July 09, 2008


Several Sundays ago, I attended an Orange County (CA) Record show located at a Union Hall in Buena Park with Bob Olsen.  In my attempt to regain a footing in LPs, lost so many years ago in a move from IL to CA, I have begun to pick up LPs here and there.  I thought a trip to a Record show like this would help it even further.  What I discovered went beyond the casual visit.

I recently read an article written by an ex-music store owner, who missed the thrill of being everything to his customers.  But because of the changing times, the store failed leaving the writer unemployed and without a certain future, only a missed past.  One of the things that he missed was the ability to communicate with folks who stopped by.  Some asked for musical advice, some asked for a “fill in the blanks” request for a song heard, while others just enjoyed the atmosphere.  I empathize with this as this is an atmosphere that I greatly missed not only from my “corner” shop but also from the myriad of other stores that I visited.

Walking up to the first vendor, whose stock contained a large helping of progressive music, I engaged the man behind the table in a conversation about the musical perfection of Departures From the Northern Wastelands by German synth composer, Michael Hoenig.  We discussed things until we decided that another band should be discussed and we went down those roads.  I left him with some thoughts to ponder just as he left me with some.

I then moved onto other tables where I found – and purchased – a growing batch of LPs, replacements of titles that I had long ago moved away from.  And I picked up more than a few.  A red vinyl pressing of Bloodshot (J Geils Band), a subsequent pressing of School’s Out by Alice Cooper, a copy of that Michael Hoenig disc that one, poor mistrusting potential buyer passed up on, and more.  I learned to pay closer attention to the LPs that I purchased.  Had I been more vigilant, I would have not purchased the copy of School’s Out that I did as I got one with a standard jacket.  The one that I wanted was a die-cut, lift-up desk with the vinyl protected by a plastic sleeve and held in place by pink, paper panties.  I realize that the pink paper panties wrapper might be a hard find but the die-cut jacket should be a must pick-up.  And I blew that.  Even the label was different.  It should have been a solid olive-green label with the WB logo and it is something that I don’t even remember.  Oh well…live and learn, right?  But I plan to attend another show, this time wiser and more diligent.  And with more cash.

It was great fun to thumb through those albums again.

Continue to send in your favourite Rolling Stones album selections. I'm getting a lot of these.

I've come up with a few reviews that includes Sax For Stax by Gerald Albright, as well as the 30th Anniversary 2CD/1DVD Limited Edition Box for The Stranger by Billy Joel.

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Earth, Wind, & Fire will have a DVD video released by Eagle Rock Entertainment on August 26.  The DVD is to be titled Live in Japan.

Justice Records will release the self-titled debut from Electric Touch on August 26.

Projekt Records have a few titles expected soon.  While ALL of these titles are currently available by direct ordering from the label, the street dates indicate the available purchase point dates that you can walk into a store to acquire.  They are [A Lantern Carried in Blood and Skin] from Lux Interna; and Different Shade of Beauty coming from Tearwave, both streeting on July 29. Projekt will reissue a Collector's Edition of Empetus (1986) by Steve Roach, and finally, Anthology Archive for Revue Noir, scheduled for August 26. Soon, there will be releases for Katzenjammer Kabarett (Sept) and Thanatos (TBA).

In De Goot Recordings will release a Rock title called The Silver Lining from Earshot.  It is on the calendar for August 26.

Ipecac Records will release a DVD video for Fantomas / Melvins Big Band called Live From London 2006.  It is slated for August 26.

Telarc Records will release a Jazz title for George Duke called Dukey Treats.  The album is expected on August 26Telarc will also release Vinho Do Porto by The Portinho Trio on the same date.

Eagle Rock will release a Poison disc called Seven Days Live, expecting the CD to arrive on August 26.

Fontana International will release a Metal title from Rotten Sounds called Cycles.  The album is scheduled for August 26.

Varese Sarabande will release 20 Classic Songs from Tommy Overstreet slating the album for August 26 (yes, just like all of the others).

VP Records have marked down August 26 as the date for Midnight Blue, a Jazz title from Tony Greene.


Review - Gerald Albright - Sax For Stax - CD

There plenty to like in this new Jazz album from ex-Atlantic recording artist, Gerald Albright, who releases an album in tribute to the Stax R&B sound. There are covers that range from The Staples Singers ("Respect Yourself") to Isaac Hayes/The Jackson Five ("Never Can Say Goodbye") to a few originals to round things out. Sax For Stax is a fine album to enjoy time by.



Review - Billy Joel - The Stranger - Limited Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Box
Billy Joel hit paydirt with his 4th studio album that yielded 4 hit singles, all in the Top Thirty with one of them a Number One single. The album itself went on to sell multiple millions and well...the rest is history, the kind that you will hold in your hand with the just released 2CD Legacy Edition, the 2CD/1DVD Limited Deluxe Edition Box, and the LP set. The Stranger is a five-star album, folks.  






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