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September 2003


September 12, 2003

Just when the pain of loss begins to heal, we get another equally devastating blow. As many of you already know, Johnny Cash died tody at the age of 71. MusicTAP is at a loss to even speak about it. I remember every song that he sang as it issued from my tinny little AM radio that I carried with me everywhere I went. The novelty of "A Boy Named Sue", the harshness of "Ring of Fire", and, more recently, the pain of "Hurt" still resonates. Dw will be penning another tribute, his second in under a week, which we'll post.'s not THAT important, is it?

It was always cool to like Johnny Cash.

Even before his guest spot on U2's "Zooropa", there was something that set him apart from his country counterparts. Where they were corn-pone and downhome, he was a little darker, a bit more enigmatic. He was Clint Eastwood in a world of singing cowpokes and yodeling farmboys. He was part hellfire preacher and part grim reaper. He was your loving, ever-protective grandfather figure and, at the same time, the firebrand in the classic photograph, giving the camera the finger.

He came up through the ranks of the venerable Sun Records, was a mainstay of the classic Columbia years, had a sense of humor, as evidenced in his presentation of Shel Silverstein's "A Boy Named Sue" and, where most of his contemporaries were either dead, seriously retired or shilling in Branson, Missouri, he flourished. His first "American Recordings" disc was revelatory. It was stark, raw and real. It was everything Country forgot how to be.

He continued on in that vein until, this year, the legend was a star once again. His rendition of Trent Reznor's "Hurt" appeared on "American Recordings Four: The Man Comes Around" and forever changed how that song will be listened to from here on out. Reznor wrote a fantastic song, but in the hands of the dark striding preacher, it became as elemental as any time-tempered southern requiem.

But where his Phoenix-like comeback should have been a moment of crowning glory, it ended up being sadly prophetic. "The Man Comes Around" was recorded while Cash was near-fatally ill and even after its release, the usually robust singer seemed extra frail, showing his age in scary, uncharacteristic ways. He credited his survival, his reason for being, to his wife June Carter Cash, of the legendary Carter Family Singers. When she died in May, the music world lost an original voice and everyone kind of knew we would lose the other soon.

For me, it hurts most that we lost Warren Zevon early in the week and Johnny Cash later. Both men had been ill, been through hell, lived to create beautiful and haunting audio epitaphs, told stories through song and can never be replaced. No one in modern Country music has a clue about what it means to be as authentic, as real and as raw as Reverend John. Garth Brooks is candle flickering out. Toby Keith is less than a snap-cap in a toy gun. Johnny Cash was the ring of fire that reached around the circumference of the Earth with nothing more than a voice, a guitar and the truth.

It was always cool to like Johnny Cash. Guess what; it still is.

Before we get started too deeply here, I'm going to pass along a few items of note. The first concerns Duane Leyva of our Pit Stop weekly. He asks me to pass along that he is "...on vacation, drinking beer, and slapping his belly." I guess that means no Pit Stop this week. Well, he is on vacation so there will be no Pit Stop for this week. And...

We have two reviews to coast you through the weekend. Marco Passarelli has previewed the Epic Records release of Jeff Beck's latest, Jeff. We have a new contributor, Mike Lewis, who has listened to the newest Rancid disc, Indestructible. Read his thoughts on the album. Mike Lewis also plays bass for Sinizen (the band's website is unavailable at this time).

I'm alerted to a few changes with some releases that we have recently mentioned. The first is Depeche Mode's upcoming 101 DVD which will be moving to October 21 from the originally scheduled October 28. Don't you wish they'd all do that? We've mentioned some time ago about upcoming DVD-Audios from Phil Collins. They have bumped into 2004 which is also true concerning the DVD-Audio of Frank Sinatra's September of my Years. The, we hope temporary, casualty here is that of The Cars' and their debut album on DVD-Audio.

We have some more Warner news a little later as well as a few reviews. Right now, we have several pieces of interesting release news for you.

Sanctuary has a stream of CD and DVD titles that should make a few of you happy. There is a Bad Company CD with a companion DVD in the works for October 7. The title, In Concert: Merchants of Cool, should be fun to watch. The next issue, Blue Oyster Cult's A Long Day's Night, comes with a bonus DVD and is scheduled to arrive on October 7. Corrosion of Conformity continues the releases with their live offering, Live Volume. It too will come with a bonus DVD on October 7.

