August 25, 2008


As promised, we have the results of the Rush poll. The emails lit up eventually. I was afraid that we were going to have anohte rslow poll...and with RUSH!?!?! did what I knew it should have and poured in after a few days. And the results were quite varied but there was a clear winner and a clear second choice. The rest just fell into place. Overall, we received 156 votes. Very Nice!! And so here we go:

  • Moving Pictures (56) - This was an out-front winner right from the start. If we got one for many of the albums, Moving Pictures seemed to follow those up with two votes of its own. With songs like "Tom Sawyer" and a multitude of other high-quality compositions, RUSH sure scored with the fans on this one.
  • 2112 (32) - There is no mistake with 2112 making the spot that it did. This album was a discovery point for many RUSH fans and with good reason. The songs were all fantastic, even as they are quite different from Moving Pictures. But 2112 holds memories for many and it gets some love too. "...we are the priests of the temples..."
  • Hemispheres (19) - Following A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres leapt back into the large songs. And it didn't disappoint.
  • Permanent Waves (16) - This followed Hemispheres and represents some changes but still RUSH fans loved the album, particularly "The Spirit of Radio."
  • Power Windows (12) - Featuring "Mystic Rhythms," and "Manhattan Project," Power Windows was a good RUSH album that holds the fans of the album enraptured.
  • Signals (5) - I have to admit to being surprised to seeing Signals with only 5 positive votes. With "New World Man," this album does a fine job of rockin' it. And it HAD to follow Moving Pictures.
  • Snakes & Arrows (4) - This is a great album but it only garnered 4 votes to put it number seven on this list. This albums has many fans but a poll like this will rely heavily on past bodies of work because they have aged well. In time, Snakes & Arrows may climb this.
  • A Farewell to Kings (3) - Again, I'm surprised to see this "down here" as good as it is. With the grace of "Closer to the Heart" opening things up for the band, and the expansiveness of "Xanadu" keeping "on-board" fans satisfied, this album is legendary RUSH.
  • Grace Under Pressure (2) - This album still holds water.
  • Rush (2) - Their first! Need more be said?
  • Vapor Trails (2) - This received two votes despite the cloud that hangs over this album. Some fans can dig beneath sound quality and unearth the jewels when others find the digging distasteful.
  • Presto (1) - Presto is an excellent album. I glad it got one vote at least.
  • Counterparts (1) - This album shows RUSH in an adventirous light.
  • Exit...Stage Left (1) - Technically, this shouldn't count being a Live album. But it represents the band well. It received a vote and so I see no harm in putting it here.

There are some unforgotten works here that should have received even a single but didn't. Some may find Caress of Steel to be unpalatable but I found it quite to my liking. I'm sure that sentiment is echoed out there. I guess I'm just surprised that it didn't receive at least one vote. I feel the same for Fly by Night. A few others were overlooked as well.

This concludes the RUSH poll. I enjoyed this one quite a bit (I enjoy them all to tell the truth). We still have the last list of suggestions that we plan to put up. We'll announce the next Poll next Monday. I'm going to leave up the Black Sabbath and ELP Deluxe Edition w/SACD links for a bit "just in case." A reader had pointed me to a Japanese-issued SACD for Accelerate from R.E.M. However, I've not seen it substantiated elsewhere and so this is still relegated to rumour status (I remain skeptical). If anyone can verify this business link, (let me know. A whole lot of us may be interested.)

I failed to mention the passing of Pervis Jackson, one part of the successful R&B band, The Spinners. He and his mates (he was preceded in death by Billy Henderson, who died in 2007) made many memorable songs that included "Rubberband Man," "I'll Be Around," "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love," "One of a Kind (Love Affair)," and other wonderful classics. A talent like his and those of the band just doesn't come around that often and so it stands to reason that he'll be missed. Dig out your Spinners classics and spend a moment with Mr Jackson. Even though he may not be with us in person, his music is something that will live forever. Everytime we listen to a Spinners song, Pervis Jackson is among us. RIP, Pervis.

We'll see you back here on Wednesday. I did promise a Jethro Tull concert review from NYC's Jones Beach, and I will provide it on Wednesday. It was quite a busy weekend. I should have formatted the review but I didn't. We'll make it up for you. We have a lot of extra stuff coming so hang in there. Also, don't forget that we have a contest for an Amy MacDonald disc. don't miss out on a shot for that.

Here's a bonus announcement although part is rumour in nature. Amazon UK (as is Amazon US - see below for US purchase links) is linking purchase points for UMe Deluxe Editions of two classic albums that will make many very, VERY happy! But first, I want to thank Dustin C for his alert on these discs. But wait until you hear the rumor (still unsubstantiated at this point but likely true for reasons). The first album is a Sanctuary 3-disc reissue of Brain Salad Surgery from ELP. The album will have lots of extras (outtakes, flexi-disc tracks, alternate versions). BUT the real winner here is the "trusted" rumour that the third disc is an SACD with Stereo and 5.1 Surround mixes. There is no word on whether these are the recent re-master tracks or another work-over, though I'm inclined to believe that these might be the Pearce re-masters. Read about it at this link but this set is scheduled for release on September 30. In addition, there IS a definite listing in Amazon (US) for a Paranoid 2CD/1SACD Deluxe Edition by Black Sabbath. This is scheduled for October 7. PRE-ORDER NOW!! I STILL haven't gotten all of my Dead Can Dance SACDs and I pre-ordered 3 months in advance.



