July 28, 2008


The Beatles' Best broke our records for incoming voting emails. Not that I'm surprised, I just didn't expect the response that we actually received (319 emails). There was a winner - one that edged out a title that led all week in a surge of votes. But we'll get to those in just a few lines. I hope that you all had a nice few days. Aside from a nice B-Day Happy Hour planned for Daughter TAP, her 28th...it was FINALLY a quiet weekend. And I got way too lazy, opting to just hang out. But it was fun and now we're back. In addition to the Beatles poll, we have a few releases for you to get through before we call it a day and get back to our short-term lazing.

And now, for the Beatles Poll:

  • Abbey Road (77) - Revolver had this position down pat but a surge of emails pushed Revolver to second place...by 4 email votes. But c'mon! Classics like "Come Together," "Something," "Here Comes the Sun," "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window," Maxwell's Silver Hammer" AND the fact that it was The Beatles final 'real' album. And chock full of 'Paul is Dead' rumours STILL... Abbye Road was tough to beat but then so are most of their albums.
  • Revolver (73) - I don't think this is too much a surprise to many Beatles fans. I STILL thought that the more heralded ones like Sgt Pepper's, or Abbey Road would take the top honours. I was wrong. Released just prior to Sgt Pepper's, Revolver helped to begin the trip down the musical path that The Beatles would pursue for many albums. Following Rubber Soul, Revolver unleashed songs like "Taxman," "Eleanor Rigby," "Got to Get You Into My Life," and other gems like "Good Day Sunshine," and Here, There and Everywhere."
  • Rubber Soul (47) - Not a bad showing for the album that starts off these "new" Beatles. With a psychedelic cover, "Norwegian Wood," "Drive My Car," "Nowhere Man," "Michelle," "In My Life," and a whole lotta love from fans, this is a great Beatles choice.
  • The Beatles (White Album) (34) - This album was an interesting one amongst respondents. Many of you said that this would be the easy choice had it been pared to a single LP rather than the double that it was. I can agree even though there are many fantastic songs on it. Songs like "Happiness is a Warm Gun," "Helter Skelter," "Dear Prudence," "Back in the USSR," "Sexy Sadie," "Revolution 9," "Ob La Di, Ob La Da," "While my Guitar Gently Weeps," "Blackbird," it just goes on. Regardless, this album is the fourth revered album in the catalogue of the Fab Four.
  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (29) - There were a few who loves this album but not enough to propel it higher than what we have already. I figured that this one would be higher than it ended up. A few Beatles fans called this album overrated. Still, it generated classics like the title song, "With a Little Help From My Friends," "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Getting Better," "Within You Without You," "When I'm Sixty-Four," "Lovely Rita," "A Day in the Life." Recount anyone?
  • Magical Mystery Tour (23) - This is almost a Greatest Hits album with its deep selection of singles and album cuts. It was also my choice of album, although, as many of you bitterly complained (even as you typed off your favourites AND the reasons WHY), there are so many excellent Beatles albums to choose from. This one shined with tracks like "Magical Mystery Tour," "Penny Lane," "The Fool on the Hill," "Your Mother Should Know," "I Am the Walrus," "Hello Goodbye," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Baby You're a Rich Man," "All You Need is Love," and yes, there's more. Did I almost say the entire album? Yep...greatness in those tracks. Goo Goo Goo Joob!
  • Let It Be (12) - Recorded before Abbey Road and released after Abbey Road, still...this album packed some wallop. How could it not? It has songs like "Two of Us," the excellent "Across the Universe" (Fiona, your version ROCKS!!), "Let it Be," "The Long and Winding Road," and "Get Back." So, it's no surprise to me that this album ranks up there.
  • Help! (6) - Earlier Beatles finally shows up althugh they're barely recognized. And I don't really kno how to answer any of that. With a rich early history, The Beatles helped kick off Rock 'n' Roll with a bunch of singles, some that lives in this album. There is the title track, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," "You're Gonna Lose That Girl," "Ticket to Ride," and "Yesterday."
  • A Hard Day's Night (5) - Another one of those early albums. Great tracks like the title cut, "Can't Buy Me Love," "I Should Have Known Better."
  • Beatles For Sale (4) - Some excellent music in this album full of choice songs. There are "Rock & Roll Music," "I'll Follow the Sun," "Eight Days a Week," and "I'm a Loser." Not bad...not bad at all.
  • Hey Jude (2) - What a collection of songs and new stuff. Not only does it house the great "Hey Jude," but song for song, it has plenty of great memories within the sleeves. Excellent cover to boot!
  • With the Beatles (1) - Nice album with songs like "All My Loving," "Don't Bother Me," and "Roll Over Beethoven."
  • Beatles VI (1) - Not exactly a Beatles album per se, more like cut 'n' paste piece. But someone liked it and voted for it...so here it is.
  • Beatles '65 (1) - Essentially filled with music from a previous album, this was basically a single...with lots of extra cuts.
  • The Beatles Second Album (1) - A Collection of sorts.
  • Please, Please Me (1) - The Beatles' debut and all it got was this placement. This should have placed higher than this with songs like "I Saw Her Standing There," "Please Please Me," "Do You Want to Know a Secret," and the raucous, 'shake it up, baby' track, "Twist and Shout."
  • Meet the Beatles (1) - This late arrival put this on the board. At least it's on the board as some did not make it.
  • Love (1) - Technically, not a Beatles album. More like a...spumoni smoothie. I called it an aberration. Others loved it. But since the Beatles clan authorized this, and fans by and large accept it (and I don't know why), I went with it.

