November 10, 2008


We have a new Band Poll today for you. This next few weeks, I'm going to see what album you thought was the best thing that Grand Funk Railroad issued. Here's what makes this one so much fun: Grand Funk went from an album-oriented band to a singles-oriented band...and then tried to get back to AOR (Album Oriented Rock). So there's plenty to choose from. Grand Funk, like many bands, stylistically changed as the years went by and people will have an opinion on which version of the band said it the best. Even the transitional album, We're An American Band, moved between the two forms of the band interchangeably. On one track, you had "Creepin'" and on another, the popular title cut, "We're an American Band." I don't really expect this one to be a barn-burner participation but we'll see. So, send in your votes for the Best of Grand Funk Railroad. We'll post results on Monday, the 24th...just before Turkey Day.

We're going to keep the Best Album of ALL Time up for a long while as we continually update it. But I'll say this: The Beatles took the lead with not only The White Album but also the fact that they have been selected with two albums. Like The Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! run, which does not show signs of stopping (I'm still getting emails, which I have no problem with and encourage - Send Them In), I'm hoping that this new thing stays strong. Send in your selection (one only, please) for the album that is the ruler of all.

I have a question to you guys. I just can't put my finger on something here but the song by Kings of Leon called "Use Somebody" sounds almost exactly like a song that I remember 'cept...I can't remember. It's on the tip of my tongue and I'll get it eventually. But for now, it is driving me nuts. Here's a link to the video. Let me know who you think the song sounds like.

We have three reviews today that include the Warren Zevon classic, the re-mastered and expanded reissue of Warren Zevon (1976) in a 2CD Collector's Edition, the 4-disc (1DVD/3CD) 30th Anniversary Box of Budokan! by Cheap Trick, and the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Appaloosa by composer, Jeff Beal.

Yep...we'll see you again on Wednesday!

For the long promised Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! list (#8), I will be posting a letter each post until exhausted (there were only 17 21 25 27 29 emails).  Some were only a few titles, some only one.  But there were more than a few that were massive and a few extended, well-detailed lists.  I’ll post them as I received them.  Today, I have a list of 30 albums in a 'tick-off' list format. Thanks to Jon for his list.

1 - Led Zeppelin VI – Led Zeppelin
2 - Tower of Power – Tower of Power
3 - Roman Gods – The Fleshtones
4 - Pet Sounds –The Beach Boys
5 - You Better Run – Junior Kimbrough
6 - Stoneage Romeos – The Hoodoo Gurus
7 - Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
8 - The Wall – Pink Floyd
9 - Other People’s Lives – Ray Davies
10 - Black and Blue – The Rolling Stones
11 - Can’t Buy A Thrill – Steely Dan
12 - I’m The Man – Joe Jackson
13 - The Cars – The Cars
14 - Boston – Boston
15 - Breakfast in America – Supertramp
16 - The Game – Queen
17 - All Day Music – WAR
18 - The World Is A Ghetto – WAR
19 - Paul’s Boutique – The Beastie Boys
20 - Axis: Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix Experience
21 - The Hurting – Tears For Fears
22 - The Specials – The Specials
23 - Automatic for the People – REM
24 - Murmur – REM
25 - Some Girls – The Rolling Stones
26 - Revolver – The Beatles
27 - Especially For You – The Smithereens
28 - Catholic Boy – The Jim Carroll Band
29 - Pretenders – The Pretenders
30 - The Idiot – Iggy Pop

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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The news is shrinking. There's so little that we are adding what we have and leaving up the last post to, you know, make it look significant, even though you and I both know it isn't.

Shout! Factory has a 3CD Book set coming filled with 57 classic Love Songs, many of them Top 10 hits. These are songs from the '50s and is collected here including songs by Andy Williams, Jaye P Morgan (remember Gong Show?), Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Johnnie Ray, Edith Piaf, Peggy Lee, and a host of classic artists. This Various Artists set is called '50s Love Songs and is slated for release on December 16.

Epic Records plan a Blu-ray DVD release from Incubus called Look Alive. This concert set is scheduled for December 9. Look Alive was originally released on DVD back in 2007 and this new Blu-ray version sharpens the experience.

We're fans of Mediavolo, a French duo that just filled our hearts with some great music. We've just learned that they plan to release their next album, Unaltered Empire, on November 10 (FR). I haven't heard the album but if it is anything like A Secret Sound (2006), then it might just be a great album. It is being released by Kalinkaland Records.

Well...I admit that it has been a looonnngggg time since I bought some 7" 45s, but I have to admit to being shocked at seeing the price of a vinyl 45RPM 7" Picture Disc from The Flaming Lips. Now, it's pretty cool that on the rise of LP sales, we begin to see retro 45s to put on our turntables but a cost of $7.98 just kinda makes me shudder as I remember paying less than that for a full-length LP back in the '70s. is the ultra-cool Flaming Lips here with some Christmas tunes in a conventional style that showcases "Silent Night"/"Lord Can You Hear Me" b/w "It's Christmas Time Again." Yes is indeed Christmas-time again. Besides, South Coast Plaza in OC, CA has the big Christmas ornaments up already. this one comes out on December 9 by Warner Brothers.

