October 10, 2008


Weekend!! And we have heard a few humdingers to run into the weekend with. The first is...well, kind of a whatever by now. It is the supposed notation that Guns N Roses (or Axl Rose, depending on how you feel about this) have set a drop dead date of November 23, which is a Sunday, for the long delayed, oft-forgotten Chinese Democracy. Decided to be delivered exclusively to Best Buy, where, once again, an uncaring band will force you to go to unusual or out of the way places to get a copy - if you wanted one. If you're panting for this one, you just might get your wish.

The second - and most devious - notation of the day says that the three committed members of Led Zeppelin (Page/Jones/Jason Bonham) will go with a replacement singer if Plant is serious about not fronting the band. As far as I'M concerned, all choices are WRONG. You can read those choices at this link but the top one is...sit down...Jack White. Ooohh boy. I've even heard Sammy Hagar's name bandied about but apparently he is being asked to possibly join Velvet Revolver (a better fit if you ask me). I have no problem with Led Zeppelin wanting another 'go-round.' But it HAS to be done with Robert Plant. And now, having said all of that...

Robert...this is YOUR legacy! Do not allow an imposter to sully that final image of this great band. Do the show. Do it for a year. Do it for two years. Make the cash (you'll really sock the money away - recession? what recession!?). It can't be all that bad to do the tour that is expected to go forward - with you or without you. Please reconsider.

Hopefully, you've given yourselves plenty of time to think about this next poll. I don't know what kind of participation we'll get on this one because participation on the various 'Best Of xxxx' polls varies by band. But I still think that we can have a bit of fun, and perhaps some illumination as well. You see, many times we reach out to find something new to listen to and enjoy (we sure do try hard) but it is just as easy, and maybe more fruitful to reach back and indulge in bands that we didn't give the full time of day to in the past. That's why, after running across an article that employed something similar, I'm asking TAP readers to provide us with your Albums That You MUST Hear Before You Die!

Just access the link, which will pop up an email form for you to complete and send off. List as many as you feel necessary. In a few weeks, I'll attempt to figure out a way to deal with them (if I get a lot) or I'll simply do a 'cut 'n paste' if we get just a few. You have two weeks. Ready? Set! Go!

After that, we'll tackle a new band 'best of' poll.

We'll have new reviews up on Monday for you so be sure to come back then.

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USA Today calls Colbie Caillat “…the Norah Jones successor.”  Her album, Coco, is being given the Deluxe Edition treatment, which will be fattened with eight additional songs including a piano version of “Magic” and an acoustic version of “Bubbly.”  This reissue will be available from Universal Republic on November 11.

Universal Republic will add to the marketplace the new Kevin Costner album with his Modern West band called Untold Truths.  This 12-track country-flavoured album is slated for release on November 11.

You may have gone to your favourite store to pick up our announced Stephen Stills LP, Just Roll Tape – April 26th, 1968, which was planned for September 23.  That date has been changed to November 11.

The October 28 release date for the two versions of Christmas on Mars from The Flaming Lips has changed to November 11.  This impacts both the DVD version as well as the CD/DVD version.

Date changes will also impact the upcoming CD and 2CD Deluxe Edition of The Sound of The Smiths: the Very Best of The Smiths.  Originally scheduled for November 4, it now slides to November 11.

The planned release from Rhino Records of Twentyfourseven by UB40 has been moved into 2009.  Originally planned for October 28, this title is now ‘release date unknown.’

Loud & Proud Records, an imprint of Roadrunner Records, will release the new Sammy Hagar album called Cosmic Universal Fashion.  That album, Hagar’s first since 2000.  Cosmic Universal Fashion is an online collaboration between Hagar and an Iraqi band from Baghdad.  This 10-track album arrives on November 18.

Roadrunner Records will also release the latest Nickelback album called Dark Horse planning the album for November 18.

Our Bright Future is coming from Tracy Chapman (“Fast Car”) and Atlantic Records on November 11.

Reprise will release And Winter Came by Enya, scheduling the album for November 11.

Warner Brothers has Soul from Seal arranged for release on November 11.

Interscope Records will release When the World Comes Down by All American Rejects, planning the album for release on November 18.

Vinyl LP reissues include the recently released Alone 2: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (November 25Geffen) from Rivers Cuomo; Folie a Deux from Fall Out Boy (November 4Island); and The Renaissance from Q Tip (November 4Motown).




Review - The Clash - Live at Shea Stadium - CD

The Clash never released an official live album during their tenure as a recording band. This Live album called Live at Shea Stadium is from their final days as a recording entity as they supported The Who on their farewell tour. No doubt, as many as were there to see The Who were there to see The Clash. And The Clash gave them a show for the ages with no signs of the strife (save for the dismissal of drummer, Topper Headon) that tore them apart.





Review - Thunder - Reissue Albums - CD

Remember England's Hair Metal band, Thunder, and you remember a band that gave what they had in good form but had really missed their time by a few years. Regardless, they carved out a fanbase. This review batch looks at Back Street Symphony; Laughing on Judgement Day; Behind Closed Doors, and two collections, Their Finest Hour, and The Rare, The Raw & The Rest.





For Your Ears - Band of Thieves - NYC

Manhattan yields up a fantastic band called Band of Thieves that REALLY demand some attention. Their brand of energetic rock carries a lot of trademarks and remembrances, lots of them with smiles. I highly recommmend a vist to their MySpace Music page (accessible at the Myspace button) and/or their website. You'll be surprised.








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