June 2, 2008


The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine addresses* something that the community at MusicTAP have been rolling around in our minds for quite some time now - the re-emergence of LPs as a younger audience begins to look for <gasp> better sound. And we thought that they were all content with the sound of a reduced and compressed MP3. It turns out that a small groundswell of LP purchasers is encouraging labels to look to the more expensive (and very un-GREEN) 12" vinyl to see if that will help a physical, sellable product to find an audience.

I don't think that LPs will make that great a resurgence but it is very evident that the driving force is the fact that a young audience is searching for better sound. And for that we can only say - FINALLY!!

*(Brown, David, “Vinyl Returns in the Age of MP3,” RS 1054, 12 June (08), pg 22).

Rolling Stone has also compiled a 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time list. And it isn't a bad one but like all list, they leave things out. Perhaps in a few days, after you have had some time to think about this , we can do our own list. We're certainly no strangers to this exercise.

As you have already noticed, our site looks quite different. It isn't a high-tech, lab-grown, reconstruct...but based on communication with many of you, that isn't really what you wanted. I noted the need to change our scope, broaden our horizons, and offer more than what we have. Our new front page will allow us to open the gates a bit and leave a sense of the same old site experience. Now is a chance for you to help shape this site into something that you'll find useful. The above menu has a Contact Us that, once clicked, immediately launches your email program. As the weeks roll by, leave us any suggestions that can make this site even better. If it is something that I can do within reason, we'll implement it.

Please be patient as we go a, hopefully, short adjustment period.

We have a review for you but located in the areas below. Also, watch for smaller, paragraphed-sized reviews that exists only within the front pages but will be archived and indexed.

We have had an amazing outpour of email concerning the Amy Macdonald song that we streamed for you. It's an amazing song, so much so that Mrs TAP has heard it no less than 100 times in the span of a few days. It IS that good. As long as the stream is active, we'll keep it on the site.

We'll see you on Wednesday.




Robin Trower - Day of the Eagle: The Best of Robin Trower - CD  
Capitol Records will mark the 35th Anniversary of Robin Trower's solo career with the release of this 17 track collection. This compilation will cover Robin Trower's most successful periods that were from 1793-1980. As usual with compilation albums, there are almost always some of the hits in a live setting. In this album's case, there is "Too Rolling Stoned," and "Alethea" as live tracks that replace the studio versions. This set is expected on July 8.  

Jethro Tull - The Best of Jethro Tull: Anniversary Collection - CD  
Jethro Tull is celebrating 40 years as a band. Wow!! This set is a 2CD collection that delivers 36 tracks. It is on the schedule for July 8.  

UFO - Expanded Reissues of Lights Out / Obsession / Strangers in the Night (Live) - CD  

Caroline Records has the calendar pretty full with a batch of music. One of the important releases are continuing expanded and remastered reissues of UFO titles. On July 8, Caroline will re-release the UFO live album, Strangers in the Night (1979) with additional tracks ("Hot 'n Ready," "Cherry"). The two final Schenker albums are Lights Out (1977) and Obsession (1978). On these re-mastered sets, Lights Out is expanded with four live cuts from The Roundhouse in the UK during 1976 ("Lights Out," "Gettin' Ready," "Love to Love," "Try Me"), and Obsession (Schenker's last affiliation with the band) is expanded with three live cuts from 1978 ("Hot 'n Ready," "Pack It Up (And Go)," "Ain't No Baby"). These classic UFO albums are on the calendar for July 8.


  David Bowie - Live in Santa Monica '72 - CD and LP  
  Just a note to let you know that this title, originally scheduled for CD is now going to make a limited appearance as a 2LP set. I think that there are only 250 copies being pressed but I have seen numbers indicating just under 500. Bottom line? If you want a copy, don't wait until it becomes a premium price. I accidentally came upon a King Crimson DVD on the internet and found it to be currently selling at almost $60 per copy. It's an example of this "let's wait and pick it up later" that ends up yanking it from your grasp. In any case, this title (Live in Santa Monica '72) will be available on July 8.  


Angel Records is planning a new Sarah Brightman disc for the Fall....If you're waiting for the upcoming imported Brian Eno Japanese-styled Mini-LP CDs, note that the remasters are from 2005.

The upcoming Box set for Yaz (Yazoo in UK) is expected on July 8 and will be quite a catch for fans. The Box will contain Yaz's only two studio albums (Upstairs at Eric's - 1982, You and Me Both - 1983) in newly remastered form AND as 5.1 mixes. There is also a third CD with unreleased demos, some B-Side, re-mixes, and extended versions of songs. The fourth disc is a DVD with a film of new interviews with Moyet and Clarke, six promo videos, and nine TV clips, mostly from Top of the Pops. This set is called In Your Room and is scheduled for release on July 8.

Also make note that the upcoming Vinyl LP for The Stranglers of The Raven is limited to only 250 copies. If you want this one, do not let it pass by you. This classic album from the highly underrated band is a Limited Edition Picture Disc that will be reissued on July 8.


Amy Macdonald - Mr Rock & Roll - MP3 Stream and YouTube video  

Amy Macdonald has made quite a splash 'round here. We've had more email on this girl and her song, that many have already purchased her album because, well...it's quite good. I don't know how long the stream link will be around but the YouTube video should remain.

Amy Macdonald - "Mr Rock & Roll"



Review - Musician - a film by Daniel Kraus - DVD  
Today, we have reviewed a fantastic film on DVD called Musician. Musician is a look at the hardships of a dedicated Jazz musician as he writes music, performs, records, etc. If you're a musician and have never felt the pressures that many before have felt, this film is definitley for you. Unless you go in with this level of commitment, you can never be what you dream.  






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