September 15, 2008


Welcome back to the Working Week.

We have an update concerning the Van Morrison albums that we posted a review of last week. It is important to note that the albums were not re-mastered in the expected sense but were transferred from the analogue tapes to to new digital masters. The resulting works obviously sound very good as I've received emails to that effect. Rhino is releasing the same three in LP format uisng the same technique. Please make your ordering decisions based on this piece of information.

As for the Black Sabbath poll, the email votes are still coming in.  This is the final week. Next Monday we'll have the results.  Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Black Sabbath album in this Poll.

We're providing three full reviews today, two of them being collections from familiar artists. Those familiar artists are Argent with the collection called The Singles Collection, and the 2CD Old Records Never Die, The Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter Anthology. We finish the day out with a debut album review by Jann Klose called Reverie.

I'm including a link to stream the new single from Keane called "Spiralling." Enjoy it.

I have another streaming link for you, this one of "Did You Miss Me" by Lindsay Buckingham from his recently released Gift of Screws. I'm also including a Quicktime stream as well.

We'll see you back on Wednesday with more.

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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More vinyl is on the way from Capitol Records that include newly pressed, Limited Edition 180g LPs. The titles expected are: Ringo, and Sentimental Journey (Ringo Starr); Live Peace in Toronto (Plastic Ono Band); The Specials (The Specials); Stranded, and Country Life (Roxy Music); and So Far, So Good...So What! (Megadeth). The albums are being done with an eye to original release. The Ringo album will contain a 20-page booklet, while the Live Peace in Toronto will possess the original spiral-bound 1970 calendar found in the first release. These are being released in short numbers and will be made available on December 9.

Date change: Angel Records have a few Jazz classic titles coming on vinyl LP on November 11 (originally October 28).  Those are Blue Train (John Coltrane); Go! (Dexter Gordon); Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock); Page One (Joe Henderson); Soul Station (Hank Mobley); The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan); Speak No Evil (Wayne Shorter); Song for my Father (Horace Silver); and The Real McCoy (Tyner McCoy).  These are being pressed in limited numbers so if you’re going to want one, don’t hesitate.

Shout! Factory will release Greatest Bits for Rodney Dangerfield on November 4.

Columbia Records will release a collection called The Best Yet from Switchfoot. The album is on the list for a November 4 release date.

Epic Records will release a Blu-ray DVD from Tenacious D called The Complete Masterworks 2. This is currently scehduled for November 4th.

There are a lot of Playlist series titles coming from a varielty of artists. These 'best-of' selections are assembled with an eye to putting together an expansive but well-rounded collection. These include not only the best hits but also the popular album cuts, rarities, and such to create a different kind of album collection. You can watch for Playlist titles from Amerie; Tony Bennett; Tony Braxton; The Byrds; C&C Music Factory; Diamond Rio; Earth, Wind & Fire; Marvin Gaye; Fuel; Herbie Hancock; Jefferson Starship; Living Color; The O'Jays; Omarion; and Frank Sinatra. All titles are expected for release on October 28.

LaFace Records will release the new album by Pink called Funhouse. The album will be issued in both PA and Edited forms on October 28.

Finally, Mobile Fidelity has some fine SACD news for us. In November of this year (date undetermined at this point), they will release SACD versions of Fool for the City by Foghat, and What's Going On by Marvin Gaye. Both of these '70s classics SACDs will list for $29.99 and can be ordered direct from Mobile Fidelity.




Review - Argent - Argent Greatest: The Singles Collection - CD

After Rod Argent's departure from The Zombies, he formed a resilient band that has produced some memorable songs, some even hits for other bands. This collection overviews Argent's songs and does a fine job of it. The Singles Collection for the releases of Argent is a fine issue.



Review - Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter - Old Records Never Die Anthology - CD

Mott the Hoople and its famed front man, Ian Hunter is anthologized in this 2CD collection of songs that revisit the best of Mott the Hoople and the solo career of Ian Hunter, who gave Mott the Hoople much of its direction along with Mick Ralphs. When Ralphs left to help form Bad Company, Hunter gave it a final try with the fine album, Mott. Old Records Never Die provides an even look at the both the band and their sun-glassed front man's solo career.


Review - Jann Klose - Reverie - CD

The music of Jann Klose is given a welcome in his new album, Reverie. Written and recorded over several years, Reverie is a promising album from a developing solo artist that understands a little about the life that surrounds us.








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