September 29, 2008


We're on the cusp of the final quarter of 2008. Yeah, I know...kinda hard to believe. But the time is not yet to sing the praises and curses of the year. However, it might be time to start thinking about the Best of 2008. I'm thinking of making this next one a much quicker post. So start reflecting. There's still a lot of time and much more music to release.

The weekend does come with both good news and some very bad news. The vary bad news is that class actor, Paul Newman died on Friday losing an extended battle with cancer. Much can be said about the acting giant but I cannot voice the words. Instead, I'll watch his fantastic Oscar-nominated turn as "Sully." I love many of his other films but Nobody's Fool touches a nerve with his excellent performance. Mr Newman, we will miss you MORE than you could ever know. Enjoy the music of that Great Band. They might even let you stand in once in a while. And you'd deserve it.

Paul Newman

The good news is that it appears that Led Zeppelin will go out on tour in 2009 WITH Robert Plant, a direct opposition to recently published reports. In short, the classic lineup (with Bonham's son filling the big shoes) will be up there on thoses stages. Persuing the boards, I note that many fans of the bands interestingly say that they do not want to see the band at this level. I'm a little twisted on this however I was unable to see the band in their prime. With the Stones, having seen them several times in the classic '70s period, I cannot watch them live now. I wonder just how I feel about LedZep. Nevertheless, this is a thing that I'll toss around until the tickets come up for sale. I'm glad to see them touring again, though.

We have two new reviews for you today. The first is a single disc Gene Autry collection called Cowboy Hymns & Songs of Inspiration. The other is an album released in May of this year from Popster duo, The Submarines, with their album called Honeysuckle Weeks.

Additionally, we provide another band of discovery with The Mary Onettes from Sweden. If you have one that you ran across and want to share them (PLEASE), email me the link. Our goal is to find potential bands that we can musically hang with for the rest of our lives. Just click on the Contact Us button in the menu area.

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Jimi Hendrix comes to Blu-ray!  Experience Hendrix will release Live at Monterey in Blu-ray disc on October 21 with a ton of extras that include the original June 1967 16mm now transferred and updated to HD specs.  It will be presented in 1080i and sport a loud, exploding 5.1 DTS HD Surround mix as well as an uncompressed PCM Stereo mix done by Eddie Kramer- the original engineer.  Extras include a brand new documentary (American Landing), multiple camera angles feature called A Second Look, and a Lou Adler-produced ‘behind-the-scenes’ film called Music, Love & Flowers: The Monterey International Pop Festival, which Adler backed.  More bonuses include the earliest known filmed music performances from early in 1967.  Those two unreleased performances include “Stone Free,” and “Like a Rolling Stone.”

We have another Blu-ray DVD release that include Live by B.B. King.  This DVD will include 1080i HD video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio along with uncompressed PCM Stereo.  This 18-performance track Blu-ray DVD will add in a “Making the Blu-ray” feature, and a Message from B.B. King to his fans.  Live releases on October 21 from Geffen Records.

Paul Stanley engaged himself with a 2006 solo tour of his Live to Win album and now, an upcoming DVD release documents that tour with an 18 performance tracks.  It will be presented with 5.1 Surround and Stereo.   New Door Records will release One Live KISS on October 21.

Several posts back, I had made mention of Live and Dangerous by Thin Lizzy.  I received more than a few emails wondering if it was going to be an expanded and/or re-mastered release.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it might be a little better than you expected.  Live and Dangerous was recorded from a show at the Rainbow Theatre in 1977.  Instead of the re-mastered CD however, Mercury Records will be issuing a DVD to complement the CD you already have.  This DVD includes a 2-hour show along with bonus content like the entire Sight and Sound concert filmed for the BBC during their Farewell Tour in 1983.  Additionally, the DVD will have five Top of the Pops TV performances, and an in-depth interview with Gorham, Robertson, and Downey.  The main show is in restored video and 5.1 Surround audio.  As a special bonus, this DVD will add in a CD of recently found live recordings from a show in 1975.  Songs on this CD include “The Boys Are Back in Town,” “Whisky in the Jar,” “ Jailbreak,” “Dancing in the Moonlight,” “Rosalie,” “Waiting for an Alibi,” and “Don’t Believe a Word.”  This DVD is planned for October 21…and yes, it SHOULD be in your Thin Lizzy collections.

Curb Records will release an LP for Hal Ketchum called Father Time.  The album is two LPs in a standard gatefold jacket and will include the original CD as well.  This is planned for November 4.

Previously mentioned, Warner Bros, in conjunction with Asylum and 7Bros Records will release a 4CD/1DVD Brick case for Sevendust that will be called Packaged Goods – Collector’s Edition.  This set will contain Next (2005), Alpha (2007), Retrospective 2 (CD/DVD) (2007), and Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow (2008).  This is scheduled for November 4.

Hurricane Smith (“Oh Babe, What Would You Say?” – 1972) released an album of re-records, including the charming “Oh Babe, What Would You Say” hit in 2004.  The album was called From Me to You and will be resurrected for one more go-round.  From Me to You is scheduled for re-release on November 11 by Caroline Records.  Smith passed away in March of this year, but his legend exceeds that of his familiar Number 1 hit.  For many years, Norman “Hurricane” Smith was the engineer for The Beatles up through the Rubber Soul album.  He also twiddled knobs for Pink Floyd, and others.

Mute Records will re-release the M83 catalogue on LP scheduling for November 11. The titles you can expect are Before the Dawn Heals Us (2LP); Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (2LP); Digital Shades, Volume 1 (1LP); M83 (2LP); and Saturdays=Youth (2LP).

Watch for two 2CD Definitive titles coming form Caroline Records on November 11.  The first is for Mott the Hoople (The Definitive Mott he Hoople), and the second is for Ian Gillan (The Definitive Ian Gillan Live).  Caroline Records will also revisit The Spencer Davis Group with a CD/DVD collection called Official Bootleg and Unplugged.  It is scheduled for November 11.  Another title from Caroline Records to watch for is Live in America from UK, planned for November 11.




Review - Gene Autry - Cowboy Hymns & Songs of Inspiration - CD

Gene Autry and his music has been a historic collection of cowboys songs for many decades. With the Cowboy Hymns & Songs of Inspiration collection, fans of the serious cowboy tune can add a collection of radio broadcast tunes to their library.





Review - The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks - CD

The Submarines is a male/female duo from LA, recording from their home. On their Honeysuckle Weeks album, they produce a positive brand of pop tunes that are designed to uplift. Excellent pop tunes for the Top40 Alt crowd.





For Your Consideration - The Mary Onettes - Sweden

Perusing the Friends list of Black List, featured over several previous posts, I ran across another '80s sounding band that uses a play on a word as their name (Mary Onettes - marionettes - get it?). The Mary Onettes hail from Sweden and will have you interested in short order. Give them a check out at their MySpace link or at their website.









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