June 29, 2009


I've had an interesting weekend. I attended the June 28th session of the OC Record Show in Buena Park (CA). The nice of it is that I came away from the show with over 30 LPs including a fully intact Found All the Parts (Cheap Trick) EP WITH the originally included 45RPM single. Not bad. I got home rather early because, well, I hit my limit almost before I entered the building by stopping off at a well-stocked vendor located at the front.

Now, I'm going to play me some music. I put on my first LP from my set of acquisitions and the arm slides all the way across the album. Hmmm. When I investigate, I find that the needle...is...gone. Oh well. Order online and I'm now awaiting a stylus. But i sure was disappointed.

While I was there, I found myself at a table that sold some 1st pressings. They had an Alice Cooper Killer (with tear-away calendar still attached), and a bit of a fake in the School's Out album, also by Alice Cooper. While they had the original die-cut album cover, the disc inside was from a subsequent pressing. Originally, the School's Out first pressing was an olive green WB label. This "1st pressing" had the Burbank palm tree label, which, to my knowledge, didn't show up until Billion Dollar Babies, and was paper-sleeved rather than the original's poly sleeve. Of course, the paper panties were not included. But I haven't given up. I did NOT find a copy of Big Beat by Sparks, an issue that I constantly seek at every store and show.

My weekend.

Well, we're at the end of the first half of 2009. That's right, half of the year is now over. Wow! The rest of the year will deliver summer, autumn, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Hang on. As time passes, I find myself changing in many ways. I have begun to shed many closely held ideas of how I should collect my music, how it should sound, and how it should be acquired. But all that is for another column (and I promise to discuss it as some near point). But it is amazing how time will change YOU.

We're resuming - as promised - the Great Album Covers that you have submitted. This one was quite lengthy and so we're just doing one email set today, which comes from Edward S. He has selected sets from particular bands.

We have three reviews for you today that include The West Pole from The Gathering, which is reviewed by John Dunphy. The other two include a Mark Squirek review of Demos from Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN), and a Front Page review of 25 Years by MC Rut by myself. We'll have more on Wednesday when we get back.







There are a mass of Flashback Records (WB) re-releases coming on July 28. I'll run the upcoming titles down with the artists in parentheses so we can put this up in a single paragraph: They are The Very Best of The Winans (The Winans); Bedroom Classics, Volume One (Teddy Pendergrass); The Very Best of Solomon Burke (Solomon Burke); The Very Best of Sam & Dave (Sam & Dave); The Very Best of Ashford & Simpson (Ashford & Simpson); Anthology of Grover Washington, Jr (Grover Washington, Jr); The Very Best of Big Joe Turner (Big Joe Turner); The Very Best of John Lee Hooker (John Lee Hooker); The Very Best of Kleeer (Kleeer); The Very Best of Mc Lyte (Mc Lyte); The Very Best of Miki Howard (Miki Howard); Greatest Hits: Naughty's Nices (Naughty by Nature); Rushen (Patrice Rushen); The Best of Randy Crawford (Randy Crawford); 1969-1986 (Patti Austin); The Very Best of Ben E. King (Ben E. King); The Very Best of Bloodstone (Bloodstone); The Very Best of Busta Rhymes (Busta Rhymes); The Very Best of Chic (Chic); The Very Best of The Coasters (The Coasters); The Very Best of Deee-lite (Deee-lite); The Teenagers (Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers); The Best of Michael Franks: A Backwards Glance (Michael Franks); The Best of David Sanborn (David Sanborn); Take 6 Greatest Hits (Take 6); and The Best of Tevin Campbell (Tevin Campbell).

Fat Possum Records will re-release three Al Green titles that include Call Me; Explores Your Mind; and Have a Good Time. These are planned for August 4.

MRI Records will release The Latest by Cheap Trick planning for July 21.

New West Records will release the next Ian Hunter album on July 21. The album will be called Man Overboard.

Motley Records will release a Live album from Mötley Crüe in Explicit (PA) and Edited versions on July 21. It is called Live: Entertainment or Death.

Relapse Records will release an LP version of Infini by Voivod on July 21.

Epic Records will release No One's First, And You're Next EP, a new 8-track album from Modest Mouse planned for release on August 4. It will be release on LP on August 18.

Candlelight Records will reissue three Opeth titles on vinyl LP scheduling for July 28. Those titles include Orchid; Morningrise; and My Arms Your Hearse.

On July 21, Caroline Records will release Live From Loreley, and Recital of the Script in Digital format. These are Marillion titles.




Review - MC Rut - 25 Years - CD/EP

This 6-track EP comes at you with all of the fury of a punk garage band but orchestrated by only two musicians, a guitar and drums with shared vocals.  What makes MC Rut interesting is that the songs are well-crafted and can be listened to without the annoying cover of power chords and little else,  In a hint of a way, there is a bit of Jane's Addiction here.  I particularly liked “I Guess You Could Say” but the other songs are not bad at all.  Worth checking out.  ***



Review - Jason Ricci and New Blood - Done With the Devil - CD

This album is a satisfying collection of classic blues-drenched music filled with the demonic force of Ricci's harmonica playing.  Ricci, backed with a seasoned group of Bluesmen who can sit with anyone, anywhere, has released an album that can be listened to over and over again.  Frankly, it could be even be considered near classic.  There isn't a broken or uninteresting song in the lot.  These boys are hell-bent for Blues perfection, and it shows.  The dust stirred up during the recording of this winner  likely just wanted to get up and move to these genuine tunes.  These boys have been at the crossroads.  Get it!  ****



Introduction - Heartless Bastards - Austin

This Austin, TX band by way of Dayton OH, has released their third album on Fat Possum Records in January of this year. Named The Mountain, it contains an exhilarating blend of styles to make this one of the more exciting albums of the year. We highly recommend you try Heartless Bastards out by sampling music at their MySpace page.










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