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April 15, 2005

Welcome once again. As we move into the US weekend...Saturday nights, sleeping in, Sunday mornings, we get ready for the next week of good music coming in.

We have a few reviews and a new Duane's PitStop for the end of the week. Today's reviews are for Bruce Springsteen's "Devils & Dust", the single, listened to and expounded on by yours truly, and Dw's praise of Doves' latest, Some Cities.

Coming on Monday is the newest Lindsay Planer weekly, As the Disc Spins as well as more Dunphy penned reviews and a Ken DeRosa review.

Today's news has a few exciting releases coming that you won't want to miss checking on. I bet you'll be marking the calendar after reading today's post. I do have some good news for Jackson Browne fans anxiously awaiting that DoubleDisc CD/DVDA release. That's in the hi-rez section. Be sure to read up on that.

The iTunes free download of the week is for Deaf Pedestrians' "15 Beers Ago." It's English AlternaPunk. It's not a bad tune for those who like that.

While on the subject of Bruce Springsteen, I'd like to mention to anyone who'll listen that Born to Run was last released on CD in 1983 and Darkness On The Edge of Town in 1984. I have lived in California since 1985 and that was before I came to the state. What is taking so long? Those dates represent the bloody infancy of CD.

And since I'm bitching, what about giving Eric Clapton's wildly underrated No Reason to Cry album an SACD workover? I'm waiting...I mean, I'll wait.

Shout! Factory is readying three more Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass classics in Going Places. SRO, and What Now My Love, which will street on June 7.

Howie Day's Stop All The World Now will be released by Epic Records as a DualDisc on May 17. Also debuting on DualDisc is John Mayer's 2001 release of Room for Squares which will release on June 7 from Columbia Records. More Epic Records DualDiscs are in the queue that include Oasis' Definitely Maybe and Don't Believe the Truth. Don't Believe the Truth is the band's latest release and is expected on May 31 in CD/LP/DualDisc formats. Definitely Maybe is the band's first Epic release from 1992.

Epic Records plans a push of Shakira titles that include 1996's Pies Descalzos, 1998's Dónde Están los Ladrones?, 2000's Shakira: MTV Unplugged, and 2002's compilation release, Grandes Exitos. All of those titles are promised for May 24. Following close on the heels of those re-issues is the DualDisc for Shakira of her Fijación Oral which is scheduled for June 7.

May 17 is the date for the release of the first part of System of a Down's two-parter. The first album will be called Mesmerize and is widely anticipated.

Out on the road and touring with Garbage is the interestingly named band The Dead 60s. The Dead 60s' new album is scheduled for release on May 31.

Silber Media is pressing newly remastered works from Mike VanPortfleet's Lycia project and it looks like Estrella may be the firstfruits of that effort. I don't have definitive dates but I can tell you right now that we hear the rework is astounding. Me? I'm all awash in sweat for the Cold reissue/remaster. We'll let you know more as we find out.

Here's one that we've neglected and so I'm sure that most of you already know about. But just in case some of you do not know, Legacy is releasing Prince's 1998 NPG issue, New Power Soul on May 10.

Legacy will also reissue Graham Central Station's self-titled debut originally released in 1973. This Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone alumni) fronted band played funk that was heaven to this old man's ears. I'm anxiously awaiting the release date of this one myself. You can expect this one to street officially on May 10.

On May 10, Legacy will also reissue Chaka Khan's Come 2 My House.

Here's the genuine scoop on the upcoming, and long awaited reissue of Jackson Browne's classic, Running on Empty. This seven times platinum road album with its coveted DVD-Audio 5.1 mix will finally hit the stage on May 24. It is mixed from the original multitracks and with Jackson Browne's full "hands-on" involvement. The booklet will contain indepth essays from Rolling Stone writers, Cameron Crowe and Anthony DeCurtis. This issue will contain the the previously unreleased "Cocaine Again." The DVDA will have 300 plus images on the disc. Here it comes, fans, here it comes but this time it arrives in a Double Disc package alá R.E.M.'s recent CD/DVDA packaging.


April 13, 2005

Holy smokes!! I ran a 2-CD giveaway for CSN and my email was pounded with over 400 email respondents. And it was fun. We have a new contest starting on Friday or Monday for Eisley's first big label album called Room Noises from Warner Brothers. We reviewed this band about a month ago. The album is pretty good. come back for a chance at that.

