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06/02/08 - (Trower; UFO; Tull; Bowie w/ Macdonald stream and video; Musician review)  
06/04/08 - (Classic LPs; Osbourne; Bo Diddley RIP; Billy Joel; Eddy Grant; Martha Wainwright - I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too review).  
06/06/08 - (Moody Blues reissues; Led Zeppelin; White Stripes reissues; Elvis Costello and The Imposters - Momofuku review).  
06/09/08 - (Bowie; The Music; Mutlu; Dirty Pretty Things; Classic Crime; Forward Russia!; Uriah Heep).  
06/11/08 - (Black Sabbath - Rules of Hell Box).  
06/13/08 - (Chairlift; Rickie Lee Jones; James Taylor; ZZ Top reissues; Radiohead - Best of Radiohead review, and Invisigoth - Narcotica review).  
06/16/08 - (The Chemistry Set UK, Vanilla Swingers, The Enemy UK,; The Byrds - Live at Royal Albert Hall 1972 review , and Lindsay Planer's As the Disc Spins with reviews of US Singles Collection (Beach Boys), The Impulse! Albums, Vol 2 (John Coltrane), and One Hell of a Ride (Willie Nelson).  
06/18/08 - (Van Halen Tally; The Beat; The Travellers; Moody Blues Expanded Reissues; U2 Re-masters (Boy, October, War); Reviews - Trever Keith - Melancholics Anonymous; Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop, Drop and Roll!; Melodyguild - Aitu).  
06/20/08 - (Hot Tuna results; City Breathing, ¡Forward Russia! introductions and MySpace links; Capitol LP reissues).  
06/23/08 - (The Enemy UK; My Chemical Romance; Andreas Vollenweider; Within Temptation; The O'Jays - The Essential O'Jays review; Billy Idol - Idolize Yourself review; The Futureheads - This is Not the World review; BBC Radio Links).  
06/25/08 - (George Carlin RIP; BBC Radio; Roy Acuff - Hand-Clapping Gospel Songs review; Journey - Revelation review; Glen Campbell - Meet Glen Campbell).  
06/27/08 - (Sound and Fury; Amon Duul Reissues; Richie Havens).  


07/02/08 - (Led Zeppelin Tallies; Soundpool (NYC) introduction; ELP - Love Beach, Black Moon reviews; The Kooks - Konk review; Victorian Halls - Springteen review).  
07/07/08 - (Magazine tallies (don't bother); Brockmeier; The Hold Steady introduction; Motley Crue - Saints of Los Angeles review).  
07/09/08 - (Record Show discussion; Billy Joel - The Stranger 30th Anniversary Box - review; Gerald Albright - Sax for Stax review).  
07/11/08 - (ROME - Masse Mensch Material - review; Return to Forever - The Anthology - review).  
07/14/08 - (Rolling Stones results; Reviews: Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things; John Bayless - Circle of Life).  
07/16/08 - (Radio discussion; no reviews).  
07/18/08 - (More Radio; Beatles Poll; Reviews: The Dark Knight OMPS; Bigelf - Cheat the Gallows).  
07/21/08 - (Beatles Poll con't; The Cave Singers)  
07/23/08 - (Sense of Satisfaction statement; Reviews: ¡Forward Russia! - Life Processes; David Bowie - Live Santa Monica '72 (CD); Band introduction - Paper Route (Nashville).  
07/25/08 - (Reviews: Foreigner - No End in Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner; The Hold Steady - Stay Positive).  
07/28/08 - (Results of The Beatles Poll, no Reviews).  
07/30/08 - (Rolling Stones Uni signing; Joe Beck; Reviews: Dw Dunphy - Modernism; The Flower Kings - The Sum of No Evil; Uriah Heep - Wake the Sleeper).  


