May 20, 2009


The bad news is that it feels like labels are taking a bit of a break as I've not seen much in the way of upcoming releases lately. That's always a bummer because, well, it's a bit of a bummer. I like checking out new releases as much as the rest of you do. But now that the Best Album Covers Poll has slowed down, it might be fun to start posting a few of those selections, especially since some of your emails indicate that they would be quite interested in other's selections. We'll throw them in here, a few at a time for your enjoyment. On Monday, I'll launch the Greatest Line From a Song Poll just to see what that brings up. If you still want to contribute to that Great Album Covers Poll, click through and send in your choices.

  • I have many favorite  album covers, so I'll stick to my two all-time
    favorites: Captain Beefheart's TROUT MASK REPLICA and the Mothers of

  • In Through The Out Door (Led Zeppelin)
    Moving Pictures (Rush)
    Abacab (Genesis)
    Emotional Rescue (Rolling Stones)
    Tattoo You (Rolling Stones)
    Duke (Genesis)
    Yellow Submarine (Beatles)
    Live Evil (Black Sabbath) - David F

We'll be back with more of your cover choices on Friday.

We have several reviews for you, two of which are available on our front page only. We have elected to cover more things by writing shorter reviews. Today, we have a review for the new album by Carbon Leaf called Nothing Rhymes With Woman. In addition, our Front Page Only reviews include one for The Blood of My Lady by Unto Ashes that will appeal to the Gothic crowd as well as those that enjoy a classical kind of folkiness. The other is a review of Bad Advice by Marvelann.







Nettwerk Records will release the debut of fun., which will be called Aim and Ignite. It is planned for release on August 25.

Silent Majority Group, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, will release Mind Control by Tantric, scheduling for July 21.

Jagjaguwar Records (label home of Black Mountain) will release the second album in a planned recorded trilogy by Oneida. The 3CD album is called Rated O and is the middle issue for the trilogy called Thank Your Parents. It is scheduled for July 7 in the US and July 13 in the UK.

Zöe Records/Rounder Records will release the debut solo album from Delore O'Riordan of The Cranberries called No Baggage. No Baggage is scheduled for release on August 25.

The upcoming 311 album, Uplifter, will arrive with several formats in tow. The standard CD will be issued as well as an LP, a Deluxe Version on DD (Digital Download), and a standard DD. It is scheduled for June 2 by Volcano Records.

Columbia Records will release BlackSummer'sNight by Maxwell in both standard CD and a Deluxe Edition CD/DVD set. These are slated for July 7.

Sony Classical will assemble a 'best of' for John Williams called Greatest Hits. This collection will be made available on June 23.

Nonesuch Records will release Day Trip/Tokyo Day Trip by Pat Metheny on a 3LP (180g) set with 2 bonus CDs included. The set will be issued on June 30.

Hip-O Select will release a time-frame collection for Emitt Rhodes called The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969-1973). It is scheduled be be ready on July 14 in both CD and DD forms.

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Living With the Past for Jethro Tull in separately available CD and DVD form on July 14.




Review - Marvelann - Bad Advice - CD

Nine tracks of pure Alt/Country with its music on the introspective side.  This self-released album is heavy on the pedal steel with plenty of violin, organ, accordion, and cello added to create an indie album of Americana Pop accentuated by 'pull at your heart' achiness.  The album's brightens up wonderfully with the catchy  “I Drove All Night.”  Stuff from your hard-luck bars. ***



Review - Unto Ashes - The Blood of My Lady - CD

Unto Ashes blends the folk qualities that frames the folk/rock elements of Simon & Garfunkel in some of their songs along with a sense of loss and decay.  But they also expand the offering by including ancient tunes with an authentic feel.  The mix provides a heady rush into a varied menu of songs that will delight lovers of sad poetry and classical instruments. ***1/2



Introduction - Dead Heart Bloom - NYC

This Brooklyn band has created some exciting music that is exciting to hear in every way. With a string of self-released albums and EPs, they have already made a mark in the heart of New York City. What's best is that they have made ALL of their music freely available, downloadable from their site. If you feel the band's music is worth money, they have a way that you can pay for their music. We invite you to click through to their website and to their MySpace and Facebook pages to get a fill of their music. Recently, Dead Heart Bloom had an awesome song ("New Messiah" - one for the iPod, believe me AND a FREE download) featured on Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles.










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