June 09, 2008


In response to our request for you to tell us what you felt the peak of U2 was in album, you gave us plenty to think about in your emails. What I'll do to simplify this is to list the albums and the amount of responses (or votes) for each. They are:

  • War - 10
  • Boy - 4
  • October - 15
  • The Unforgettable Fire - 36
  • The Joshua Tree - 67
  • Achtung Baby - 28
  • Zooropa - 5
  • Pop - 2
  • How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - 21
  • All That You Can't Leave Behind - 16

Many of the emails went into serious discourse in their evaluation of U2's recording career. Many actually chose several albums as representative of the best of U2 (their peak). We even had people offer U2's worst and, surprisingly, Joshua Tree ended up in a few of those although Pop ruled in that regard. And I had one email ask a VERY legitimate question, which will lead to our next bit of fun (and I REALLY like this one). The respondent asked why many people had it in them to be able to criticize and easily choose U2's highs and lows but no one ever seems to pick on Bruce Springsteen. Therefore, we'll ask this interesting question next - Which is Springsteen's peak album? Mine was Darkness on the Edge of Town with a caveat. Had The River been a single LP, it would have qualified ("Drive All Night" is unreal...and REAL). I had trouble with Springsteen from that point forward although there are a few genuine songs on Born in the USA ("I'm on Fire," "Glory Days," "My Hometown"). Send us your essays (because that is what you have been sending me; why stop now?) and I'll report the results on Friday. Since we're at it, and a reader picked this choice, if you have one that you'd like to see the answer to, give me a suggestion. But I could see this for many bands. Maybe Led Zeppelin next...?

I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.

Still working on subtle site changes. We'll have this sucker fine-tuned before long. I know that some of you have written in with complaints and suggestions. I'm working on solutions for all of them - hopefully. Thanks for your patience on this. It would help if some of you could send in a screen shot to give me a visual perspective of what is going on.

We'll have some reviews for you later in the week..

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David Bowie - Live Santa Monica '72 - CD, 2LP

The upcoming live album from David Bowie of his 1972 show in Santa Monica showcases Bowie at one of his creative highlights. This glam period was a high point in Rock music for not only David bowie himself but for the fans as well. This show has been bootlegged quite frequently but now will get some lavish attention applied to it in the form of a standard CD release, or better as a Limited Edition CD with special packaging, and more photos from the show. For LP fans, this will also be released as a 2LP set with a pull out poster. The LPs will be of 180g-weight vinyl, and the sets will be numbered. Virgin Records, with Chrysalis Records will release this title on July 22.


Mutlu - Livin' It - CD debut

Manhattan Records have an interesting showcase title coming from singer-songwriter, Mutlu. His debut album is called Livin' It, which is scheduled to be released on July 22. Mutlu draws inspiration from such artists as Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Daryl Hall, which should give you an idea of the soul that resides on this album. The album also features duets with Amos Lee, G. Love, Daryl Hall, and Raheem DeVaughn. Check out his MySpace page.


Dirty Pretty Things - Romance at Short Notice - CD (UK)

The new Dirty Pretty Things is on schedule for the release of their next album, which will be called Romance at Short Notice. Planned for June 30 in the UK, this follow-up to their Waterloo to Anywhere, sounds like it will be a decent album and we're anxious to hear it. If you mosey on over to their site...or even to their MySpace site, you'll get a link to a free download of a song off the album called "Hippy's Son."

I find Dirty Pretty Things to be wonderfully punkish in the UK old-school vein. I'm a huge fan of the band including the originating Libertines and the fantastic off-shoot Babyshambles, (God help 'em). If you're skeptical, check 'em out. Be sure to listen to "Bang Bang, You're Dead" off of their Waterloo to Anywhere album heard on their MySpace page. Us poor US fans wil have to wait for a while until their album gets released. But I'll be sure to let you know.


The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord - CD

Tooth & Nail Records will release the new album by The Classic Crime, which is clear current pop/punk and not bad stuff either. Although a derivative "me too" band, I actually found some charm and goodness in their music as a quick trip to their MySpace page will reveal to you.




