August 18, 2008


Jerry Wexler helped build Atlantic Records into the power that it enjoyed in its glory years. Aligned with Ahmet Ertegun, Wexler (who signed Led Zeppelin to Atlantic Records) helped to define the emerging R&B scene (Rhythm and Blues is a phrase coined by Wexler to replace unnecessary phrases then in use). Jerry Wexler produced and nurtured talents like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Ray Charles, Percy Sledge, and Wilson Pickett to name just a few. The skill that Wexler (and Ertegun) used to elevate Atlantic Records to the super status it achieved, was a keen ear for production values and an even keener ear for the talent.

Jerry Wexler, a Hall-of-Famer executive and producer , helped to form the glory years of Rock and Roll. While he has been largely out of the business for a while, he was able to watch Rock grow from the vibrant youth it once was to the diversity that it displays today. He was 91 years old but in Rock, he is a timeless legend. He will be mourned greatly.

Jerry, Ahmet is glad to see you again!!

Jerry Wexler

I've had a ruff 'n' tumble weekend. I was having some OS problems (not virus-related this time, Mac-users. And I still agree with you...I SHOULD have a Mac). In any case, I did one thing and then another, AND THEN...I just say, THAT'S IT!!! I'm reinstalling. And so, I update the back-ups, reformat, and then reload. This time, I had a world of hurt, largely because I also use Linux when I'm not producing this site. For some reasons, I had to jump through hoops that I don't understand to recover the drive. I finally recovered after ohhhh about three hours. In any case, about the time I was back to normalcy (and I still ain't there), too many hours had passed by. I have a large amount of updates and data to list but didn't have the time to write them down. I offer apologies and will post them on Wednesday (Tuesday night) along with a few reviews. But I didn't want to NOT post anything PLUS, we had Jerry Wexler's death to discuss. Keep sending in your RUSH picks (not as many as I thought I would have by now).

But you DO deserve a goodie here. AC/DC's next album, Black Ice, is expected on October 20, following the release of it's front-running single, "Rock 'N' Train." It will retail for $11.88 (??).

We'll see you back here on Wednesday with the usual.

Before we go, we like to announce the formation of a new Band Poll, this one for Rush.  This should generate plenty of email.  The rules are the same (vote for your favourite, commentary is optional but welcomed).  Rush has a lot of albums and several periods, so it should be interesting to see which album gains precedence over the others.  Send your picks here.

Reviews today include Can You Hear Me from Keaton Simons. In addition, we provide a smaller review of Full Circle, an album of guitar instrumentals from Clintone.

If you have missed the last As The Disc Spins (updated), check it out here.

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Many posts back (and we received a lot of email on this as well) we mentioned a slew of reissued titles.  Many were excited at the possibility of an updated and expanded set for Destroyer by KISS.  Instead, these are “Green” versions of titles that include Feeding Frenzy (Jimmy Buffett), Greatest Hits (Patsy Cline), Greatest Hits (Elton John), Paid in Full (Eric B & Rakim), Let’s Get It On, What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye), At Last! (Etta James), Forever My Lady (Jodeci), Destroyer (KISS), Second Helping (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell (Meatloaf), Hair of the Dog (Nazareth), Pork Soda (Primus), 2112, Moving Pictures (Rush), Great Adventures of Slick Rick (Slick Rick), Badmotorfinger (Soundgarden), Robbin’ the Hood (Sublime), and Velvet Undergound & Nico (Velvet Underground)This means that these are being re-released with “Earth-friendlyrecyclable/biodegradable packaging.  I apologize for the excitement this aroused and its unfulfilling conclusion.  Not that we don’t approve of ‘Earth Friendly’ packaging, it’s just that we would have loved Special Editions more.

Rhino Records will release a Christmas album from Al Jarreau simply called Christmas.  It is being scheduled for October 14.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra will release Christmas Rocks: The Best of Collection containing the choicest Setzer cuts.  It is planned for October 7.