Continuing with Sanctuary releases for October 7 are Dokken's Live From the Sun. It will come with a DVD as a bonus. The same for Megadeth title, Rude Awakening, Queensryche's Live Evolution, and Styx's 21st Century. Finally, the series finishes with Widespread Panic's Live From the Backyard in Austin, TX.

Some days back, we mentioned that BMG was getting back into the DVD-Audio pool with a few titles. We didn't have the titles then but we have a few of them now. And so, the titles for the upcoming DVD-As are as follows:

  • Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father - J Records - November 4
  • Rod Stewart - It Had to be You: The Great American Songbook - J Records - November 4
  • Annie Lennox - Bare - J Records - November 4
  • Alicia Keys - Songs in a Minor - J Records - November 4

V2 Records will issue newcomer Katy Rose's Because I Can on January 27, 2004.

The upcoming Rush, Live in Rio DVD has some good stuff on it. Here's the skinny on the set. In addition to the fact that this set is coming on October 21 as well as the 3CD set, you can expect a full 3 hour show with all the stops pulled out.

This show was filmed with 22 cameras to provide every angle possible. It will be available in a 16x9 format with Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Stereo. Additionally, there will be extras that include a documentary that contains band interviews and backstage footage. You will also be able to exercise those rare multi-angle options for a few songs here. Oh, and there's easter eggs here, too. There is a ByTor and The Snow Dogs cartoon that's hidden in this set as well as a 1975 concert footage of the band's Fly by Night's "Anthem".

Warner news that we promised yesterday are anticipated releases of the following titles.

First off, I shouldn't have left some of you hanging on the Fleetwood Mac mention. It was nothing short of cruel. I just meant to rattle the cage and remind you that on November 4, you can get your anticipated (mine too) Rhino issued Expanded and Remastered Fleetwood Mac (the LB/SN line-up) and the 2CD Deluxe Editions of Rumours and Tusk.

Fans of Free (All Right Now: Paul Rodgers/Paul Kossoff years) will get an as yet unannounced title on November 4. We don't stop here. There's more.

Matchbox 20 has a title arriving on November 4 as well as P.O.D.'s latest, Payable on Death in both standard issue and Limited Edition with bonus DVD.

There is a Robert Plant album coming. It's titled Sixty Six to Timbuktu.

There is also a Cure box set arriving to stores. Join the Dots will be a 4CD Box and is expected on November 11. The set consists of rarities and B-Sides.

Phil Collins fans will get a DVD, Serious Hits Live, the same day.

Finally, Talking Heads fans, get ready for the Talking Heads Box Set that will be contained on 3CDs and 1 DVD (expanded StoryTelling Giant). This November 11 set will be called, appropriately, Once in a Lifetime.

Ok everyone, enjoy that weekend. We'll see you Monday with more reviews and news.

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  • Jessica Simpson- Last Call w/Carson Daly - 1:35a ET - NBC
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The Digital Bits

September 11, 2003

Good morning. We're a day away from Friday. Some of you are nearing it much faster than I am but regardless, enjoy it when it gets here. First off, our email server has captured our email and refuses to pass them on. The company is trying to fix it but I'm afraid that my 100 valid emails and my 900 sobig virus emails are lost to me. If you have sent email to me over the last few days, please resend it. Bummer!

What do we have here? There are some cool release pieces from Warner that we'll talk about. After that? Well...Friday's news.

Joe Poropatich and Noelle have listened to the latest Jewel disc, 0304, and have written up a review. Stop in and check it out.

People have asked repeatedly inquired after the Black Sabbath box so here's some news for you concerning it. This set is expected to release on November 4 and will be referred to as The Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978). This box will be 8CDs and will include 1 DVD.

But there are some earlier great stuff on the calendars. On October 28, you can look forward to R.E.M. title, In Time: The Best of REM 1988-2003. This collection will be released in several styles and formats, all on the same day. There will be a DVD version that will be issued in both Amaray and the increasingly popular DVD Jewel Case. Additionally, the set will be available as a CD standard issue and a 2CD Limited Edition. There will also be a DVD-Audio issue.

As always, remember, things happen at this time of year. Things get moved around and things get lost. Just keep that in mind when marking your calendars.

DVD Audio news also include Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells 2003. There is also a Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Sammy Davis Jr (Rat Pack) DVD-Audio, The Rat Pack Live at The Villa Venice. Need more? The great Jackson Browne issue, Running on Empty, will be released as a DVD-Audio on October 28, same as the above titles.

DVD issues for October 28 include an Erasure 'best of', Hits! The Videos. That Erasure title will be supplemented by a separate release, The Best of Erasure CD that will come with a bonus DVD. Another anticipated DVD issue will be Devo's The Complete Truth about De-Evolution. Depeche Mode will release a DVD on October 28 called 101.

