October 20, 2008


This year, we've had intermittent problems with our hosting company. There were a few outages, and the usual stuff that plagues a website. But behind the scenes, the company has had some problems. For quite a long time, I've ben unable to log-in to the managing part of my site. After calls and "fixes" I still was unable to access. But as long as I was able to upload, I just said,,,"Whatever..." But then, I needed to upload Oct 17 of the site and I can't log in via the FTP and well...

So here we are days later. But we're back (hopefully) otherwise, I'm going to hunt down a new hosting site. Which I should anyway.

We've resolved this issue. But I did uncover some substance to some emails that I had received months ago concerning finding extreme porn links and actual content on coming into the main page. I've never found any of this and I certainly don't upload any of it so I'm not sure what was happening. After the resolution of this matter, I was finally able to get into my management console, an ability that I haven't had for many months and found keyword searches that led to porn...on this site. Unbelievable! Let me emphatically tell you that should you be the victim of any of this content that it is not intentional on my part. I'm not sure how it happened but it appears that these links are very active. I'm am now trying to locate them within my hosting site HD to eliminate them. Again, I apologize profusely should you log in and find THAT instead of good ole music stuff. Moving on -

Remember, YES is our choice for our new Best Album Poll. Many of you know the drill. For those that don't know, it's easy. Just click the available link and offer up your choice of what you consider to be the best album that Yes made. You have quite a catalogue to wade through. I may forgive you some of your choices, and I may not. (Just kidding). Send all votes to The Best of YES and we'll collect 'em. And we'll let you know in a few weeks what you chose as the 'numero uno' YES album. The first day of email votes have been very brisk. If you haven't voted yet, please do so.

We have four more reviews for you today that include one from James Hrivnak (who has two more in the wings) of Acid Tongue from Jenny Lewis. I provide reviews of a Various Artists set called P is for Panda Mix Tape, Volume 1, as well as reviews of the 22nd Anniversary Edition of 3 Ships, the Christmas offering from Jon Anderson (Yes), and a pretty good album called Midnight Matinee from indie band, The Lost Patrol.

Given our little problem, I did not get the right opportunity to put together a selection of Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die. But we're getting to that. Also, I want to say a few things about Levi Stubbs, whose voice drove the music of The Four Tops. He died Friday at the age of 72. As always, people who meant so much in their respective bands, are talents that we miss greatly when they live their lives through. But what great contributions. With their music, they never really leave!!

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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A few of these pieces have been previously mentioned but I’m expanding a bit on their release information. 

On November 25, Epic Records will release Edited and PA versions of The Greatest Remixes by band, Good Charlotte.  Each album will contain hits by Good Charlotte remixed by notable artists like Game, and The Academy Is.  There will also be three new songs included for a total of 18 tracks.

Shout! Factory will release Live at the Troubadour by Philly Soul duo, Hall & Oates.  This release will be in three formats that include DVD, a 2CD/1DVD set, and a Blu-ray DVD.  The videos (DVD and Blu-ray) will add in exclusive interviews with both John, and Daryl, and a concert photo gallery.  The DVDs will also be presented in 5.1 Surround.  The Live shows heard on these sets were recorded on May 22/23 of 2008 at the Troubadour in LA.  All sets are scheduled for release on November 25.

As mentioned before, Shout! Factory will also release LP vinyl for Brain Salad Surgery by ELP as well as Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassBrain Salad Surgery is scheduled to be released on 180g vinyl with special packaging that replicates the original LP.  Whipped Cream goes a step further by being presented as a picture disc with the original front cover on Side One and the original back cover on Side Two.  There will also be a poster included.  These are what is called collectible, particularly the Herb Alpert reissue.  These go on sale on November 25.

Jive Records will release what is being referred to as traditional soul singing by Anthony Hamilton, which has me interested enough to check out.  Why?  Because I miss those ‘60s and ‘70s soul men like Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, and Donny Hathaway, all names mentioned in connection with Mr Hamilton.  His album is called The Point of It All and will be released on December 2.

Columbia Records and Integrity Records will release a collection for the CMG band, Hillsong.  The album is called Ultimate Collection – Volume II and will contain 17 favourite tracks.  It is scheduled to be released on December 2.

