September 10, 2008


We have had more than a few emails from readers who felt the Christmas post might have been a little early.  And we’ve had a few that thanked us for it.  We understand that Christmas is still a few months into the future but we’re getting tons of title announcements that we wanted to keep on top of.  That was just one way of doing it.  The nice thing is that it is easily retrieved when and if you need reminded of titles that interest you.  I don’t doubt that we’ll have another such post somewhere down the line because there are a lot arriving in stores this year.

As for the Black Sabbath poll, the email votes are trickling in.  They’re always slow at first (one reason why we keep them up for a few weeks) but they eventually fill a lot of space.  Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Black Sabbath album in this Poll.

We are announcing our new Best Album Poll, this one for Black Sabbath. This is going to be interesting because we have several periods of the band that not only differentiate the band from each period BUT best works from each of those periods as they compete against each other. I'm already betting that Paranoid takes the Osbourne period, hands down. But I could be mistaken. Regardless, we're going to go for broke here and see just what YOU think is the best album from the band. Have fun bustin' your brain with this one. Send me your Best of Black Sabbath Albums Poll choices here. Qualify your choice all you want; it's encouraged.

Today, we have a few reviews for you. These include two from myself and one from Dustin Chapman who reviews the three Van Morrison re-masters (2008) from Japan that are Moondance, His Band The Street Choir, and Astral Weeks. My contributions include New Dawn from Libera, and the album of outtakes and extras from the Yes, Virginia sessions called No, Virginia... by The Dresden Dolls.

I'm including a link to stream the new single from Keane called "Spiralling." Enjoy it.

I have another streaming link for you, this one of "Did You Miss Me" by Lindsay Buckingham from his recently released Gift of Screws. I'm also including a Quicktime stream as well.

We'll likely miss Friday's post and for that I apologize. If we do miss it, know that we'll be back on Monday..

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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We have 4 Blu-ray DVD titles coming that might interest you.  Those are Live at Monterey for Jimi Hendrix, and Live from B.B. King, both arriving from Geffen Records.  The other two efforts are Bring on the Night from Sting (A&M Records), and Lord Don’t Slow Me Down by Oasis (Hip-O Records).  All Blu-ray titles are expected on October 21.

Also on October 21, we have a few other DVD titles coming that include Cash for Kenya: Live in Johnstown, PA (Mercury Nashville) for Johnny Cash; Reach Out (Motown) for The Four Tops; and One Live KISS (New Door Records) from Paul Stanley.

Geffen Records plan a Buddy Holly collection of rarities called Down the Line – The Rarities.  In addition, Geffen Records will release a set called Memorial Collection for Buddy Holly.  Both sets will be available on October 21.  These will also be available as DD on the same date.

Mercury Records plan a release called IKONS from KISS.  This is planned for October 21.

Mercury will re-release Live and Dangerous by Thin Lizzy on October 21.

Verve Records will release Live at the Sydney Opera House by Burt Bacharach, planning the release for October 21.

For Loreena McKennitt fans, Verve is re-releasing her Holiday title called A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream.  It is planned for October 28.

Hollywood Records will release a ‘best of’ for Rascal Flatts called Greatest Hits, Volume One.  It’s on the calendar for October 28.

A&M Records have several coming on October 28.  The first is A Hundred Million Suns from Snow Patrol.  The second – and third – are reissues of two popular Cat Stevens albums.  Those will be Tea for the Tillerman, and Teaser and the Firecat.

Verve Forecast has a Susan Tedeschi album coming on October 28 called Back to the River.

Island has two BIG titles coming.  One is from Fall Out Boy, which will be called Folie a Deux, and the other is from The Killers, called Day & AgeFall Out Boy’s title will arrive on November 4, while The Killers’ album will be released on November 25.

Angel Records have a few Jazz classic titles coming on vinyl LP on October 28.  Those are Blue Train (John Coltrane); Go! (Dexter Gordon); Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock); Page One (Joe Henderson); Soul Station (Hank Mobley); The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan); Speak No Evil (Wayne Shorter); Song for my Father (Horace Silver); and The Real McCoy (Tyner McCoy).  These are being pressed in limited numbers so if you’re going to want one, don’t hesitate.

Rounder will release an Alison Krauss DVD called A Hundred Miles or More: Live from the Tracking Room.  It will feature duets with James Taylor, John Waite, Brad Paisley, and others.  The DVD will feature live performances of songs from her A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection album.  This DVD is being slated for November 11.




Review - The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia... - CD

The Dresden Dolls has brought a whole new way to listen to modern music with their brand of cabaret-styled Rock and Roll. This album is an outtakes and extras album assembled from the Yes, Virginia sessions. Aptly titled, No, Virginia... is an excellent addition to the Dresden Dolls library.



Review - Van Morrison - Moondance / Astral Weeks / His Band and the Street Choir - CD - Japan 2008 Re-masters

TAP reader, Dustin Chapman, contributes a short review of the available 2008 Japan re-masters of Astral Weeks / Moondance / His Band and The Street Choir from the legendary Van Morrison.


Review - Libera - New Dawn - CD

Libera hails from the UK and range in age from 8 thru 14 years of age. They give a choral arrangement to songs that are classic and popular. In it, they shine on songs like Enya's "Orinoco Flow," and other superb renditions. It deserves to be heard and enjoyed. the album is called New Dawn.








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