July 14, 2008


It's been quite a weekend 'round here. First off, the Orange County Fair has kicked off. My wife is a huge fan of the fair and well, you already know where most if this guy spent his time. And not that I mind. At my age, it is good to see a lot of people enjoying themselves despite the current conditions. It's just a pleasant atmosphere. The fact that it exists so close to me is a plus of sorts. I may get all this additional traffic but I also get a glimpse of a place where there is a lot of good times being had. I attempted to get tot he BB King show but didn't make that. I did manage to put this site together though and it's a full plate. I have a few reviews for you (see below). I also have the Rolling Stones results. What a ride that one was. We received more than 200 emails (229). Tallies were compiled from emails up to the last one received at the end of Sunday. Your vote is here. I think that you'll find the results interesting. It might even spur you to check some titles that you may have otherwise not paid too much attention to. Here they are:

  • Let It Bleed - 51 - This was a clear runaway vote getter. With songs like "Gimme Shelter," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and "Midnight Rambler," it is easy to see why. These votes were very determined votes used with words like "absolutely," "without question," and "no question." OK, OK...this is the one!!
  • Exile on Main Street - 49 - Personally, I'd would have thought this a runaway for all its fantastic tunes (I LOVE "Tumbling Dice"). AND two LPs full of them. It scored well at second, however.
  • Sticky Fingers - 41 - Interactive Warhol cover, "Brown Sugar, " "Wild Horses," and a list of fantastic tunes. Scored well.
  • Beggar's Banquet - 40 - Edgy cover for late '60s with even edgier songs like "Sympathy for the Devil," and "Street Fightin' Man" makes for a great selection.
  • Tattoo You - 25 - large drop off at this point BUT I'm so glad to see this represented because it is an underrated album. I LOVE "Waiting on a Friend" with its Sonny Rollins sax (that STILL resonates in my mind and heart, may, many years after it. I still watch this video with regularity on YouTube. Oh, and there's "Start Me Up, "Little T&A," "Hang Fire," too.
  • Goat's Head Soup - 13 - So many defining classics on this. Who doesn't love "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)," "Dancing with Mr D," "Silver Train" (hear Johnny Winter's version of this), "Star Star," "Angie." That many great songs? It's like love all over again.
  • Aftermath - 11 - "Paint It Black," "Under my Thumb," "and more goodies...need I say more?
  • Some Girls - 9 - Tons of memorable songs and esconced in the middle of their career, it's easy to see why this would show up as one of their best.
  • It's Only Rock and Roll - 4 - Great psychedelic cover, superb songs, especially the title cut AND a fantastic cover of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Ahhh, memories!!
  • Between the Buttons (UK) - 3 - I'm actually surprised to see this with just 3 votes. Wonderful album.
  • Their Satanic Majesties Request - 3 - Stones' answer to the Beatles' Sgt Pepper. I loved "She's a Rainbow" from this album but there are lots to love here.
  • Bigger Bang - 3 - Good Stones album but I still wonder how it got past all of the earlier ones not mentioned here.
  • Emotional Rescue - 3 - Some liked this album; others didn't. Still...it had the title cut and "She's So Cold." And it HAD to follow Some Girls.
  • December's Children - 2 - "Get Off of My Cloud." Yep...good album.
  • Rolling Stones Now - 2 - Gritty...and it hs a great cover of "Little Red Rooster."
  • Black and Blue - 2 - Ok, not the greatest Stones effort...but it was a lineup transitional album and it IS vastly underrated. I mean - c'mon - "Hot Stuff," "Fool to Cry," "Memory Motel." Oh, let's not forget "Crazy Mama" with that great guitar at the end of it. Vastly underrated!
  • Get You Ya-Yas Out! - 2 - Ok, not an original studio. But oh, what a great live album. One of the best ever!!
  • Voodoo Lounge - 2 - Some of you like this one. It's not a bad one in my mind...but...
  • Bridges to Babylon - 1 - See above. (Voodoo Lounge entry).
  • Steel Wheels - 1 - See above.
  • Undercover - 1- See above.
  • Dirty Work - 1- Another underrated album. I love "Harlem Shuffle" even if you don't.

All in all, this serves to remind us that The Rolling Stones is a great band with a wealth of tunes in their catalogue. I felt bad for the albums that didn't get at least one like 12x5, and Flowers (with SO many great songs on it), and even Out of Our Heads with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" on it. Thanks to ALL of you who responded to this. It is so much fun to do. Now...who do do next?

We've two more reviews to fling your way. They include the new Jakob Dylan solo debut called Seeing Things. We also reviewed the John Bayless album, Circle of Life, sub-titled The Music of Elton John in the Style of Bach. Interesting experiment with not so interesting results.

We'll see you on Wednesday.

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The L Word actress and previous Murmurs band member, Leisha Hailey, and former Mellowdrone bassist, Camila Grey join together to release Common Reaction, an eleven-song album following their EP (I See Red).  Their band is named Uh Huh Her.  The new album is slated for release on August 19 from Nettwerk Records.