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Geffen Records will release several configurations of the upcoming TV on the Radio album called Dear Science.  It will be released in Enhanced CD, LP, and DD, and is planned for September 23.

Polydor Records will re-release six Van Morrison titles on September 30.  Those will be A Period of Transition; How Long Has This Been Going On; Hymns to the Silence; Poetic Champions Compose; Saint Dominic’s Preview; and Tell Me Something.

Metal fans can pick up a Holiday-drenched collection of Various Artists tunes called We Wish You a Metal X-Mas and a Headbanging New Year.  It is planned for release by Eagle Rock Entertainment on October 14.

Verve Records have a lot of Jazz titles from various talents arriving.  They are as follows: Verve Unmixed Holiday, and Verve Remixed Holiday (Various Artists); Big Band Bossa Nova (Stan Getz); You Send Me (Roy Ayers); Luis Bonfa Plays and Sings Bossa Nova (Luis Bonfa); The Definitive Herbie Hancock (Herbie Hancock); Feel (George Duke); Pass the Plate (Crusaders); and Carl Tjader Plays the Contemporary Music of Mexico and Brazil (Carl Tjader).  These titles are scheduled for release on September 23.  There is one more which is scheduled for September 30 and is The Other Side of Me from Linda Eder.

Time/Life have a Hank Williams collection coming called Unreleased Recordings.  This Box will retail for a list price of $39.98 although you’re likely to find it for cheaper elsewhere like Costco.  This set is scheduled for October 28.

Road Runner Records will release Shogun from Trivium in both a standard CD and a CD/DVD Special Edition on September 30.

Road Runner Records will release a DVD video from Dream Theatre called Chaos in Motion 2007-2008Chaos in Motion is being scheduled for September 30.  There will also be a Deluxe Edition available.

Rhino Vinyl will release LP versions of Astral Weeks, Moondance, and His Band & Street Choir from Van Morrision.  All are planned for release on September 23.

After the upcoming move to October 28 for choice vinyl LP versions of The Band, and Music From Big Pink (The Band); Endless Summer (The Beach Boys); Rock and Roll (John Lennon); Operation Mindcrime (Queensryche); Ringo (Ringo Starr); Built for Speed (The Stray Cats); Roxy Music and For Your Pleasure (Roxy Music); and Peace Sells But Who’s Buying (Megadeth), they are now joined by vinyl LP versions of Band on the Run (Paul McCartney and Wings), and Rust in Peace (Megadeth).

While Broken Hearts Prevail from Emery has moved to October 28 from its last date of September 30.

I ALMOST missed this gem release.  Nonesuch is preparing September 23 as the date for their release of a 10CD Box set called Glass Box: A Nonesuch Retrospective for prolific composer, Philip GlassPhilip Glass is perhaps our most extraordinary living composer talent (with respect to our other living legends).  This set is retailing for $99.87 but a good look around might put it in your library for much less.  Honestly, what I would LOVE to see is a massive but appropriate collection that includes his North Star release (where I officially came in at), preceded only by Music in Twelve Parts, and including his nominated film compositions (Kundun, Notes on a Scandal, The Hours) as well as works like Koyaanisquatsi, and Dracula, along with material from the Bowie works, and a hundred other distinctive things.  Philip Glass is a 20th/21st Century treasure.

Watch for I Get a Boot Out of You from Marty Paich, expected on October 7 in vinyl LP.



Review - Amy MacDonald - This is the Life - CD

Amy MacDonald is an artist that I've been jumping up and down about and waving my arms over. Her previously released album from the UK is now here (This is the Life) and it does not disappoint at all. To make it more fun, we've partnered with Amy's PR to provide a chance for you to win one of two copies that we have. To get a crack at one, all you have to do is to visit her MySpace page and tell me at what age she started gigging. It's there, easily found. Plus it will give you a chance to hear one or more of her songs, which are worth listening to. I suggest "Mr Rock and Roll." Email us here when you have the answer. Winners will be chosen at random.



Review - Tearwave - Different Shade of Beauty - CD

Tearwave caught our attention with their first album. since then, we have looked forward to the arrival of their next one. It's here and we review it for all of you shoegazer fans that like the dreamy Pop of the genre. This time, however, the band that works the magic behind the female singer, is really working some magic. They have a wall of shimmery guitars that remind of Cocteau Twins in its style. We think that you'll like Different Shade of Beauty.


Full Album Stream - The Verve - Forth - Manchester, UK - CD

First, we'll supply the link to the stream, which is provided by The Verve on their MySpace page. The stream delivers their entire new album, which is being released on August 26 (US) by Megaforce Records (Red), and on August 25 (Internationally) by EMI Records. You can access the stream for Forth by clicking on the link to their MySpace page at the MySpace button below.








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