August 08, 2008


Here's where we close out for the weekend. I don't really have much planned but that's the way I like it once in a while. In any case, I do have a few items of note. The first is a comment on my SACD discussion several posts back. In it, I mentioned that Sony included SACD playback in the PS3 hardware. Nice. But there's a trick to it. It appears that playback is virtually impossible because, at the moment, PS3 uses digital outputs where SACD requires analog outputs. And guess which gaming machine does NOT have analog outputs. Oh well... thanks to TAP reader Ron S for his alert via two articles which I'm including here and here.

Also, I have received OVER 50+ emails on the upcoming Police title, Certifiable. I'm not going to voice my displeasure of exclusivity ONLY because Bill loves these guys. However, please DO note that the date is as I have reported it (November 11). The received emails let TAP know that there will be a Blu-ray version, a DVD version, LP set, and the expected CD issue. Great news for you lucky Police fans, who have had more cake than you can eat already (SACDs, reunion tours, new Live album and DVD). The Police has surely written the end of the chapter. it truly over? Summers has already hinted that he'd do a tour several years from now IF the boys agreed to another round when they next reconvene.

We're going to keep The Byrds Poll up through the weekend. Expect full results when we get back on Monday. We have a few emails but not enuoght to make a real dent in the write-up. We'll give the new poll on Friday. Give us your view of the best Byrds contribution.

We have three reviews for you today that include one from John Dunphy. He reviews the latest from In Flames called A Sense of Purpose. I pop in with a regular review, this one of Heroes, a covers album by Jazz pianist, David Benoit. Also, I give a short review of an indie compilation that I thought that you might find interesting. It is located in the spaces below. It is from the Australian label, Clear Springs Entertainment and is called Parx-e: A Compilation of Independent Music.

See you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

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Midas Records will release the 2nd album by CMG artists, Rush of Fools, called Wonder of the World.  It is pegged for release on September 16.

The underrated band of Howard DeVoto (Buzzcocks) called Magazine released a live album called Play in 1980Play will be re-released on CD come September 16 by Caroline Records.  The album has 10 live tracks and is an anticipated album here at TAP.

The Store for Music Records and Abstract will release a few nicely priced albums from the good old days.  The first album is a live set by Asia called Live in Nottingham.  It will be joined by two Carl Palmer (Atomic Rooster/ELP/Asia) works called 1PM (by Carl Palmer’s PM), and Qango – Live in the Hood.  These are planned for September 16.  In the near future, these titles (along with Wetton/Downes’ Icon sets) will be joined by upcoming releases for Rick Wakeman (Classic Tracks); Little River Band (One Night in Mississippi); and Spencer Davis Group (Official Bootleg).  These are planned for September 16.

Warner Brothers will release The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales…) by Jason Reeves on September 9.

Watch for PA and Amended versions of The Quilt by Gym Class Heroes, which are planned for release on September 9.

Mercury Records will release an LP for The Allman Brothers Band of their classic Live at The Fillmore East.  This is planned for September 9.

With Christmas in the closing months, Varese Sarabande will jump in with a release of The Archies’ Christmas Party.  This is scheduled for September 16.

Fania Records will reach back and release Greatest Hits for Bobby Valentin on September 23Salsa by Orchestra Harlow will be released by this label on September 9.

ECM will release The Call by Charles Lloyd; Cloud Dance by Collin Walcott; The Pilgrim and The Stars by Enrico Rava; Somewhere Called Home by Norma Winstone; Second Sight by Marc Johnson & Bass Desires; Song for Everyone by Shankar; Batik by Ralph Towner; and Children’s Songs by Chick Corea, all on September 30.

Island Records will release Greatest Hits by Elton John on September 16.  No word on whether this is a new comp or a reissue of the original collection.

UMe Imports will release a DVD video called Razamanaz.  The last time you have heard that word being used was when Nazareth slapped it across their album back in 1973.  That was a Nazareth album that I seriously enjoyed.  This DVD re-release puts this 2002 Sanctuary release back on shelves for those that missed it the first time around on September 30.  Also, UMe Imports will release The Complete BBC Sessions on CD for Squeeze.  It is planned for September 30 as well.  Finally UMe Imports will re-release Gypsy (Sanctuary – 2002)by Uriah Heep on DVD, same date.

Interscope Records will release new music with Appeal to Reason by Rise Against.  This album is currently scheduled for October 7.

Hip-O Records will release a collection for Shaggy called The Boombastic Collection – The Best of Shaggy on September 9.

Fontana International Records will release Pull the Pin by Stereophonics on CD on September 9.

Geffen Records will release a Cure EP called Hypnagogic States, planning the release for September 16.



Review - In Flames - A Sense of Purpose - CD

In Flames has helped to create the genre of melodic Death Metal and has since amassed many fans anxious for every release. A Sense of Purpose is their 9th album. From Sweden, In Flames and their latest album provides a continuance of their music.



Review - David Benoit - Heroes - CD

For many, many years, David Benoit has thrilled with his piano treatments. On his 31st album, Heroes, he takes some songs that have thrilled him and gives them back to us in different ways.


Front Page Review - Various Artists - Parx-e: A Compilation of Independent Music CD

Clear Springs Entertainment has released a collection disc full of 20 songs from various bands with different bases.  Most originate within the US, but some hail from Australia, a few from New Zealand, and even one from Scotland.  The tracks are all current-styled Pop tunes, the kind that you’d hear by tuning in to any Alternative FM station.

No band is repeated so this compilation is truly a collection of sharp, selected tunes from unknown bands that could fit within the confines of a TV show.  Compiler Chris Parke has a good ear for a nice tune.  That makes Parx-e: A Compilation of Independent Music a good set of music from similar bands that have something potentially going for them.  With the right exposure, some of these bands could end up with a song in one of your favourite series in a dramatic/emotional “song moment” designed to connect the viewer to the situation.

Clear Springs Entertainment is out of Australia and can be kept up with by monitoring their MySpace page or/and their established website.

Be sure to check out Julian Coryell’s Keane-like track, “My Generation.” (Note: if you purchase this compilation, there is a tracking error where this song is concerned.  Track 10 on the track-list designates that space for Jenny Dalton’s “Lily and the Stranger” however that song shares track 9 with the preceding “Hosanna” by Pine.  “My Generation” is actually positioned at Track 10.  The CD will end at track 19 despite a track-listing that states 20 tracks.







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