One more piece for King Crimson fans. Sanctuary Records will be releasing a 2DVD set on October 7 titled Eyes Wide Open.

A reminder for the David Bowie SACD titles, Scary Monsters, Let's Dance, and (ohh yeeaah) Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. These titles will street on October 21 from Virgin Records. Which are you waiting for? But those aren't the only ones coming from EMI as SACD. That's right, there is Roxy Music's reportedly astonishing Avalon making it's way to American shores. It's heating up in HiRez land. But soon you'll have your own downloadable calendar to keep track of it all.

Wow!! That's a lotta stuff to mark on your calendar. Regardless, we have more Warner CD news for you concerning Talking Heads, P.O.D., Matchbox 20, Phil Collins, The Cure, Robert Plant, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots, and Fleetwood Mac. And we have a ton of DVD releases for you as well. We also have the titles from BMG that will release as DVD-Audio that we hinted at in an earlier post. But you'll have to come back tomorrow for those. We might even have more than that. See you.

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The Digital Bits

September 10, 2003

Time to move on after the tragedy of Sunday. We hope that you liked the small memorial that we placed online for Warren Zevon. We'll miss him. We wish his family the best.

Today, we have some brief release news for you. We also have a few reviews for you as well. John P Dunphy has gone and spun Mercury Tide's latest, Why? issued by Century Media. Check it out. We also have Brett Rudolph's listen to JVC's XRCD24 recording of Art Pepper's Landscape - Art Pepper Live in Tokyo '79. I finally completed the Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies DVD-Audio review--finally. It's here now. I'm working on the DVD-Audios of Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare, ELP's Brain Salad Surgery, Chicago's II and V, and Donald Fagen's Kamakiriad (which is excellent sonically and otherwise) reviews. Watch for those.

The interesting news on the release front is the scheduling of a 2CD set for Peter Gabriel. The working title, HIT, is scheduled to street on November 4. As of right now, there is no info as to the content so we'll have to wait. As soon as we know, you know.

Lost Highway Records is preparing a release of Ryan Adams' Rock N Roll in both CD format and LP. That one is expected to street on November 4.

We have a couple of DVD news for you. The first is Slipknot with their Welcome to Our Neighborhood and the second is U2's Go Home- Live From Slane Castle. Both are scheduled for November 18 with Slipknot coming from Roadrunner and U2 from Island Records.

More DVD news with the scheduling of No Doubt's Rock Steady Live, expected on November 25 from Interscope. Interscope is also readying a 'best of' for No Doubt called The Singles Collection. That CD set will arrive in stores on November 11, preceding the DVD by a few weeks.

Hip-O Records has a Vangelis title on the calendar, Odyssey - The Definitive Collection. You can get this set when it releases on November 4.

For the upcoming holidays, Rounder is readying another grand Leon Redbone Christmas disc, Christmas Island. Be ready for that one on November 4.

Ok...Warner news tomorrow that you'll definitely want to check back for. And to let you know that we're not idle and that we're hard at work..and I do mean hard at work, on something that you have been asking for for a long long time. We are preparing a downloadable TAPSheet for upcoming SACD/DVD-As that we'll keep updated. Eventually, we'll get release data for regular CDs on it. And maybe we'll get to the point where you can even get import news on it as well. We promised and we're going to deliver.

See you tomorrow.

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The Digital Bits

September 9, 2003

When Johnny Strikes Up The Band...

The universe's empathic musical sphere lost a note before we published this day's posting. And Warren Zevon occupied a larger portion of that space than many. Diagnosed last year with inoperable lung cancer, Warren went on to produce yet another album of memorable music including his pensive cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

We at MusicTAP, indeed around the world, feel a huge tear in our hearts as we mourn his passing Sunday, 2003. Mark that date, 09/07, on your virtual calendar and every year bring out your favourite WZ song, play it, and remember one of the great talents of our musical continuum.

As Warren was fond of saying..."Enjoy Every Sandwich."

Adam Jahnke of The Digital Bits has written a personal tribute that we are pleased to puiblish here. It's followed by MusicTAP's Dw Dunphy's tribute.

Play It All Night Long:
Warren Zevon, 1947 – 2003

When it was announced last year that Warren Zevon had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, it should not have come as such a shock. After all, he’d been grappling with mortality through his music since the 1970’s. Just two years earlier, he’d released an album entitled Life’ll Kill Ya. This is a guy whose iconic symbol was a skull with sunglasses smoking a cigarette. Ol’ Velvet Nose, it was called. And though he’d been sober for going on twenty years, there had been a time when Warren Zevon lived as hard a life as any rock star. Harder than most with glasses.