08/01/08 - Apologies; DCD Remasters lament; Reviews: The Enemy UK - We'll Live and Die in These Towns; Marilyn Scott - Every Time We Say Goodbye).  
08/04/08 - DCD Remasters Rejoice; Byrds Poll; Reviews: Penguin Café Orchestra - EG Remasters Reissues).  
08/06/08 - The Music Overwhelm; Reviews: David Benoit - Heroes; In Flames - A Sense of Purpose (John Dunphy); Various Artists - Parx-e: A Compilation of Independent Music).  
08/08/08 - SACD/PS3 fiasco; Police - Certifiable response (Nov 11 IS the date); Reviews: David Benoit - Heroes; In Flames - A Sense of Purpose; Front Page review - Various Artists - Parx-e: A Compilation of Independent Music).  
08/11/08 - Byrds Poll Results; SACD/PS3 Pt 3; Brillstein; Isaac Hayes; Festival Express; Reviews - Quicksilver Messenger Service - First five albums; Dirty Pretty Things - Romance at Short Notice (UK); White Hills).  
08/13/08 - (Devaluing of Music Discussion - Reviews: Isaac Hayes - Ultimate Isaac Hayes 2CD/DVD; Amelia - A Long, Lovely List of Repairs CD).  
08/15/08 - Thanks post; Reviews: Clintone - Full Circle CD; Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me CD).  
08/18/08 - Jerry Wexler death  
08/20/08 - ELP: Brain Salad Surgery/Black Sabbath: Paranoid SACDs (UK); Kind of Blue photos; Review: Kansas - Two for the Show 30th Anniversary 2CD.  
08/22/08 - Discussion on Pandora and general state of the business side of music; Reviews: Amy MacDonald - This is the Life; Tearwave - Different Shade of Beauty.  
08/25/08 - RUSH Poll results (156 votes).  
08/27/08 - Stereo vs 5.1 discussion.  
08/29/08 - More Stereo vs 5.1 Surround with emails; Concert Review: Jethro Tull at Jones Beach Theatre; Reviews: Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine; Three Dog Night - Greatest Hits Live.  


09/03/08 - Out of Sight - Out of Mind? article; Jerry Reed - RIP; Reviews - Rickie Lee Jones - The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard; Ten Shekel Shirt - Jubilee.  
09/05/08 - Tomita article; Reviews - Ascension of the Watchers - Numinosum; Hawksley Workman - Between the Beautifuls / Los Manlicious.  
09/08/08 - New Poll Introduction (Black Sabbath); HUGE Christmas Music Update; No Reviews.  
09/10/08 - Reviews: The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia...; Van Morrison - Moondance/Astral Weeks/His Band and The Street Choir Japanese 2008 Re-masters; Libera - New Dawn.  
09/15/08 - Reviews: Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter Anthology - Old Records Never Die; Jann Klose - Reverie; Argent - Greatest-The Singles Collection.  
09/17/08 - Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) RIP; Reviews: Al Stewart - Sparks of Ancient Light; Elsiane - Hybrid.  
09/19/08 - Sirius/XM; Benoit David (Yes); Norman Whitfield RIP; Reviews: BB King - One Kind Favor; Elvin Bishop - The Blues Rolls On.  
09/22/08 - Results of Black Sabbath Poll; Reviews: Revue Noir - Anthology Archive; Brian Eno - Mini LP replica CD reissues.  
09/24/08 - Warm-up for 10 bands you have to hear before you die Poll; Sandisk Flash Music albums; Pretenders unusual album cover; Jon Anderson; Free Dylan; No Reviews.  
09/26/08 - MySpace Music; Reviews: The Walkmen - You & Me; Ani diFranco - Red Letter Year.  
09/29/08 - Paul Newman RIP; Led Zeppelin reunion Tour 2009; The Mary Onettes; Reviews: Gene Autry - Cowboy Hymns & Songs of Inspiration; The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks,  


10/01/08 - Blu-ray Audio discussion; LedZep/Plant; No Reviews.  
10/03/08 - Metallica "Death Magnetic" sound quality and Hi-res future?; Reviews: The Ventures - Plays Their Greatest Hits; Slimfit - Make It Worse; Tuck & Patti - I Remember You.  
10/06/08 - Music That You MUST Hear Before You Die!; Reviews: Thunder Reissues; The Clash - Live at Shea Stadium; New Band introduction - Band of Thieves.  
10/08/08 - CD Release News  
10/10/08 - Discussion on Chinese Democracy and Led Zeppelin Tour w/o Plant  
10/13/08 - Introduction of new Poll band - YES.  
10/15/08 - Bucking a trend discussion; WAR stream; Reviews: Santana - Multi Dimensional Warrior; Yo-Yo Ma & Friends - Songs of Joy and Peace; Total Soul Classics (Philadelphia International Re-Mastered Reissues).  
10/20/08 - Missing Friday (10/17) post explanation; Reviews: The Lost Patrol - Midnight Matinee; Various Artists - P is For Panda Mix Tap, Vol 1; Jon Anderson - 3 Ships Remaster 22nd Anniversary; Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue.  
10/22/08 -; Levi Stubbs - RIP; No Reviews.  
10/24/08 - FM Radio - The Sound 100.3 LA; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die #1; Reviews: Grateful Dead - Rocking the Cradle; Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul; The Dears - Missies; As The Disc Spins w/ 7 reviews.  
10/27/08 - Yes Poll Results; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die #2; No Reviews.  
10/29/08 - Led Zeppelin (Oh, Noooo!); Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #3; Reviews: Bloc Party - Intimacy; Ry Cooder - The UFO Has Landed Anthology; The Stills - Oceans Will Rise; Hunter S Thompson - The Gonzo Tapes Box.  
10/31/08 - MTV Videos; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #4; No Reviews.  