We have some stuff for you today that include a special review to MusicTAP of U2's concert in the Staples Center written by Digital Bits staffer, Adam Jones. His final assessment is a little different but you'll come away with a great perspective. Read that here.

But first I want to say hi to Streatorite, Greg Peck. Greg is from my old stomping grounds and when he wrote to try his hand at the CSN giveaway, well, I was surprised. And no, he didn't win the CD as he was sandwiched between all those emails but it was still nice to chat with someone who knows where I grew up.

Thaks to all the respondents who took the time to answer the questions. The answers were [Who wrote "Woodstock" - Joni Mitchell], [Who wrote "Ohio" - Neil Young], [Who was "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" about - Judy Collins], and [Name the band members and their previous work experience - Crosby (Byrds); Stills (Buffalo Springfield); & Nash (Hollies.) Bonus L-U-V if you mentioned that Neil Young also hailed from Buffalo Springfield. Congratulations to winners,Charles Smith and Michael Moncey. Your discs are in the mail, guys.

We also have streams for you from an upcoming Rounder issue, Tracy Bonham's Blink the Brightest. I think that you'll find Tracy to be quite an exciting voice. Thanks to Rounder for providing the streams. Watch for an upcoming review.

Something Beautiful - Windows Media

Eyes - Windows Media

We'll definitely be back.

Varese Sarabande announces a Box Set issue for Johnny Cash that stems from his Sun years. This Box set will be called The Original Sun Albums: The Complete Collection and is to be issued on May 24. Also on the 24th of May is the 2CD Satan's Circus from Death in Vegas, also from Varese Sarabande.

Impulse! Records will issue a SoundSaver jazz title from Michael White, his 1973 The Land of Spirit and Light on September 27. The label will also reissue Gabor Szabo's 1966 Spellbinder, Albert Ayler's New Grass, and Oliver Nelson's Live from Los Angeles, all SoundSaver titles with the latter from Nelson coming on September 27 and the former two on September 13.

Verve is prepping The Complete Verve Studio Master Takes for Billie Holiday for a September 13 issue.

How many of you remember "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road?" That's right, Martha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright's father Loudon Wainwright III, whose "Dead Skunk..." title graced the airwaves in the early 70s, will release his next album, Here Come the Choppers! on April 19. This is Loudon's 21st album and will be supported by a tour, (check dates below in the PollStar search utility). You can click this link to acess an ecard that will give you some music to enjoy and a chance to buy.

We have a few untitled projects for albums that are presently being worked on by the following artists, Willie Nelson (Lost Highway - August 2 - CD/LP); Tracy Lawrence (Dreamworks Nashville - September 20); Paul Brown (GRP - July 12); and Tori Baxley (Dreamworks Nashville - September 27.)

Trauma Records announces EuphoraPhonic's Stone in the Sand landing on June 7.

This time I get it right. Lost Highway will issue Ryan Adam's September album on both CD and LP with the date being September 13.

We have 3 mid-line priced titles from RCA that are reissues for John Denver. Denver's Back Home Again, Rhymes and Reasons, and John Denver's Greatest Hits will be released to stores on June 7.

Sanctuary Records will release Twenty from Robert Cray on May 24.

Seether's Karma and Effect will be issued from Windup Records on May 24.

This sent in from a TAP reader. There hasn't been any news in the US that I have seen as of yet however, a Mark Knopler's British fansite is reporting that Mercury (likely England) is planning a 20th Anniversary Special Edition SACD for Brothers in Arms that will feature a Surround mix. It is scheduled for May 9.

Hollywood Records announces two interesting DVD titles for September 13 with one from Jesse McCartney and another from Queen. The projects are title-less for now.

Palm Pictures will release the very interesting The Nomi Song on DVD after its brief run in theatres in February. This DVD is expected to drop on June 14.