On the other hand, The Raconteurs will release a CD Single with two songs of bluegrass versions of "Old Enough," and b/w "Top Yourself." This single is being released by Warner Brothers and is priced at - sit down - $2.99. Hmmm. This one arrives on December 16.

Nonesuch Records will release a 2LP reissue of All I Intended To Be (2008) from EmmyLou Harris, pegging the vinyl release for December 9.

Watch for an Enigma DVD called Seven Lives Many Faces, planned for a January 27 issue.

Last post, we mentioned two separate titles for Stevie Nicks.  The actuality is that both titles represent the same release but with enhanced content for the DVD (Live in Chicago).  The companion CD, entitled The Soundstage Sessions contains ten Live performance tracks including an orchestral version of “Landslide.”  The DVD, which is entitled Live in Chicago, is from the same Soundstage production (Oct 2007) but will contain eighteen performance selections that includes a bonus inclusion of the orchestral version of “Landslide.”  The CD (Soundstage Sessions) will also be made available as a Digital Download.  Both Reprise Records titles are planned for January 13, a delay from its originally scheduled October 28 date.

Noted before, watch for the PA and Amended CD/DVD versions of Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes coming on Warner Brothers Records from Linkin Park.  This is planned for release on November 25.

EmArcy Records will begin the New Year with a Jazz release from Clifton Anderson called Decades.  It is scheduled for January 27.

Other Jazz upcoming albums include four John Coltrane titles.  Those include Ascensions (Editions I and II); Kulu Se Mama; Meditations; The John Coltrane Quartet Plays; and a John Coltrane/Archie Shepp disc, New Thing at Newport.  All of these titles are way out there in the final days of the first quarter of 2009.  But I thought that I’d give you Coltrane fans a ‘heads up’ on these.  I will remind as time grows closer.  These are coming from Verve Records.

ECM has several titles already planned for 2009 that include Yesterdays from Jarrett/Peacock/DeJohnette, Life’s Backward Glances coming from Steve Kuhn, Profuma Di Violetta (Trovesi All’opera) from Gianluigi Trovesi, and Complete Codona by Walcott/Cherry/Vasconcelos, all planned for January 13.  Watch for In Principio by Arvo Part (February 3), and New York Days by Enrico Rava (March 3).

Universal Republic will release a Rap title from Savage called Savage Island, planned for December 23, both CD and DD (digital download).

There is a CD/DVD configuration coming from Paramore called The Final RIOT! which is scheduled for November 25.

There are a few soundtracks on the list that include a Hans Zimmer score for Frost/Nixon, and an Angelo Milli score for Seven Pounds (Will Smith).  Both are scheduled for December 16 from Varese Sarabande.  Also, Atlantic will release the film score for Twilight in a Limited Edition LP that will contain 3 posters, as well as a CD version, both planned for December 9.

Decca has a Pop title coming on January 27 from The Love Willows.  The album is called Hey! Hey!.

A collection of Love Songs from The Bee Gees is arriving on December 16.

Island will put together a 3CD Brick (as yet untitled) for The Killers, likely encompassing their entire catalogue thus far for those needing to catch up or who has heard The Killers for the first time and want all of the albums.  This assembly is planned for November 25.

Verve Records has a Diana Krall album (untitled as of yet) planned for February 10.  We’ll remind, as always.




Review - Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon Collector's Edition - 2CD

Warren Zevon had a bad taste in his mouth after a humbled experience with the recording of Wanted Dead or Alive. After its failure, it took some nudging to get Zevon back to the studio. But the end result was a wonderfully classic big label debut self-titled Warren Zevon. It changed everything and Zevon was back in the saddle.





Review - Jeff Beal - Appaloosa OMPS - CD

Appaloosa was directed by Ed Harris, who also stars in the film with Viggo Mortenson as Marshalls who must deal with the mean-spirited local powerful rancher (Jeremy Irons), whose clan runs roughshod over the town. Scored by Jeff Beal, this score has a genuine feel of early Hollywood westerns and is a gem of an album.






Review - Cheap Trick - Budokan! 30th Anniversary Box - 1DVD/3CD

Budokan! was a success story that set Cheap Trick on a path of super-stardom not often seen or experienced. With their brand of power pop Rock, Nielsen and the boys produced excellent albums with many memorable songs, especially from their first 4 or 5 studio albums. This 30th Anniversary Box, with 3CDs and a DVD of the show, celebrates the excellent energetic album with 'all the parts' needed for full immersion.





Review - Lindsay Buckingham - Gift of Screws - CD

We're a bit late to this party. But that's OK. We arrived anyhow. We're posting this just in case some of you have been thinking about this one or was on the fence about it. Hopefully, our review will help you make a decision one way or the other. Gift of Screws is the latest album from Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame (as if you didn't know).







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