July 07, 2008


I hope that everyone's week was great. Mine sure was. The bad news is that the labels took some time off as well and left us with precious little to give to you. But there are a few pieces that we'll put down. Also, I've kept all of my musical thoughts to a minimum and so that means no mental splashback from this troubled mind. But it is funny, I think at some point that I'm par for the course as it goes for someone my age concerning music. I often think to just fill in the missing pages where my musical education floundered. Add to the ones that I haven't yet acquired. And a few more items. And then, at other times, I keep thinking to keep adding on a yearly basis - always hunting for other music and then I begin to think that it is too forced. Ahhh, not going to run that stuff through my mind too much for now.

On next post (even though I promised this on this post), I'll talk about my fun on a record LP hunitng expedition a week ago.

Last week, we asked for magazines that fed your musical education and we only got four emails. Easy to tally - Creem got one. Kerrang got one. Trouser Press got one. And Circus got one. That leaves us in the dark as to which one might have been a crowd favourite. As for the "enthralling song" request, that was even easier. We received none. And so the tally is...None! I guess we should go back to the things that really matter. Ok then. This time up, let's use The Rolling Stones, which should do some nice business. Let us know your favourite Stones album. We'll post on Monday.

I'm going to step outside the music realm for a bit here to talk about books...or more specifically, an author. Like Oprah, I feel a need to let you in on an author that is not to be missed. Of course, that assumes you like to read...and if you do, you need a tolerance level to aborb his fables. But if you're that kind of reader, then you should check out Kevin Brockmeier's work. I first came in on an interest with his last novel, A Brief History of the Dead, a fascinating and surprise twist that is very satisfying, emotionally and philosophically. The book that I'm reading by him now is a colleciton of short stories called A View of the Seventh Layer. In it are many near-perfect tales and fables that take an emotion and craft fantastic stories out of them. Not much more to say other than I'm calling Brockmeier one of the more important authors of our time. You won't make films (I don't think) out of his stories but you personally will have them live on in your mind for quite some time. Quite some time.

I've snuck in a review of the recently released Saints of Los Angeles from Motley Crue, an album that I I think that you'll like.

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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Time/Life has a DVD coming for The Best of Season Three from The Smothers Brothers Hour. It is planned for September 16. There was a Rock atmosphere about these shows and so we're excited to catch these.

Time/Life will also be releasing Little Wild One from Joan Osbourne, which is expected on September 9. More the closer we get.

Rhino Records will release a CD/DVD Collector's Edition of Eliminator from ZZ Top with a planned date of August 26.

As previously announced before, Shout! Factory will release a combined 2CD collection of songs from Mott the Hoople and Ian Hunter solo years. Disc one will revisit Mott the Hoople with 16 choice tracks ending with "Saturday Gigs." The second disc explores the fruitiful solo years of Ian Hunter with 16 tracks that end with music from Hunter's last solo album, Shrunken Heads. Old Records Never Die: The Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter Anthology will be released on August 26.

Curb Records will release a batch of Limited Edition 3CD Tins for the following artists: Wynonna; Tim McGraw (#2); VA (The Spirit of Christmas); Merle Haggard; Natalie Grant; VA (Christmas: The All-Time Greatest Records); The Four Seasons; Hank Williams III; and Donnie and Marie Osmond. These tins are beibg released on August 19.

Caroline Records have an LP and CD planned for release on July 22 from Broken Social Scene called Something for All of Us.

Caroline Records also have Japanese-styled collectible mini-LP CDs coming for UFO. The titles include Force It; Lights Out; No Heavy Petting; Obsession; Phenomenon; Strangers in the Night. All of these are planned for August 19.

Caroline has other collectible mini-LP CDs coming for Magazine (The Correct Use of Soap; Magic, Murder, and The Weather; Real Life; Second Hand Daylight).

For those who need another fix of Taylor Hicks, you can pencil that in for August 19. Early Works is on the calendar should you want further proof that Hicks was the best choice available.

Caroline Records have Bjork titles coming on LP. Planned for this are Debut (2LP); Drawing Restraint (2LP); Homogenic (2LP); Post (2LP); Selma Songs; Vespertine (2LP); Volta (2LP); Gling Glo (2LP); Greatest Hits (2LP); Medulla (2LP); Telegram (2LP). These are all planned for September 2. In addition to these Bjork titles are LP titles for Sugarcubes (Great Crossover Potential (2LP); Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week (2LP); It's It; and Stick Around For Joy. These are also planned for September 2.

Caroline Records will also release Icon; Icon II: Rubicon; and Icon Live: Never in a Million Years from Wetton/Downes. These albums are planned for September 2.

Pushing a little further into September, precisely the 16th, you can expect Japanese-styled Mini-LP CDs for Steve Miller titles that include Children of the Universe; Number 5; Brave New World; Sailor; and Your Saving Grace.

Sanctuary Records will domestically (US) release the current UK release of Wake the Sleeper by Uriah Heep. We have a review of this album coming down the pike but I can already tell you, it is not a bad album. It is being planned for August 26.

Island is planning a Holiday album from Melissa Etheridge called A New Thought for Christmas. It is planned for September 30.

Several readers had alerted us (thanks, Keith and Patrick) to the upcoming release of Live in Gdansk, a double live album from David Gilmour which will also provide a DVD. However, there is planned a standard 2CD release, as well as a 4-disc version. The 4-dsic version will add an extra DVD of live performances, 3 new tracks, AND the entire On an Island album in 5.1 Surround (Dolby/DTS), mixed by Guthrie. If you needed more, there will be a 5-disc version that adds a CD of live tracks along with other surprise extras. If you want LP vinyl, that will be accommodated too with a box of LPs. All of these marvelous things will be available in September. You can get more precise info at this link.

Another reader (thanks to Rick from The Netherlands) tells us that Rhino Encore will re-release Prince-related titles in Sheila E; Romance 1600; and Sex Cymbal, all by Sheila E. Also, Pandemonium from The Time is also expected. Their scheduled date is July 29. Also, Warner will release the PBS Soundstage for Stevie Nicks from last year (2007). It will be available on both CD and DVD and is slated for September 9.


The Hold Steady - Band From NYC - For Your Approval

The Hold Steady will be getting a domestic big label release on July 14 (Europe) and July 15 (US). The sound is pure Rock and will be enjoyed by most of you. Take the time to listen to some of the songs on their MySpace page and I'm sure that you'll agree that this band has some kick to them. Their album is called Stay Positive and should be quite a treat.



Review - Motley Crue - Saints of Los Angeles - CD
Motley Crue has returned with some high-paying stakes in the release of their latest album, Saints of Los Angeles. The album shows a band in evolution and ready to work into their next stage. It also shows that chemistry is what works best. Saints of Los Angeles is a job well done.  







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