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: On 13th June 2005, Sanctuary Visual Entertainments will release Beyond The Beginning - an ELP definitive 2DVD collection of legendary performances, rare and previously unreleased material. "This 2-disc DVD set includes performances from every stage of their career, including 44 minutes of ELP headlining the massive California Jam festival in 1974 (Disc 2). This rare and spectacular footage has never been released before and captures the band at the peak of their powers with a production to match. Much sought after by fans, this film includes the famous spinning piano sequence." ... "Extras include a 17-minute, never-before-seen film of ELP in rehearsal and demonstrating the extraordinary level of musicianship that defined their recordings and live show"

1. America (The Nice) - 1969 Beat Club
2. Fire (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown) - 1969 Beat Club 3. 21st Schizoid Man (King Crimson) - 1969 ELP IN PICTURES 1. Take A Pebble (1970 The Beat Club) 2. Knife Edge (1970 Belgium) 3. Rondo / Pictures (Montage from Isle of Wight performances 1970) 4. Rondo (1970 Belgium) 5. Lucky Man (1970 Belgium) 6. Tarkus / Eruption (Japanese Promo) 7. Hoedown (1973 Manticore) 8. Tank (1973 Manticore) 9. Still You Turn Me On (1974 Cal Jam) 10. Karn Evil 9 (1974 Cal Jam) 11. I Believe In Father Christmas (1975 Original Promo) 12. Honky Tonk Train Blues (1976 Oscar Peterson Show) 13. Tocatta (1976 Aquarius) 14. Fanfare For The common Man (1977) 15. Pirates (1977 Montreal) 16. Tiger In The Spotlight (1977 Pop Rock) 17. Watching Over You (1978 Memphis) 18. Tarkus (1992 Royal Albert Hall) 19. Touch And Go (1997 Budapest)

Full 44-minute performance from the monster one-day festival with ELP's never released headlining performance:
1. Tocatta
2. Still You Turn Me On
3. Lucky Man
4. Piano improvisations
5. Take A Pebble
6. Karn Evil 9 1st impression part 2
7. Karn Evil 9 3rd impression
8. Spinning Piano
9. Great Gates of Kiev
* Extended edit of unseen rehearsal film from 1973
* Extended edit of unseen Brands Hatch celebrity motor race featuring all of ELP
* Extended edit of exclusive new interview with Bob Moog, talking at length about his involvement with Keith Emerson and ELP's sound
* The story of the album covers. Sequence looking at the extraordinary history of ELP's album covers

I couldn't have said it better. Thanks, Mark, for the lead-in.


April 11, 2005

I'm going to be the first to admit that I've screwed up, well, actually too light a word. It's more like f****d up. Yes, I'm coming down off that high perch of yore. Here's my crime. I've securely wrapped myself up in a gauze of snootiness and indifference. I've ignored a lot of today's (and yesteryears') crop of music and now I've a bit of hell to pay for it. I've been critical of music having lost much of its allure. Which isn't true at all. Today's kids march to a different drum, a new rhythm. I've fallen into the trap that my parents were caught in, and their parents and so on and so forth (shades of Vonnegut!!) My parents ignored lots of what I found to be extraordinary. What they called a bastardization of genres, I called a magnificent blend. It was a different way for me to appreciate the old ways in a new light/sound and still call it my own. I was wrong to assume the same as my parents did in my generation, for this generation's offerings.

You see, I haven't been entirely ignorant. I have fallen in love with some that I feel are excellent bands producing excellent music but I've ignored far too much otherwise. One day, an epiphany came upon me; a moment of striking clarity the like that it couldn't be ignored. And it came in shepherd's clothing. It was an iTunes purchased tune of Bruce Springsteen rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (I first heard this live from Bruce and the boys back in Nov, 1978, in Milwaukee.) Ok, ok, I can hear it already. WHAT?! A Springsteen rendition of a traditional tune? That's what made it so fitting, that it came in such a multi-generational favourite. What I heard wasn't the song itself; it was magic that made the simple song work so well. I can't explain it but I'm sure that every last one of you know exactly what I'm talking about. When a song works, there's something more than the core components of the song in action; there's an eternal element imbued within. Since then, I've embraced today's music in a big way and have fallen back in love with music. It's all in the magic.

I'm talking about the absolutely great Bloc Party, I'm talking about the sound-worthiness of Louis XIV, Kaiser Chiefs, Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Comas, Mondo Diao, The Ivy, and others. And I'm left here wondering just what I've missed in the past. I just wanted you to know what transpired for me and thought that it might help a few of you. And so here it is. Sorry for the intrusion. I'll welcome your emails on the subject. Now if you'll excuse me but I've been getting a lot of emails on The Futureheads and I have to investigate...

I think what I miss is the feel of discovery that is inherent with being young. I need a new drug.

If you haven't already had a crack at the above mentioned titles, I highly recommend them all, especially Bloc Party.

