August 27, 2008


It is absolutely amazing the amount of music news that is pouring out of the labels this month. Like a spigot broken off at the wall. There is so much that I can also do a Christmas post...RIGHT NOW. But I'm going to save that for next week AFTER we get out of August and into September. It just feels more natural that way. We'll have very large posts. I spent the better part of two days researching music that is coming out,

Also, I need to let you know that Monday will be a holiday in the US (Labor Day) and that means no post. This works out just fine for me because I have several NEEDED thngs to attend to on the website that woul dhave absented it for the day anyway. Not to mention that this latest research set me behind on review writing.

I'm going to leave up the SACD links for one more post cycle (I'll remove them on Friday's post). But I have had a discussion with a reader on Stereo versus Multi-Channel 5.1 mixes. I am a Stereo guy and I'll explain that now and then we'll put it to an impromptu email poll. I think that I already know the results but I'd be interested to see how many Stereo fans there are out there.

Stereo is the way that many bands recorded since its invention. In fact, it is STILL the chosen method. If bands wanted to record in 5.1, they'd do it. But I have NO problem with people liking those surround mixes, less problem when a band creates such a mix. However, ny reasoning behind Stereo purity is that this style is the way that most bands "heard" their music in. When they produced their music, they heard it in two channels. That was the vision and the goal. I do understand that bands like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and others like them would have used 5.1 if it were available to them. However, Stereo is still a strong recording preference and is quite satisfying.

Often, when a classic album is revisited, the Surround mix is not discussed with the original band. But even if there are one or two original members, it still detracts from the original whole in a decision-making process. As a result, a 5.1 mix is often the imagination of another. That's a problem to me. I do like some 5.1 mixes, however. The Dark Side of The Moon SACD mix is definitely exquisite with Guthrie completely "understanding" the mindset of Pink Floyd.

Small argument, I know. But still one that I feel strongly about. If you have a say on this matter (and know that I do not find fault with ANYONE who likes Surround mixes), let the rest of us know about it. I get enough casual email on this subject often enough to think that I should get flooded with emails on this topic. Have at it!! Send your email here.

Here's a bonus announcement although part is rumour in nature. Amazon UK (as is Amazon US - see below for US purchase links) is linking purchase points for UMe Deluxe Editions of two classic albums that will make many very, VERY happy! But first, I want to thank Dustin C for his alert on these discs. But wait until you hear the rumor (still unsubstantiated at this point but likely true for reasons). The first album is a Sanctuary 3-disc reissue of Brain Salad Surgery from ELP. The album will have lots of extras (outtakes, flexi-disc tracks, alternate versions). BUT the real winner here is the "trusted" rumour that the third disc is an SACD with Stereo and 5.1 Surround mixes. There is no word on whether these are the recent re-master tracks or another work-over, though I'm inclined to believe that these might be the Pearce re-masters. Read about it at this link but this set is scheduled for release on September 30. In addition, there IS a definite listing in Amazon (US) for a Paranoid 2CD/1SACD Deluxe Edition by Black Sabbath. This is scheduled for October 7. PRE-ORDER NOW!! I STILL haven't gotten all of my Dead Can Dance SACDs and I pre-ordered 3 months in advance.



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Rounder Records will release an Alison Krauss DVD called A Hundred Miles or More: Live.  This DVD is slated for retail on November 11.

Concord Records have a CD coming from Jimmy Demers, who has recorded with Cher and Garth Brooks in his past.  The album is a collection of songs written by others, songs like “Dream a Little Dream of Me” originally sung by Mama Cass Elliot (this song has Cass’ daughter guesting).  Fans of Feinstein and Buble is likely find attraction to this album, which is called Dream a Little.  Dream a Little is slated for a release date of September 23.

Universal Republic will release the major label debut of the successful indie band, Anberlin, slating the album for September 30.  The album, named New Surrender, follows Cities and two earlier indie releases with 13 new tracks.  It will be released on CD, LP, and USB stick.  Universal Republic will also release Coco by Caillat, which is scheduled for October 21.

Keane fans should make of note of the band’s third album coming on October 14 from Interscope Records.  The new album will be called Perfect Symmetry.  This album is on my calendar.

Decca Records will release Rambling Boy from Jazz bassist, Charlie Haden, who has had an early affiliation with Country music.  Rambling Boy is a collection of Country tunes, sung with notable names like Vince Gill, Dan Tyminski, and Ricky Scaggs.  Haden is also joined in son by Elvis Costello, Pat Metheny, and others.  The album is a 19-track selection of known songs by artists like The Stanley Brothers, Hank Williams, and others.  Haden joins with lots of family in this new album expected on September 23.

Verve Records revisits the more than 40 years of excellence from the creative sparks of Herbie Hancock in this single-disc collection (HOW is this done?) called Then and Now: The Definitive Herbie Hancock.  This set will contain twelve songs, one of them considered a bonus track (a live version of “River” – Joni Mitchell).  The other live tune is “Rockit,” recorded from a 2008 Live at Yahoo Music Sessions (April).  This album is expected on September 23.

