August 20, 2008


We have a lot of updates, especially on things that we have already announced.  But we also have a slew of titles arriving that will close out the summer in a tidal wave.  Regardless, there is a lot of music titles to get through.  I’m sure there will be more before the excruciating winter slow-downs that we always suffer through every year. We also have a link to a stream of the entire upcoming Forth album by The Verve (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for that link).

Here's a bonus announcement although part is rumour in nature. Amazon UK (as is Amazon US - see below for US purchase links) is linking purchase points for UMe Deluxe Editions of two classic albums that will make many very, VERY happy! But first, I want to thank Dustin C for his alert on these discs. But wait until you hear the rumor (still unsubstantiated at this point but likely true for reasons). The first album is a Sanctuary 3-disc reissue of Brain Salad Surgery from ELP. The album will have lots of extras (outtakes, flexi-disc tracks, alternate versions). BUT the real winner here is the "trusted" rumour that the third disc is an SACD with Stereo and 5.1 Surround mixes. There is no word on whether these are the recent re-master tracks or another work-over, though I'm inclined to believe that these might be the Pearce re-masters. Read about it at this link but this set is scheduled for release on September 30. In addition, there IS a definite listing in Amazon (US) for a Paranoid 2CD/1SACD Deluxe Edition by Black Sabbath. This is scheduled for October 7.


If you haven't yet put in your entry for the best album by Rush, here's your chance.  This should generate plenty of email.  The rules are the same (vote for your favourite, commentary is optional but welcomed).  Rush has a lot of albums and several periods, so it should be interesting to see which album gains precedence over the others.  Send your picks here.

We have supplied a review of the recently released Two For The Show 30th Anniversary 2CD live album from Kansas. Scroll down for more.

We'll see you back here on Friday with lots more.

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Coming on September 30, Capitol Records will release Tina!, a hits collecting album that will also feature two new songs (“It Would be a Crime,” “I’m Ready”).  You know all of the song here.  One note is that a few of the songs will be live renditions (you know how I hate those being used in place of the studio).  Those will be “Addicted to Love” as well as “Let’s Stay Together,” “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” and “The Best.”  But the best of Tina Turner will be mostly studio tracks.  If you need a track-listing, let me know but they’re all there including “Nutbush City Limits” and “Proud Mary.”  Tina Turner will also embark on a large tour beginning on October 1 (Kansas City, MO – Sprint Ctr) through December 12 (Toronto, ONT – Air Canada Ctr), with perhaps more dates beyond.

Everyone is anxious for the upcoming Enigma album called Seven Lives Many Faces.  This album is planned for September 30 from Virgin Records, and will be released in several forms including the standard CD, and a Special Edition.  The Special Edition will add five tracks (four extra tracks, one Slow Edit of an album track) on a bonus CD and will feature deluxe packaging.  Both CD editions will also be available on DD.

The September 30 release of the previously announced 2CD Anthology from Megadeth will be called Set the World Afire.  This set will contain 35 songs, two of which have been previously unreleased in the US (“High Speed Dirt” – Demo, “Symphony of Destruction” – Live at the Cow Palace ’92).  This anthology is being released by Capitol Records.

Another ‘best of’ is coming out from Virgin Records for UB40.  The album is called Greatest Hits and will contain 21 songs from their 30-year Pop career and is planned to release on September 30.

Tooth & Nail will release Volume One from The Becoming.  This 13-track album is scheduled for release on September 30.

AC/DC's next album, Black Ice, is expected on October 20, following the release of it's front-running single, "Rock 'N' Roll Train." It will WalMart exclusively retail for $11.88.

Mute Records have Goon Island on the slate from XX Teens.  The album is planned for September 30.  However, XX Teens may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I recommend that you listen to their MySpace selection of tracks to see if their brand of offbeat punk-pop is what you would be interested in.  I have a fondness for “Only You,” a track off the album.

Century Media will release the 2nd album from In This Moment, which will be known as The DreamThe Dream follows up their debut album, Beautiful Tragedy (scanning 60,000 units).  In This Moment is Hard Rock and is planning the release of their album for September 30.

Earache Records will reissue Dissimulate (2002) from The Berzerker as a 2-disc (bonus DVD) set.  The included DVD will contain over 4 hours of live footage from their Dissimulate World Tour with 29-performance tracks and two ‘behind-the-scenes’ documentaries.  This reissue is scheduled for September 30.

As previously mentioned, Abstract Records will reissue several classic albums from the past in The Devil Hits Back (Atomic Rooster); Back Against the Wall, and Hogs on the Road (Groundhogs); and a 10-track Peter Hamill-compiled set for Van der Graff Generator for the years 1972-1975 called Time Vaults.  All of these discs are expected on September 30.

The gorgeous Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson, will release her self-titled debut album on September 30.  The album will be released by Arista Records and should be good stuff for fans.

Indiana band, Margot &The Nuclear So an So’s (what a name!) will have their album called Animal! released on vinyl 2LP a week before the issue of their second album on CD, which will be called Not Animal.  Here’s the deal: This vinyl LP (180g)-only release features alternate tracks (with only five crossover tracks between albums).  Their upcoming CD and LP, Not Animal, is a selection of tracks largely different from those of Animal!  Between the two albums, there are a total of 19 new tracks for fans of the band.  Animal! with DD card, will be issued on September 30.

Jive Records and Religion Music have scheduled Unbeautiful from Irish singer, Lesley Roy, for September 30.

Bonus Pictures - Just check out that beautiful Kind Of Blue set that is coming:



Review - Kansas - Two For the Show (30th Anniversary) - 2CD

Kansas gave the world a lot of great progressive-styled music that is still appreciated to this day. Their live album, originally released in 1978 was a 2LP affair but could, in no way, provide the kind of fullness that a Kansas concert provided. In fact, much more was recorded from the show selections that ended up in the 1978 LP version. To further trangress, Epic excised an original track to maintain a single disc release in the album's inaugural CD release. This 30th Anniversary reissue of Two For the Show restores the excised track AND provides the rest of those recorded tunes. Perfect!!



Review - Isaac Hayes - Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It? - CD/DVD

Isaac Hayes represented the '70s primarily with his brand of Soul and R&B. After his death on Sunday, I had to dig through the collection to extract this wonderful set. I spent a whole day listening to it...several times. And I still need to go back to it because, like Marvin Gaye, Billy Paul, Curtis Mayfield, and others from the same time period, I am transfixed by these timeless stars. I miss Isaac Hayes badly and thought that I'd whip up this review for you. The 3-disc set (2CD/1DVD) is called Utlimate Isaac Hayes.

Can you dig it?


Full Album Stream - The Verve - Forth - Manchester, UK - CD

First, we'll supply the link to the stream, which is provided by the band on their MySpace page. The stream delivers their entire new album, which is being released on August 26 (US) by Megaforce Records (Red), and on August 25 (Internationally) by EMI Records. You can access the stream for Forth by clicking on the link to their MySpace page at the MySpace button below.








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