We have an interesting thing for you. We were sent an email from the folks at Fuse TV who will air their Ultimate Fuse Gig: The VJ Search in a live finale on April 14, 10p ET. Drop in at FuseTV's website for the scoop on this search for a VJ. Check the site for a chance to vote in the process. There is also a locater on the site so that you can zero in on the channel in your area.

The Greenwich Village Folk Reunion, which will bring together Roger McGuinn, Eric Anderson, Odetta, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and John Stewart for an evening of history commencing Friday, May 6 at 8:00p ET at the Alice Tully Hall of Lincoln Center. If you have a chance, this would be great. Ticket prices are $40, $45, $75 and $125. Tickets are available through CenterCharge (212) 721-6500, online at www.lincolncenter.org or at the Alice Tully Hall Box Office.


I'm hard at work on a nice change to the site but I can already tell that it'll be months before it's finished. Likely, I'll put up the front page before the rest so that you can get a gander at it. I'm no designer but I do detect that I'm getting better. I want to take a moment to say to all of TAP's readers, and I believe that I speak for each of our fine writers, that you're great, every last one of you. I'm proud to be able to count you as friends.

The CSN Greatest Hits Contest is now on. Scroll down and to the right for the questions. Good luck, readers. There are only 2 copies.

Today, we have a review and a bit of music release news for you. The review comes from John Dunphy whose pen is unstoppable. And we wouldn't want it any other way. Today, he listens to Green Carnation's latest release, The Quiet Offspring.

Don't forget...Bloc Party.

We have a few date changes for you but they are mostly nice ones.

Astralwerks pushes their very low run issue of Athlete's upcoming Tourist from its original date of April 26 to the closer April 12. You may want to snag that one quick. Capitol Records move Bob Seger's upcoming reissue, Smokin' OPs (see further down for more Bob Seger reissue news), from original June 21 to new, more quickly accessible June 7. Capitol will push further into the year with LCD Soundsystem's self-titled effort going from April 26 to May 10.

It looks like Coldplay has named their upcoming June 7 work to X&Y. This may change.

Projekt Records announces their next releases, both due on May 31. These releases are Riverine from Autumn's Grey Solace and MEI-JYU from Alio Die & Jack or Jive. However, Projekt's first 2005 release is only available online and will not be available in stores. The Maxi-CD from Mira will contain 2 tracks from their upcoming June 2005 album, there i go daydreamer, an exclusive alternate mix of a third track from the album, and a rare cover song only available on vinyl issue from the band. This CD is called The Pieces Maxi and is available now via Projekt's site.

We have a large batch of 'best of' sets coming out from various labels all released on the same date of August 2. Here's a brief rundown:

  • The Babys - Capitol
  • The Beach Boys
  • Pat Benatar/Blondie - Back to Back Hits
  • Blondie
  • John Denver
  • Al Green/Teddy Pendergrass - Back to Back Hits
  • Wes Montgomery - Best of Wes
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Dan Seals
  • Stray Cats
  • George Thorogood (announced before)
  • The Tubes
  • Wilson Phillips

There's a new Charlie Sexton album on the horizon called Just Like Love releasing on August 2.

Here are more 'best of' collections and their dates of release. Man, are there a lot:

  • C-Murder - August 30
  • Master P (Edited and PA) - August 30
  • Nelson Riddle - August 30
  • Silkk the Shocker - August 30
  • Tru - August 30
  • Arrested Development - September 27
  • Blind Melon - September 27
  • Peabo Bryson - September 27
  • Nat King Cole - September 27
  • Spencer Davis Group - September 27
  • Hammer/Vanilla Ice - Back to Back Hits - September 27
  • Freddie Jackson - September 27
  • Gary Lewis & The Playboys - September 27
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service - September 27
  • Billy Squier - September 27
  • Sweet - September 27
  • Ike & Tina Turner - September 27
  • Whisper/Maze - Back to Back - September 27

Capitol will unleash Ebony Eyez' self-titled release on August 30 in both Edited and PA versions. Capitol will also release Bob Seger's 1973 release, Back in 72 on August 16.

This sent in from a TAP reader. There hasn't been any news in the US that I have seen as of yet however, a Mark Knopler's British fansite is reporting that Mercury (likely England) is planning a 20th Anniversary Special Edition SACD for Brothers in Arms that will feature a Surround mix. It is scheduled for May 9.

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