - CD

Club Jazz fans should take immediate notice of City Life from the Jazz Quintet, The Dangling Success.  They build their endearing selection of songs, including a gracious rendition of The Rolling Stones' rockier “Beast of Burden,”into a collection of enjoyable instrumentals. 

The Niekrewicz experience is the centerpiece here with his saxophones.  But his accompanying band highlight his instrument with excellence, every note played in perfection.  The band's music is a time capture from the '70s and enjoyably so.  City Life is easy to fall in love with.  I highly recommend the full-album experience because you won't want to break this one apart. - ****



Review - SwampDaWamp - Rock This Country - CD

SwampDaWamp comes back with a new album, Rock This Country, that works the central theme of love for country, in this case, USA.  Rock This Country is 12 tracks of fiery Southern Rock boogie that will appeal greatly to fans of The Outlaws, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The vocals are gruff but each song is a polished rocker that will make the Southern Rock fan in you stand up and Rock away.  There's plenty of electricity in this album to power a city in Texas, maybe two. - ***



Review - Nurses - Apple's Acre - CD

Imagine the AM radio Psychedelic Pop staples from the '60s and you're on target for the sound of the first album by Nurses.  Nurses is helmed by two pals who have recorded the body of this work, Apple's Acre, in attics and basements, delivering ten very cool-sounding retro-blasts that would have been at home in decades past.

This exploration of past musical styles have become the holy grail of bands, many who have dedicated themselves to the perfection of familiar sounds.  I'm not so sure that this is the case with Nurses as they sound like they would have invented the psychedelic/Pop style if it didn't already exist.  And that sentiment is very evident as you go from song to song.  Apple's Acre is a warm collection of songs that will have you interested from the beginning track. - ***


Introduction - The Opposite Sex - DC

If you ever liked Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie and the Banshees, and/or killing Joke, then we have a new discovery for you. The Opposite Sex from DC has returned with an EP that juice those of you who appreciate good talent and that draws influence from the music that you loved in the past.

Their new (09/01) EP, Live + Burn follows their Violent Heartstrings from 2007 with more great music. I'll be surprised if you DON'T like 'em. To get you started, they are gifitng you with a free downloadable MP3 from the EP, "Frozen Heart, Frozen Mind."

They can be sampled further at their MySpace, Facebook, and LastFM. You can even follow 'em on Twitter.






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