October 06, 2008


Hopefully, you've given yourselves plenty of time to think about this next poll. I don't know what kind of participation we'll get on this one because participation on the various 'Best Of xxxx' polls varies by band. But I still think that we can have a bit of fun, and perhaps some illumination as well. You see, many times we reach out to find something new to listen to and enjoy (we sure do try hard) but it is just as easy, and maybe more fruitful to reach back and indulge in bands that we didn't give the full time of day to in the past. That's why, after running across an article that employed something similar, I'm asking TAP readers to provide us with your Albums That You MUST Hear Before You Die!

Just access the link, which will pop up an email form for you to complete and send off. List as many as you feel necessary. In a few weeks, I'll attempt to figure out a way to deal with them (if I get a lot) or I'll simply do a 'cut 'n paste' if we get just a few. You have two weeks. Ready? Set! Go!

After that, we'll tackle a new band 'best of' poll.

Today's reviews include a review of rapidly depleting (or so it appears) reissues for Thunder - 'member them? - of a few of their early works that include Back Street Symphony, Laughing on Judgement Day, Behind Closed Doors, as well as two collections, Their Finest Hour, and The Rare, The Raw & The Rest. In addition, we have an early review of the upcoming Clash album (Oct 7), Live at Shea Stadium. We'll continue to have more as we do them up. In the near future, we have reviews of the new Brian Eno/David Byrne collaboration, Whatever Happens Will Happen Tomorrow, and the upcoming Bloc Party album, Intimacy.

We hardly sleep.

We'll see you back here on Wednesday, TAPsters.

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RCA Records will issue a Live DVD from Christina Aquilera called Back to Basics - Live and Down Under. This DVD is on the calendar for November 25.

Shout! Factory will help Herb Alpert join the LP revolution by releasing an LP of Whipped Cream & Other Delights, planning the album for November 25.

Shout! Factory also plans an LP release of Brain Salad Surgery by ELP, planning the LP for November 25.

Shout! Factory, being busy, will release a DVD and a separately available CD from Hall and Oates called Hall & Oates Live as well as a Blu-ray DVD of the same title. All are scheduled for November 25.

Live at Shea Stadium from The Clash will be released as an LP from Legacy and Epic on October 28, which is three weeks after the CD release of this momentous album.

Epic Records will release two versions (PA and Edited) of Good Charlotte: The Greatest Remixes. Both versions of these Good Charlotte albums will be scheduled for November 25.

Mute Records will re-release The First Born is Dead, and From Here to Eternity from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds as well as a Special Edition of Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp, all on November 25.

24 Hours by Tom Jones is planned for release on November 25.

Rhino Records will be releasing The Definitive Rod Stewart in both a 2CD version and a 2CD/1DVD. The CDs will contain music spanning periods from 1971-2004. The DVD will contain 14 popular Rod Stewart songs. the songs have been re-mastered. These two collections are planned for November 18.

We also have seen a 2CD Live set for The Doors called Live at the Matrix. Elektra plans this release for November 18. This is from a 1967 set of shows in San Francisco. This will contain a 16-page boolet in a 6-panel digipak package.

We have more good stuff coming so check back on Wednesday for those. That includes some more Flashback releases.




Review - The Clash - Live at Shea Stadium - CD

The Clash never released an official live album during their tenure as a recording band. This Live album called Live at Shea Stadium is from their final days as a recording entity as they supported The Who on their farewell tour. No doubt, as many as were there to see The Who were there to see The Clash. And The Clash gave them a show for the ages with no signs of the strife (save for the dismissal of drummer, Topper Headon) that tore them apart.





Review - Thunder - Reissue Albums - CD

Remember England's Hair Metal band, Thunder, and you remember a band that gave what they had in good form but had really missed their time by a few years. Regardless, they carved out a fanbase. This review batch looks at Back Street Symphony; Laughing on Judgement Day; Behind Closed Doors, and two collections, Their Finest Hour, and The Rare, The Raw & The Rest.





For Your Ears - Band of Thieves - NYC

Manhattan yields up a fantastic band called Band of Thieves that REALLY demand some attention. Their brand of energetic rock carries a lot of trademarks and remembrances, lots of them with smiles. I highly recommmend a vist to their MySpace Music page (accessible at the Myspace button) and/or their website. You'll be surprised.








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