Amy Grant will have her The Christmas Collection released on September 30.

Curb has a new collection of Limited Edition 3CD Tin sets coming on September 23.  Those tins are for Tim McGraw (Collector’s Edition II), WynonnaNatalie Grant, Various Artists (The Spirit of Christmas, Christmas: The All-time Greatest Records), Hank Williams III, The Four Seasons, and Donny & Marie Osmond.

Watch for a reissue of The Devil Hits Back (2001) by Atomic Rooster, scheduled for September 30 from Caroline Records.  Also from Caroline Records and scheduled for the same date are Back Against the Wall, and Hogs on the Road from The Groundhogs.

Time Vaults is expected from Van der Graff Generator on September 30 in VERY limited numbers.

Seven Lives Many Faces from Enigma will be delivered in a Limited Edition 2CD set and an Enhanced CD config.  These are pegged for September 30.

If you were expecting to pick up vinyl LPs for either Imagine (John Lennon) and/or Band of Gypsys (Jimi Hendrix), hang on because they have been pushed back (slightly) from September 16 to September 30.  Mark your calendars.

A 2CD anthology for Megadeth called Set the World A Fire will be released on September 30.

Tina Turner is releasing Tina! On September 30.

Dreamer from Haste the Day will be released on October 14.

Vinyl LP releases are being planned for The Band (The Band, Music From Big Pink), The Beach Boys (Endless Summer), John Lennon (Rock ‘n’ Roll), Megadeth (Peace Sells But Who’s Buying), Queensryche (Operation Mindcrime), Roxy Music (For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music), Ringo Starr (Ringo), Stray Cats (Built for Speed), and The Verve (Urban Hymns).

New Haven Records will release The Gospel Sessions from The Oak Ridge Boys, scheduling the album for September 30.

Nettwerk Records will release Truth Love Creation by Reema Datta on September 30.  They will also release Waited Up til It Was Light by Johnny Foreigner, this one scheduled for September 23.

Shout! Factory will release The Firesign Theatre’s Box of Danger from old favourites, The Firesign Theatre.  This Box set is expected on September 30.

Epic Records will release the new Ben Folds album in several versions that include standard CD, LP, CD/DVD Limited Edition, and a Premium CD/DVD Edition.  Those will release on September 30.

Columbia and Legacy will revisit Judas Priest with the release of Metalogy on September 30.

RCA Records is planning a new Kellie Pickler album for September 30.  The title is TBA (to be announced).

Razor & Tie is releasing We Love You for developing band, Semi-Precious Weapons.  This title will be release on PA and Edited version CDs.

RCA Records will release Only By the Night from Kings of Leon on September 23.

Arista Records will release a standard CD and a Collector’s Edition of The Annie Lennox Collection for Annie Lennox (Eurhythmics/Solo), scheduling the ‘best of’ for September 16.



Review - Isaac Hayes - Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It? - CD/DVD

Isaac Hayes represented the '70s primarily with his brand of Soul and R&B. After his death on Sunday, I had to dig through the collection to extract this wonderful set. I spent a whole day listening to it...several times. And I still need to go back to it because, like Marvin Gaye, Billy Paul, Curtis Mayfield, and others from the same time period, I am transfixed by these timeless stars. I miss Isaac Hayes badly and thought that I'd whip up this review for you. The 3-disc set (2CD/1DVD) is called Utlimate Isaac Hayes.

Can you dig it?



Review - Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me - CD

Keaton Simon has been around for a while. He has good singer-songwriter skills and has paid some dues. This is his latest album, Can You Hear Me. Great cover!!


Front Page Review - Clintone - Full Circle - CD

If you like your guitars electric and in extreme mode, then Full Circle by Clintone may be a drug of sorts.  The album’s eleven songs are high-powered guitar solo-works that point back to the guitar solo-works of the ‘70s.  And there won’t be any vocals to get in the way.  The best part of Full Circle is that it’s pretty good stuff.  Just good structured guitar with drum and bass to assist.  Check out their website for more. 








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