June 27, 2008


I'm going to throw this one out there.

Ever listen to a song and be so moved by it that it enthralls you? I have some songs that fall into that category for me and I'm sure there are some for you as well. I'll expand on this for Monday's post and then give you a chance to give me your choice. Although I have many, one has me that way now. There is one Journey song that I enjoyed even as I've never really been much of a Journey fan to begin with. But this song just has an element of maturity and intensity to it that I'm amazed everytime that I hear it. It is from the reconvened Journey and their Trial by Fire album and is called "When You Love a Woman." Perry's vocals are as sincere as I can remember them, and the band plays with a certain class that I've not heard in ANY of their previous albums. But we'll discuss this in further detail on Monday and go from there. This will give you a chance to know that there is going to be an email link based on this so you can really think this out over the weekend.

We have little to talk about today probably because we've talked ourselves out. And so we're going to silence ourselves for a bit here, still providing the usual content and links. Don't forget that we have the Led Zeppelin discussion still on the board (results will post on Monday). There are reviews arriving on Monday as well. So the word now is to go forth and enjoy your weekend. We see you again on Monday.

Continue to send in your Led Zep picks. Remember to address your favourite album and what you thought was their defining moment even if you didn't like it.

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Verve Records will release Nobody Left to Crown on CD from Richie Havens, planning the release for July 29.

Interscope has a self-titled Rock album coming from Scars on Broadway on July 29.  It will be released in CD (PA/Edited), and LP.  The band will also release a 7” vinyl single from the album called “They Say” on the same date.

Rounder Records will release Jubilee from Ten Shekel Shirt on August 19.  I have heard this album, and you can take it from me that it is an excellent album, one that I’m favouring at the moment.

Artist Garage will release a CD Jazz title for long-time duo, Tuck & Patti.  The album is called  I Remember You and is scheduled for August 12.

Sanctuary Records will release Hell from Venom in both CD and LP planning both formats to be available on August 12.

Varese Sarabande will release Play their Greatest Hits by ‘60s/’70s hitmakers, The Ventures.  This album is schedule for release on August 12.

Ipecac Records will release a Rock CD for Zach Gill called Astrological Straits on August 12.

Nettwerk Records have an album on the calendar for Elsiane called Hybrid.  This album is scheduled for August 12.

The X2 series (2fer1 classics) that I mentioned several posts before have additions that I’ll list right now.  On August 5th, in addition to the titles mentioned previously, you can watch for double-ups for Judas Priest (British Steel/Screaming For Vengeance) – Columbia; Mario (Turning Point/Mario) – RCA; Mary Mary (Thankful/Incredible) – Columbia; Patti Smith (Horses/Easter) – Columbia.  All of these are scheduled, as are most of the others, for August 5.

The marketing machine is out in full force for the latest album by Norma Jean, to be called The Anti-MotherNorma Jean vs The Anti-Mother will be released on August 5 from Solid State Records.

Carrie Rodriguez follows up her well-received debut album from 2007, Seven Angels on a Bicycle, with her upcoming second release, She Ain’t Me.  This new album by the singer/songwriter is being released by Back Porch Records/Manhattan Records.  You can check up on her material by clicking through to her MySpace site or by visiting her official site.    She Ain’t Me is pencilled in for August 5.

EMI/CMG will release a ‘best of’ patterned after the very successful NOW catalogue VA releases.  This one will service the fans of Christian Music and will offer 12 tracks of songs that had been #1 hits in the CMG market over the last 5 years.  This set is called WOW Essentials – All Time Favorite Christian Songs and will be released on August 5.  This set is followed by the upcoming August 5 release of WOW Gospel Essentials – All Time Favorite Songs, tagging the classic choices by Yolanda Adams, Shekinah Glory, Mary Mary, Cece Winans, and Kurt Carr amongst other classic choices, 12 tracks in all.

Since 1967, the magic of Amon Duul, like so many of their counterparts, have inspired and thrilled with their imaginative rock music manipulations.  On August 5, Abstract Records will bring back Amon Duul titles in repackaged and re-mastered form.  Although mentioned in previous posts, these are the titles that will become available on August 5Hawk Meets Penquin; Meetings With Menmachines; Airs on a Shoestring; and Fool Moon.

Topshelf Records, in association with Caroline Records, will release In the Company of Wolves from Feels Like July.  It is scheduled to be released on August 5.

Remember that the very limited run of Japanese-styled Mini-LP CDs for Roxy Music (all titles), and Raspberries (all titles) have released (June 24).  If you wanted one, a few, or all of them, it’s time to hunt them down.  The Brian Eno titles arrive in two weeks.

Caroline Records adds Swansong from Carcass, scheduling the album to be released on August 19.

Recent Release Spotlight - Sound and Fury - CD / DD

If you like your music on the fast side AND with plenty of energy, then you're likely to enjoy Sound and Fury. Built with a framework of the hardcore sound, these guys bring the music in a fast and furious way. From Ontario, Canada, they have come a long way having gained attention from labels. Their debut major label release brings an interesting blend of sounds. The self-titled debut was released this week on June 24. check out their MySpace page for more information and four tracks to sample.







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