11/03/08 - Are there any' long-haul' bands left? discussion; Second thoughts on LA's The Sound 100.3 FM; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #5; No Reviews.  
11/05/08 - Another discussion on Music. Intensity of listening contribute to music awareness?; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #6; No Reviews.  
11/07/08 - Weekend; Poll request; Greatest Album of All Poll; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #7; Reviews - Lindsay Bucking Hame - Gift of Screws; Seven Steps To the Green Door - Step In 2 My World.  
11/10/08 - Introduction of new Band Poll (Grand Funk Railroad); Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #8; Reviews - Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon Collector's Edition; Cheap Trick - Budokan! 30th Anniversary Box; Appaloosa OMPS.  
11/12/08 - Request for Labels to pay closer attention to aging children of the '60s/'70s; Mitch Mitchell RIP; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #9; No Reviews.  
11/14/08 - Introduction of Exhaustive Album page - first up - Black and Blue by The Rolling Stones; Merl Saunders RIP; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #10; No Reviews  
11/17/08 - Rolling Stones - Black and Blue reader analysis and TAP continuation request;Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #11; Reviews - Christian Scott - Live at Newport - CD/DVD; Various Artists - Gonzo Film Soundtrack CD; Band Introduction - Glasvegas.  
11/19/08 - Songs on LP vs Songs on CD discussion; Vinyl sdies Wednesday at 100.3FM, The Sound; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #12; Reviews - Tokyo Rosenthal - Love Won Out - CD; Evolve IV - Decadent Light - CD.  
11/21/08 - Grand Funk Poll Closure; 2008 Reader's Music Poll; Amy Grant Christmas Collection streams; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #13; Reviews - Amy Grant - The Christmas Collection - CD; Tony Bennett w/ The Count Basie Big Band - A Swingin' Christmas - CD.  
11/24/08 - Results of Grand Funk Poll; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #14; Reviews - Jefferson Starship - Presents Jefferson's Tree of Liberty - CD; Danielson - Trying Hartz: First Fruits '94-'04 - CD.  
11/26/08 - Guy Peelaert - RIP, Robert Lucas - RIP; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #15; Reviews - David Byrne/Brian Eno - Whatever Happens Will Happen Tomorrow - CD; Magazine - The Complete John Peel Sessions (BBC) - CD.  


12/01/08 - Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #16; No Reviews.  
12/03/08 - Notes on Paranoid (Black Sabbath) SACD; No Reviews.  
12/05/08 - Odetta RIP; SACDs/DVD-Audios/Blu-ray Music rant; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #17; Reviews: Various Artists - You Heard It Here First! - CD; Sammy Hagar - Cosmic Universal Fashion - CD; David Foster & Friends - Hit Man - CD/DVD.  
12/08/08 - Blu-Spec CD; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #18; No Reviews.  
12/10/08 - More on previous SACD discussion; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #19; Reviews: The Mary Onettes - The Mary Onettes - CD; Michael Fitz - Never Look Back - CD; Kristine W - Hey Mr Christmas - CD.  
12/12/08 - Dennis Yost - RIP; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #20; As The Disc Spins with reviews for Tori Amos - Live at Montreaux - DVD, Ted Nugent - Sweden Rocks - DVD, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama: The Rockpalast Collection - DVD, Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis - Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC - DVD, and Paul Simon - Live From Philadelphia - DVD.  
12/15/08 - Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #21; Reviews: Todd Rundgren - Arena - CD; Mott the Hopple - The Hoople - CD; Al Conti - Scheherazade - CD.  
12/17/08 - Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! # 22; No Reviews.  
12/19/08 - Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #23; Reviews - FEMI - Sweet Water Soul - CD/EP; The Richie Furay Band - Alive - CD; Lakeherst - Euan Aura - CD.  
12/22/08 - RIAA Decision to cease suing downloaders discussion; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #24; Reviews: David Mansfield - The Guitar OMPS - CD; The Bodies Obtained - At The Top of My Tree - CD.  
12/24/08 - State and Future of Rock; Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die! #25; Reviews: Strawbs - The Broken Hearted Bride - CD; Wilderness - (k)no(w)here - CD.  





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