Shout! Factory is going into the old Golden Records vault for several releases.  One that is pretty interesting is Carly & Lucy Simon Sing Songs for Children.  This particular release is a combining of several albums recorded a long time back called The Simon Sisters Sing the Lobster Quadrille and Other Songs for Children (1969), and The Simon Sisters Sing for Children (1973).  A great album for not only Golden Records collectors but also for Carly Simon fans.

You knew it was coming.  Circus by the rejuvenated Britney Spears will be available in both standard CD and Deluxe VersionJive Records has it scheduled for December 2.

Three Days Grace will release their Live DVD on December 2.  The Jive Records set is called Live at the Palace 2008Live at the Palace 2008 was filmed at The Palace of Auburn Hills, the home of The Detroit Pistons (NBA), where they performed in front of 13,000 fans in a sold out show.

Capitol Records Nashville will release X from Trace Adkins, slating the album for November 25.

Coldplay will release a new EP of 8 songs called Prospekt’s March.  This EP consists of 6 songs that have been recently completed but were a part of the creative process during the Viva La Vida sessions, plus two new versions of songs from the album (“Lost +,” “Lovers in Japan”).  There will be two configurations of this new material.  Naturally, the 8-track EP CD will be available on November 25 along with a 12” vinyl version.  There will also be a combined 2CD (Viva La Vida plus Prospekt’s March) set, all from Capitol Records.

S-Curve Records will re-release the debut album of We the Kings in a Deluxe Edition that will add two videos (“Skyway Avenue,” “Check Yes Juliet”), some new acoustic tracks, a digital booklet, ringtones, and some bonus video footage.  This is slated for November 25.

Tooth & Nail Records will release the 5-track album from The Almost called No Gift to Bring.  It is being planned for November 25.

We’ve mentioned this one in the past, but it definitely bears bringing up again.  Caroline Records will reissue The Peels Sessions for Magazine, who, if you didn’t already know, was one of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s great bands.  This reissue will be released on November 25.  If you’re a Magazine fan, you’re picking it up.  But don’t wait too long as releases like these don’t stay around for long before they reach collector’s status.

Mute Records will release Last Night Remixed by Moby.  This album offers 13 remixed tracks from Moby’s last album, Last Night.  It will be made available on November 25.

Mute Records will release a CD/DVD Special Edition for the Gold-selling Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp.  The new DVD will contain live tracks (“Clowns,” “Road to Somewhere”), videos (“A&E,” “Happiness,” “Caravan Girl”), and some ‘behind the scenes’ footage.  It will be released on November 25.

Symphonic Metal fans will be getting Shadowheart by Finland’s Kivimetsan Druidi.  The Century Media album is planned for November 25.

Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver) will release a 5-track red vinyl EP called Wasted Heart.  His side project band is called Duff McKagan’s Loaded and this EP is a fore-runner to a full length release coming down the road.  Note that this November 25 release will ONLY be available on vinyl by Century Media.




Review - Jon Anderson - 3 Ships: 22nd Anniversary Edition - CD

Jon Anderson of Yes fame has created a wealth of satisfying solo projects in additions to his Yes albums. His contribution to the Holidays came in the form of a very nice 3 Ships album. It is being reissued after many years of being Out of Print (OOP) and is re-mastered as well as expanded with 5 additional songs from the original sessions. We hope you enjoy the album because we certainly have over the years.





Review - Various Artists - P is For Panda Mix Tape, Vol 1 - CD

Sampler albums from labels are always a mixed bag of music. You will always find one that you like but might be inundated with stuff that you don't. P is For Panda is actually different than that. It is a slection of music from one who deeply appreciates good music. And so, this first volume of Mix Tape is filled with some interesting music for the listener. It is also available as a Digital Download (DD). Enjoy!



Review - Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

Jenny Lewis and her latest album, Acid Tongue, is something special. Read James Hrivnak's review of music that is quite good.





Review - The Lost Patrol - Midnight Matinee

The Lost Patrol has created a lot of buzz with each release and performance. As they mature, their music becomes so much more defined and distinctive. With their new album, Midnight Matinee, The Lost Patrol ups the ante of indie Rock and Roll.







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