There is a GREEN series being coming that will include releases for: Trace Adkins, The Band, Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, Grand Funk Railroad, Great White, Lee Greenwood, Heart, Huey Lewis and The News, Megadeth, Steve Miller Band, Poison, and Bonnie Raitt.  There is no word on what these are but if I had to guess, I’m saying ‘best of’ collections in the recyclable form.  These are scheduled for November 11.

Verve Forecast will release a Rock title with a full-length album by Aqualung.  The album is called Words & Music and is slated for October 7.

The new album by The Dave Holland Sextet will be available on September 23.  It will be called Pass It On and is a collection of “reinvented” originals and covers along with two new original tracks (“Fast Track,” “Pass It On”).  It will be released by Emarcy Records.  On September 30, Emarcy will release the final album by e.s.t., an entity designed to host the brilliance of Svensson (who lost his life in a diving accident after this album was finished), Berglund, and Ostrom.  The album is called Leucocyte, a reference to a natural renewal process.  Ironically, it is also an album of finality.

The new album from Kenny Loggins is called How About Now and is currently scheduled for September 23.  The album will feature a reworked “A Love Song,” a hit from his Loggins and Messina days, and “I’ll Remember Your Name” with son, Crosby Loggins.  The new Loggins album features 12 tracks and is scheduled for release by 180 Music (Concord Records).

Modular Records will release an Alternative album from Ladyhawke called Paris is Burning.  It is on the calendar for October 14.

Verve Records will release an interesting album from Linda Eder.  The album, called The Other Side of Me, will deliver a Country/Pop sound with songs like “Both Sides Now” (Joni Mitchell), “Ghosts” (Emily Saliers – Indigo Girls), as well as an original track (“Waiting for the Fall”).  The Other Side of Me will release on September 30.

Hear Music will release an interesting album by James Taylor where, this time, he covers songs by other notable artists such as Leonard Cohen (“Suzanne”), Jimmy Webb (“Wichita Lineman”), John Anderson (“Seminole Wind”), Eddie Cochran (“Summertime Blues”), and Norman Petty/Buddy Holly (“Not Fade Away”) amongst others.  The album is called Covers and is on the list for September 30Hear Music will follow up this CD release with an LP issue on October 14.

Big Bad World by Plain White T’s is scheduled for release on September 23, yielding a single before its arrival (“Natural Disaster”).  It is being released on Fearless Records (Hollywood Records). The LP arrives a week later on September 30.

Downtown Records will release an Alternative title for Cold War Kids called Loyalty to Loyalty.  This album is planned to be issued on CD and LP, scheduling for September 23.

Sire and Rhino will release an Anthology package for The Smiths called Hang the DJ: The Very Best of The Smiths.  The standard CD issue of this album will contain 23 songs while the 2CD Deluxe Version will add 22 B-sides and rare live tracks.  Hang the DJ is scheduled for release on October 7.

Rachael Yamagata (Bumpus) will release her second solo album, Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart, on October 7 by Warner Brothers..  It is being planned as a 2CD issue as well as a 2LP set with coloured vinyl (regular weight) in a gatefold jacket.  It will also be available as a DD (Digital Download).  You can check her out at her MySpace page.

We had previously mentioned the impending arrival of The Complete 78s from Latin artist, Tito Puente.  The 2CD album will gather 40 songs from Puente’s Tico catalogue and make them available on Fania Records, planning for September 23Fania Records will also release a 16-track Greatest Hits by Bobby Valentin on the same date as the Puente collection.

Good ole Texan Country music is being released by the veteran band, Randy Rogers Band.  This 12-track, self-titled album will be available from Mercury Records and will come with a Texas Music Magazine subscription offer.  It is slated for September 23.

Curb Records will release Greatest Hits 3 for Tim McGraw which includes the “Nine Lives” w/Def Leppard song.  This collection is scheduled for October 7.



Review - Amy MacDonald - This is the Life - CD

Amy MacDonald is an artist that I've been jumping up and down about and waving my arms over. Her previously released album from the UK is now here (This is the Life) and it does not disappoint at all. To make it more fun, we've partnered with Amy's PR to provide a chance for you to win one of two copies that we have. To get a crack at one, all you have to do is to visit her MySpace page and tell me at what age she started gigging. It's there, easily found. Plus it will give you a chance to hear one or more of her songs, which are worth listening to. I suggest "Mr Rock and Roll." Email us here when you have the answer. Winners will be chosen at random.



Review - Tearwave - Different Shade of Beauty - CD

Tearwave caught our attention with their first album. since then, we have looked forward to the arrival of their next one. It's here and we review it for all of you shoegazer fans that like the dreamy Pop of the genre. This time, however, the band that works the magic behind the female singer, is really working some magic. They have a wall of shimmery guitars that remind of Cocteau Twins in its style. We think that you'll like Different Shade of Beauty.


Full Album Stream - The Verve - Forth - Manchester, UK - CD

First, we'll supply the link to the stream, which is provided by The Verve on their MySpace page. The stream delivers their entire new album, which is being released on August 26 (US) by Megaforce Records (Red), and on August 25 (Internationally) by EMI Records. You can access the stream for Forth by clicking on the link to their MySpace page at the MySpace button below.








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