This concludes the Poll, which neglected a few early Beatles albums. But the ensuing results give a nice overall view of the potential top Beatles effort. Although Revolver and Abbey Road were in a dead heat, with only four votes to separate them, I'm wondering which of the two would actually win out the BIG million-vote honour.

Thanks to EVERYONE who submiited a choice with your excellent commentary. Not only are you learned fans (proven to me time and again), you're TRUE music fans! I'm happy to be associated with you even as I stand in your shadows.

No reviews today but we will have some for you on Wednesday. Then, we'll supply your feeding tube with a review of the EXCELLENT We'll Live and Die in These Towns from The Enemy UK. And maybe another.

See you Wednesday!!

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Island Records wil release Not Only...But Also from The 88. They are excellent LA Pop/Rock that may be your kind of music. I'm providing a link to their MySpace page so that you can sample their music. In any case, Not Only...But Also is scheduled for October 28.

Interscope Records will release the next TV on the Radio album on September 23. The new album is called Dear Science, which follows two well-received efforts (Desperate Youth..., Return to Cookie Mountain).

Jagjaguwar Records have signed and will release the self-titled debut from the Calgary band, Women. Women is planned for release on October 7. You can hear them at their MySpace page but I'm also providing you with MP3 links that sound much better than their MySpace cousins. Enjoy them; I do! <"Black Rice"> <"Group Transport Hall">.

Decca US will reissue Hey Ma from James on both CD and LP. In addition, the album will get a DD release. These are being planned for September 16.

Fantasy Records has pencilled in a Jazz title from Bill Evans called Sunday at The Village Vanguard. It is scheduled for issue on September 16.

Bing Crosby fans who just can't get or have enough Crosby collections, Varese Sarabande is releasing Crosby Classics on September 16.

Eagle Rock Entertainment plans Absolutely Live from George Benson, scheduling the album for September 16.

Eagle Rock will release a DVD for Joe Cocker on September 16 called Cry Me a River.

Deutsche Grammophon will release Songs From the Labyrinth by Sting in two formats, CD and DD on September 16.

ECM Records will release Appearing Nightly by the Carla Bley Big Band on September 9. This will release in both CD and DD.

Hip-O Select plan to release Fill Your Head: The Studio Albums (1969-1974) for Rare Earth on September 9.

Experience Hendrix will be issued by the Experience Hendrix label. They will issue the Jimi Hendrix title on August 26.

Abkco Records will re-release DD Greatest Hits sets for both The Animals (The Best of The Animals) and Herman's Hermits (Their Greatest Hits). Not too many years ago, the label collected hits and released them as SACDs. Those are preferential if you have a player. In any case, the album collections will be re-released on August 19 as Digital Downloads.



Review - Foreigner - No End in Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner - CD

Foreigner were one of a few bands that ruled the roost back in the late '70s and onward. This hits album, while one of many, does an admirable job for people who have no Foreigner 'best of' collection. No End in Sight fill sthe bill well with less an emphasis on the various facets of the band and more an emphasis on the hits and deep album cuts. And the songs have been re-mastered. Ohh, and a new song.



Review - Hold Steady - Stay Positive - CD

The Hold Steady has been doing this for a while having produced three previous excellent albums. With Stay Positive, they seem poised to extend their fandom by quite a bit with an album of classic American style Rock 'n' Roll.


Band - Paper Route - Nashville, TN

With an enjoyable blend of electronica and rock, this find of an interesting band is worth the click -thru to hear some of their music. The band has released a EP CD of 5 songs that I've enjoyed and so I'm passing this along to you. The band's name is Paper Route and their new EP is called Are We All Forgotten.







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