Blue Note Records goes through their vaults to bring back some jazz music that include the following titles: Fancy Dancer (Bobbi Humphrey); Set Us Free (Reuben Wilson); Heritage (Eddie Henderson); Elegant Soul, and Soul Symphony (The Three Sounds); and Howlin' for Judy (Jeremy Steig). These six reissues are scheduled for July 22.

BEC Recordings will draw from three Falling Up albums to deliver a 'best of' called Discover the Trees Again. This album will contain 15 tracks and be available from the label on July 22.

The cleverly self-titled album from Above the Golden State is the work of lads from Portland, OR...get the title?! You can sample the band from their MySpace page to see if you like what they have to offer. It is pop-punk, and not too bad at that. Their new album will be available on July 22.

Watch for a brand new album by Can founder, Irmin Schmidt, who along with producer Kumo (Jono Podmore), will release an experimental electronic album (what else?) called Axolotl Eyes. This album is scheduled for released on July 22 by Mute Records. As a bonus, this CD will come with a DVD of Flies, Guys, and Choirs (images with music for a 2001 production, delivered in 5.1 sound).

MusicTAP has been high on this band for quite some time now (as long-time readers will already know. On July 22, Mute Records will release the second full-length by ¡Forward Russia! called Life Processes. Their previous work, Give Me a Wall, sold a hefty batch of debut discs and enjoyed two UK singles that charted well ("Nine," "Twelve"). The new album is one that we're excited about 'round here. Life Processes is currently in release in the UK (lucky folks). Hit their MySpace page, which has two songs from their new album - both of which I already love ("Breaking Standing," "We Are Grey Matter"), and several other tracks.

Caroline Records will release a limited amount (5000 copies ONLY - strict) of a live CD for The 69 Eyes called Hollywood Kills. This album is from a 2006 live show at The Whiskey A Go-Go with 16 performance tracks and an introduction by Bam Margera. This is planned for July 22 - isn't everything else in this post?!

Remember that Caroline Records will import five Japanese-styled "mini-LP" titles from Japan for domestic sale of titles from Quicksilver Messenger Service. They are all scheduled for July 22 and will be : Quicksilver Messenger Service; Happy Trails; Shady Grove; Just For Love; and What About Me.

Caroline Records will also be releasing Penquin Café Orchestra titles in re-mastered form on July 22.

On July 15, Venom will release a newly recorded album called Hell.

Wake the Sleeper from Uriah Heep will be arriving as new music on July 29 in the US. Universal will release the album in CD and Limited Edition LP (which will be released in a gatefold cover). Sadly, we no longer have Gary Thain, or David Byron, both whom have died of abuses. Ken Hensley does other things and Lee Kerslake had to recently absent himself due to health issues. Remainly from the early days of Heep is Mick Box, and Trevor Bolder. I'm anxious to hear Wake the Sleeper. This title will release int he UK on June 10.

The Moody Blues will have a live CD called Live at the BBC: 1967-1970 out on August 5.

Look for 2CD Gold series issues for Michael Jackson, and for Jerry Lee Lewis, both planned for August 19.

Also watch for Definitive Collection series titles for the following artists: Diana Ross & the Supremes; The Four Tops; Gladys Knight & The Pips; Jr Walker & The All-Stars; DeBarge; Martha Reeves & The Vandellas; The Marvelettes; Mary Wells; Smokey Robinson & The Miracles; and The Temptations. All of these series titles are scheduled for August 26.


The Music - Strengths in Numbers - New UK Album Release

The Music, a favourite at TAP, will be releasing their third album in the UK on June 16. Hopefully, there will be a US release around the corner.


Review - Elvis Costello and The Imposters - Momofuku - CD
This latest from Elvis Costello and 3/4 of the original Attractions (now named The Imposters) is a monumental release that has to be hear dto be believed. I'm recommending the hell out of it, particularly if you have any love - any love at all - for early Elvis Costello. From what I understand, Momofuku is the creator of the ramen noodle. Here it is folks, the review of Momofuku from our boy, Elvis Costello.  






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