June 23, 2008


Woo...HOT...weekend. And I don't mean a fun one either. The heat just makes me pissy, and for no other reason than it is just there and I realize that I might have days of it before any respite. I hope that some of you enjoyed cooler climes and weather than I did. A sI write this, we have an upward trend temperature of 90. But on Saturday, we had an enjoyable surprise birthday party for Sarah Hunt, which ended nicely. Bill Hunt, with Mrs TAP, put together a collection of friends and family to celebrate Sarah's passage through the time-hole.

Today, we'll post the very meagre results of the Hot Tuna discussion. I didn't anticipate too many emails and we certainly didn't get them with 11 only. But there were definite selections, and with the album I myself favoured (Burgers).

I was thinking today of a very appropriate song for these times that we currently live in and I came up with one no better than "Badlands" by Springsteen. Listen to those lyrics and I think that many of you will agree. Got a better one. Tell me.

Today, I'm starting a new band perspective but want to make this two-pronged. The band that we're going to community-discuss is Led Zeppelin. Like all the ones thus far, I want you to pick their best album. After that, I then want you to evaluate and decide which was their greatest achivement, even if you may not have like it all that much. We'll let this one go for a week with the results posted on Monday, the 30th of June. Send in your picks at this link.

- Hot Tuna -

  • Burgers - 5
  • First Pull Up, Then Pull Down - 2
  • America's Choice - 2
  • Phosphorescent Rat - 1
  • Yellow Fever - 1

We have 3 new reviews for you today that include one from James Hrivnak, who writes one up for The Futureheads latest, This is Not The World. I've contributed several that include baby boomer favourites, The O'Jays, and one from Billy Idol, both 'best of' collections.

Welcome to Monday!

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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The Enemy (UK) - Band From NYC - For Your Approval

We have briefly mentioned this band from out of the UK. We kind of fell in listening to them a little more this weekend and felt that they needed a little bit more coverage. Out of the UK with a ton of sales and a direct to Number 1 album on the UK charts, we felt it only fair to alert you to them - if you aren't already a fan. They have plenty of appeal for the young and the old crowd. If you have iTunes, the album is already available as a DD. Dig in!! As an aside, the upcoming US release of this UK hit will have two exclusive tracks, "Five Years," and "Fear Killed the Youth of Our Nation."



The news is short, as expected. Traditionally, as we approach a holiday, the news usually takes a nosedive. But we dig a little and almost always come up with something.

Coming up, Reprise Records will be wrapping up the magnificent The Black Parade from My Chemical Romance with a grand CD/DVD set called The Black Parade is Dead. Since the original arrival of The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance has enjoyed strong sales of the album (3x Platinum), and stronger interest in their shows. Conceptual, this album has not only delved into the world of death but have done it in theatrical style, the kind that can one day end up being resurrected. It will definitely be remembered.

The CD offers a 13-track performance from their Oct 7, Mexico City show. The included DVD will offer a filmed performance from the same Mexico City show, with the same track-listing as the CD PLUS an additional 18-track performance filmed at the October 24, Hoboken, NJ show.

The set is planned for release June 24 in both PA and non-PA forms.

Kin Kou Records will release a 2CD Live set for Andreas Vollenweider that is a collection of live performances over a 25 year period. The best tracks have been culled and re-mastered. There are 33 tracks in all. This set is called 25 Years Live: 1982-2007. This set is planned for release on August 12.

Road Runner Records will release two discs for Within Temptation on August 5. This 6-piece, female-fronted Goth Metal band has enjoyed success in Europe and so it is decided that the US should have a share of that. RRRecords will reissue Mother Earth (2000), and The Silent Force (2004) for US fans.

Reprise Records will be releasing a live album for CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) called Déjà Vu Live. This is slated for release on July 22.

Big news for the Bigelf fans is coming up right here. For those that enjoyed their previous reintroduction, Hex, originally released in 2003 and reissued in 2007, then you should enjoy their upcoming Cheat the Gallows, planned for August 12 by Custard Records.

Epic Records will reissue several The Jacksons titles that include Destiny, and Triumph. Both are expected on August 12 as Value reissues.


Review - The O'Jays - The Essential O'Jays - 2CD
I have reviewed the 2CD Essential series collection set for the classic R&B trio, The O'Jays. In this 2CD set is a nice, full-bodied compilation of the music that the band began with until their last strong album. This collection is called The Essential O'Jays. if you don't already possess something that collects the hits and strong cuts from the O'Jays' magnificent career, then this is a set for you.

  BBC Radio - Enjoy Radio from BBC in England

This collection of BBC radios is a fantastic bit of radio that covers multiple styles on their different channels. I stumbled on a site that listed the link and I thought that I'd give it a shot. I was surprised with the DJs, and the obvious love for different styles. You can select what pleased you most. Listening to several shows, I was struck with the 'better than USA' radio that goes on there. I'm including the link to their front page. If you so desire, check them out.


Review - The Very Best of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself - CD/DVD

Most everyone knows about Billy Idol...y'know, "...good day to start again," or "Rebel Yell," both with all of their fist-pumping fun and lasting appeal. Capitol Records releases the lastest, and most cpomplete compilation of Idolize Yourself, which throws in a collected set of the MTV videos that sits in most of our minds when remembering his classic songs.

Review - The Futureheads - This is Not the World - CD
James Hrivnak delivers a review of the latest by The Futureheads. the new album, self-released in the latter days of May, is called This is Not the World. Jump in and see what he has to say about this latest album.






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