July 21, 2008


The Beatles are always big news. This new "battle of the albums" poll is no different. On the first day that we posted the request for the best album of The Beatles career, we received 50+. I expect over 300 in this one as we generally leave them up over the following week. Monday, July 28 will be the results post and then we'll introduce a new poll. In fact I already have the next chosen. Keep them coming for The Beatles (see below).

We have received a lot of ideas for our band polls. But the one that we have received the most of is one that I fear the most. It will be decisive, no doubt. We're going to do The Beatles. And so now, your job is to let me know whcih is the best Beatles album - or your favourite...whichever gets the job done. Tell me here.

We have a new band of interest for you called The Cave Singers, who have an album available from Matador Records. Check the areas below for the link-up to their MySpace page and dig on their alterna-folk takes on late '70s Fleetwood Mac. A very good band that shouldn't be passed by. On Wednesday, I'll have another interesting band for you, this time from NYC. If you have a found band that should be heard by everyone, send me a note.

We'll see you again on Wednesday.

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Stax Records will release Moon Ride by Leon Ware on August 12.  Moon Ride was his debut release that appeared originally in .

The Airborne Toxic Event, whose first album on CD will arrive from Shout! Factory on August 5, will get their album released on vinyl LP scheduled for September 9.

ECM Records will release DD and CD versions of Sargasso Sea from Abercrombie/Towner, scheduling the music to be released on August 26ECM will also release a self-titled album for Bass Desires, and Lookout for Hope from Bill Frisell, in DD and CD with the same release date presented for the previous title.

With the recently released 2CD Anthology project from Return to Forever, ECM Records is planning to release DD and CD versions of Trio Music – Live in Europe from Chick Corea.  It is planned for August 26.

CIA Records plans to release a Pop title from Beats Antique called Collide making the album available on August 26.

Verve Records will release a Blues Traveler album called North Hollywood Shootout, planning the album’s release for August 26.

Universal Motown will release Legacy, a Greatest Hits collection, for Boys II Men on August 26.  Also, A&M will be re-releasing the ‘best of’ collection for Bryan Adams called The Best of Me, also on August 26Motown will release Gold for The Commodores, same date.  Motown also plans to release The Definitive Collection for Lionel Richie, same date again.

There are more ‘best of’ compilations coming for August 26.  From Mercury Records, you can expect Vault for Def Leppard (1995).  Polydor Records will release Cream of Clapton (1995) for Eric Clapton and will release 20 All Time Greatest for James BrownHip-O Records have Gold for Jerry Lee Lewis planned as a CD release.

Geffen Records plans a CD re-release of Hell Freezes Over, scheduling the Eagles disc for August 26.

Geffen Records will also reissue At Last! (1961) for Etta James, planning the album for release on September 9.

A&M Records/Octone Records will join forces to release PA and Edited versions of Swan Songs from Rock artists, Hollywood UndeadSwan Songs is on schedule to be released August 26.

Varese Sarabande plan to release Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty from Jefferson Starship on September 2.

A&M Records will re-release A-Sides (1997) from Soundgarden on August 26, while reissuing Badmotorfinger (1991) on September 9.

Geffen Records will re-release The Definitive Collection (2007) for Steely Dan, and Gold for Tesla, both on August 26A&M Records will release Greatest Hits for Styx on the same date, and Mercury Nashville will release Greatest Hits, Vol 1 from Toby Keith, also on August 26Polydor will re-release Still on Top – The Greatest Hits for Van Morrison…yes, on August 26.   

Geffen Records have two reissues coming for Jimmy Buffett on two separate dates.  On August 26, they will release Songs You Know by Heart (1985) and on September 9, they will re-release Feeding Frenzy (1990).

Universal Records will reissue Forever My Lady (1991) from Jodeci on September 9.

Fantasy Records will release Pebble to a Pearl from Nikki Costa, scheduling for September 23.

Polydor will reissue Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) on September 9, a classic title from Velvet Underground.

MCA Nashville has Souvenirs coming around again for Vince Gill, and Hip-O Records has Songs reappearing for Willie Nelson, both planned for August 26.


Review - Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard - The Dark Knight OMPS - CD

Every one in the world is waiting for the release of this movie, which is expected to break all of any standing records. Bill Hunt has already scored a sitting last Tuesday and he is overwhelmed by the greatness of it. The IMAX nearest us is running this film around the clock...that's right, AROUND THE CLOCK. I've scored tix for 6:15a along with Bill and my nephew. AND then, another viewing in the afternoon with my son. This score for The Dark Knight is created by returning composer, Hans Zimmer, who had done Batman Begins. He is joined on this outing by James Newton Howard.



Review - Bigelf - Cheat the Gallows - CD
We - and a whole lot of others - have been anxiously awaiting this new album by retro-rockers, Bigelf. The album, Cheat the Gallows, is the follow-up to last effort, Hex. And it is good, maybe even better than that. In any case, it is slated for August 12 but we thought that we'd whet your appetite for it by posting an early review.  

Band - The Cave Singers - Seattle, WA

I stumbled on this band on a click-thru fest from the Black Mountain MySpace page. It didn't take long before I was extremely hooked by their folky with a twist of Iron & Wine taste. Loved all of their songs on the page. Just another good one to pass along to you good folks. Their "Dancing On Our Graves" have a Buckingham/Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac sound that is captivating.







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