June 16, 2008


I have been running through music sites and MySpace pages at a furious pace to catch some good music. I'm in a fury here and I'm sure that it has everything to do with my age and lots of psychology. In thinking back to how we did it back when we were younger, I'm not exactly sure how the machine worked. I know that radio played a large part (but that is a sticking point lately). I know that once I picked up on a band and liked them, I'd go backward (if there was a back catalogue to visit) and catch up. If they were new, I'd spread the word. I got a lot of my news from magazines, obscure and mainstream. I got even more from those record shops. Well, those old-school methods have largely disappeared. However, the internet is here and that's the key. It's the new magazine, both obscure and mainstream. It's the new radio covering every kind of music imaginable. It's just about everything you can imagine it to be. I guess that is what I envisioned MusicTAP to be and I'm certainly focusing that way now if I hadn't before.

We've brought you a few new bands in the past. On Friday, I played pop radio and brought you Chairlift from NYC. Today, I have a few more to throw at you. They are more "FM"-styled but should be quite good for you.

We're having a blast with the 'best of xxxxxx'. While the Springsteen request generated virtually notta, the Van Halen segment was through the roof almost immediately. And there are surprises (although likely not for you). The chosen album was not the first one AND we actually had one for VHIII. We'll wait until Wednesday before posting results and trying a new band (Hot Tuna). That will obsucre it up a bit although I'm afraid that the responding will be next to nothing. We'll see. We'll do Led Zeppelin after that one.

We're now going to go with Van Halen. Just write and tell me what album was Van Halen's best, and for bonus points, which Van Halen era worked best (Roth or Hagar).

Here's hoping that your Father's Day was great!! Mine was. Both of my children spent all day with me. Wish I could get that all the time.

And yes, news is STILL that slow...

We have several reviews for you today. Bob Olsen returns with a review of the Sundazed released CD, Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971 featuring The Byrds. Also today, Lindsay Planer provides a set of three reviews within his latest post of As The Disc Spins. In this issue, he reviews the Beach Boys Boxed collection called US Singles Collection - The Capitol Years (1963-1965). He also covers Volume 2 of The Impulse! Albums for John Coltrane. Finally, he provides insight on the new Willie Nelson compilation called One Hell of a Ride.

We'll see you back here on Wednesday.

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The Chemistry Set UK - Band from London - For Your Approval

The Chemistry Set UK is a band that takes it cues and influences from the late '60s in the era of psychedelia. They have had limited releases out but, I believe, they're no longer available. They are unsigned as of yet. But I'll be picking up their album when there is one.



We were emailed by some wondering whether the upcoming reissues (see below) were, in fact, LPs. I'm happy to say that they are indeed LPs. In the near future, I have info on some more classics reappearing as LPs...just as they used to be.

Rhino have a few reissues that are coming on August 5. They include Rickie Lee Jones by Rickie Lee Jones. The other is Fandango by ZZ Top. Finally, Mud Slide Slim and and the Blue Horizon by James Taylor.

Nonesuch Records have slated a Randy Newman album called Harps and Angels (CD) to be released on August 5.

Road Runner Records will release a CD/DVD Collector's Edition of Conquer by Soulfly. This is planned for August 5. Road Runner will also reissue Mother Earth by Within Temptation, which is also planned for August 5.

Warner Brothers plan to release We'll Live and Die in These Towns by The Enemy UK. This band is from Kenilworth, England, formed in 2006, and has released this debut in the UK about a year ago, a Number One album charter. As is usually par for Brit bands, they rock great. In the interest of spreading good music, I'm including a link to their MySpace page as well as their official site. The US debut of that successful album is pegged for August 5.

Curb Records will release What Am I Waiting For by Country musician Heidi Newfield. Here's a link to her great looking MySpace page. Heidi Newfield is currently on tour. Her album is scheduled for August 5.

New Door Records will release Venus in Overdrive by Rick Springfield (CD) on July 29.

There are a few vinyl LPs coming by the following artists: Cut Copy (In Ghost Colours - Modular Records); Exmortus (In Hatreds Flame - Punk Core, this title is also planned for CD release as well); Johnny Flynn (A Larum - Lost Highway); Neil Halsted (Oh! Mighty Engine - Universal Republic); The Presets (Apocalypso - Modular Records). All LPs have a street date of July 29.


Review - The Byrds - Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971 - CD
Bob Olsen returns with a review of Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971 featuring The Byrds. The album is released by Sundazed Records and is also available on LP. Bob gives this one a 5-star rating, one of his highest for The Byrds in a live setting. Given that, I'm surprised that this hasn't surfaced earlier. But, it's here now. Enjoy the review.

Vanilla Swingers - Band from London - For Your Approval

Vanilla Swingers is Anne Gilpin and Miles Jackson of the UK. They are currently readying an album that will be provided as a free download along with a short run of 1000 CDs that they'll obviously sell at shows. Bottom line? Check 'em out. They have something going there. Call 'em good "FM" stock, a little pop but not overly so. Hit their link to their website and the MySpace icon for their music. Their regular site has the lyrics, which you'll like. Their "Goodbye Lennon," which is the first start on MySpace, is fantastic. I have a link to a download of the song if you're interested, all legal. Just email. Their own site offers another download for free as well.


Lindsay Planer's As The Disc Spins - Reviews
Lindsay Planer has delivered the new As The Disc Spins for June 16. In this post, he reviews the Box set of US Singles Collection - The Capitol Years (1962-1965) for The Beach Boys, The Impulse! Album: Volume 2 for John Coltrane; and the Legacy collection for Willie Nelson called One Hell of a Ride.






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