Raine Maida from the Canadian Rock ensemble, Our Lady Peace, has created a solo work called The Hunters Lullaby, which is planned for an August 26 release by Nettwerk Records.  The album is acoustic  and includes assistance by his wife, and other close musical friends.  The album’s contents are largely delivered like the old Beat poets of the ‘60s.  This should be interesting.

Shout! Factory issues a reminder that the latest album from Matthew Sweet will be released on August 26 called Sunshine Lies.  This album features help from Rock luminaries like Richard Lloyd (Television), Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids); Greg Leisz (Beck); Ric Menck (Velvet Crush); along with a guest vocal by Susanna Hoffs.

Also, don’t forget that Shout! Factory will be releasing a set of previously unreleased live performances from Three Dog Night from their successful ‘72/’73 tour.  The album contains 12 well-known songs from “Joy to the World,” to “Never Been to Spain,” to “Liar.”  You know them all.  That set is expected on August 26 and is called Greatest Hits Live.

Wind-up Records will release a Developing Artist debut, self-titled album from Thriving Ivory, who is bringing up emotional comparisons to U2 and Coldplay, especially with their recently released single, “Angels on the Moon.”  You can check them out for yourself at their MySpace page.   This album is scheduled for August 26.

RCA has scheduled a Country album for Canadian singer, Crystal Shawanda.  The album is called Dawn of a New Day, and can be heard – in part – at her MySpace page.  Her new album arrives on August 26.

If you were waiting for the 3CD Limited Edition Collector’s Tin from Curb Records for Sawyer Brown, scratch it off your list as it has been cancelled.

Nonesuch Records will release Isabel Bayrakdarian Sings Gomidas on August 26Bayrakdarian is a Canadian-based soprano who is singing liturgies, hymns, lullabies, and songs from 19th century Armenian composer, Gomidas Vardabet.  She will support this album with a small string of nine dates in October or 2008.

Warner Classics and Jazz will release a new Chanticleer title called Mission Road in a CD with an included 34-minute bonus DVD (Mission Road – Our Journey Back).  The music celebrates the sound of the West Coast of California from 200 years ago with processional pieces from the Mission.  This is scheduled for release on August 26.

Word Entertainment and Slanted Records will release a CMG album from DecembeRadio called Satisfied at a great price of $9.99.  This album is slated for release on August 26.

From their inclusion on Guitar Hero III, Dragonforce has found new life with an interested and growing fanbase.  As a result, their last studio album, Inhuman Rampage, has sold over 300,000 units.  There is a Guitar Hero III expansion pack expected on August 26 that will include the band’s first single from their new album, Ultra BeatdownUltra Beatdown is planned for release on August 26 by Road Runner Records in both standard CD and a Special Edition CD/DVD that includes three bonus tracks and more film.  Check them out at MySpace.

Flashback Records will re-release barebones classic CDs for Bad Company (Burnin’ Sky); Blues Brothers (Briefcase Full of Blues); Alice Cooper (Goes to Hell); Deep Purple (Fireball); The Doobie Brothers (Takin’ It to The Streets); Steve Martin (Comedy is Not Pretty); Don Rickles (Hello Dummy!); Linda Ronstadt (Dedicated to the One I Love); Seals and Croft (Summer Breeze); and Various Artists (Halloween Party Hits).  All titles are scheduled for August 26 and all will price-point at $5.99.

Rhino’s Greatest Hits series will release several band ‘best of’ packages for Erasure (The Very Best of Erasure); Tommy James and the Shondells (The Essentials); New Order (The Best of New Order); and Ratt (The Essentials).  All titles will re-enter the market on August 26.

Finally, the wonderfully re-mastered (Hey Jimmy…re-master ALL of the band’s catalogue) Mothership cache of songs for Led Zeppelin will emerge in LP form over 4, 180-gram vinyl LPs.  This is planned for August 26 from Atlantic Records.  As a note, the CD version of Mothership has scanned over 3 Million units.   

Slipknot will release their next album, All Hope is Gone, on August 26 from Road Runner Records.  The album will be released as a standard CD and a CD/DVD Special Edition with 3 bonus tracks and a ‘Making of’ DVD.

Road Runner will revitalize some of their titles with the introduction of Vinyl LP for Slipknot (Vol 3: The Subliminal Voices); Dream Theater (Systematic Chaos); and Machine Head (The Blackening).  All sets are 2LPs and will price around $25.00 with the Dream Theater LP going for $30.

Love & Life from Eric Benet will be released on September 2 from Reprise Records, having been bumped from an earlier date.


Review - Jakob Dylan - seeing things - CD

Being the son of one of the world's greatest poet musician can never be easy. That's espeically true when your name is Dylan. The name carries a high expectation and we had to dial back to zero in order to give young Dylan a fair shake. Seeing Things is the first solo work from Jakob Dylan.



Review - John Bayless - Circle of Life - The Music of Elton John in the Style of Bach - CD
This might have been a little too much of an undertaking for John Bayless, whose latest album (Circle of Life) has attempted to marry Elton John and Bach. He may have pleased himself but I'm not sure he succeeded for the rest of us.  






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