Likewise, when the news came on Monday that Warren had finally succumbed to the disease, that shouldn’t have come as such a shock either. I mean, we’d had time to mentally prepare ourselves. We knew it was coming. He’d outlived his doctor’s prognosis by a good twelve months. When the first announcement came, Warren joked that he just wanted to live long enough to see the new James Bond movie. He did that. Given the gift of extra time, he then said he wanted to live long enough to hold the twin grandchildren his daughter, Ariel, was pregnant with. He did that, too.

Finally, Warren wanted to live long enough to record one last album. He did that and that, at least, was no shock. During the time he was recording The Wind, it was easy to picture Warren Zevon fending off death single-handedly, determined to record one more song with his last goddamn breath if need be. Sure, his ride was here but Warren wasn’t ready to go yet. Not while there was still more to say.

Like most people, my first exposure to Warren Zevon was the song “Werewolves of London”, the closest he ever came to having a hit single. But my real introduction came in 1982 when I bought his album The Envoy. I was hooked from the first notes of the title track. Imagine my surprise, then, to discover that The Envoy was considered one of his lesser albums. Perhaps it is, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for it and will always consider it one of the most underrated albums of the 1980’s. Songs like “Ain’t That Pretty At All” and “Looking For The Next Best Thing” became part of the soundtrack of my high school years.

As time went on, I caught up with the Zevon back catalog and stayed current with whatever his latest project was. I remember my dad hearing me playing “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” and asking who this guy was covering Linda Ronstadt. I remember the relentless beat of “Sentimental Hygiene” making me wish I drove…and I absolutely despise driving. I remember smiling over the cyberpunk influences on his album Transverse City and thinking, “He reads the same books I do!”

With any cult figure such as Warren Zevon, the hardcore fans tend to gravitate toward each other and latch on to these kindred spirits for dear life. Certainly one common thread that binds us all together is a love of the English language. Warren wrote some of the smartest, most well crafted rock songs ever recorded. Whether it was politics, as in songs like “The Envoy” and “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner”, satirizing fame, as he did in songs like “Detox Mansion”, or his own brand of love song (“Searching For A Heart” and “Accidentally Like A Martyr” among my favorites), Warren’s voice rang through loud and clear. Other musicians envied Warren’s songwriting. The words were chosen meticulously and never overshadowed the music. “Desperadoes Under The Eaves” remains one of my favorite Zevon songs. To me, it’s nothing less than poetry set to music. From the brilliantly cynical opening verses…(“And if California slides into the ocean / Like the mystics and statistics say it will / I predict this motel will be standing / Until I pay my bill”)…to the haunting conclusion that ensures you will never forget how the air conditioner hum in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel sounds. “Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)”, from his 2002 album My Ride’s Here, wasn’t just a great song. It was one of the best short stories I’d heard in years.

While Warren Zevon was never a top-forty regular, a glance at the liner notes of his albums demonstrates the high esteem in which his peers held him. Musicians like Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Bob Dylan, David Gilmour, and Bruce Springsteen, among many others, all put in appearances on Zevon albums. And it wasn’t just the music community. Zevon shared songwriting credits with such authors as Carl Hiaasen, Mitch Albom, and Hunter S. Thompson.

If Warren Zevon slipped under your radar, I encourage you to look into his work. Genius, a 2002 retrospective from Rhino, is a fine single-disc starter course. Even better is Rhino’s two-disc 1996 anthology, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. If you like these, and I hope you do, dip into his albums. You can’t go wrong with Excitable Boy and My Ride’s Here. And definitely check out his swan song, The Wind. It’s bittersweet, to be sure, but it’s the least self-pitying work you will ever hear come out of someone looking down the barrel of his own impending death.

With the loss of Warren Zevon, there is now a gaping hole on the rock landscape that will likely never be filled. It’s said a lot whenever someone passes away but I truly believe there will never be another like Warren Zevon. His voice was just too much his own to ever be imitated. So thank you, Warren. Your music has filled my life for over twenty years and I, and millions like me, will miss it. I’ll miss the excitement of looking forward to a new Warren Zevon album. I’ll miss your appearances on Letterman. But we’ll always have your music. Like you ask on The Wind, I will keep you in my heart for awhile. A long while.

Get some sleep, Warren. You’ve earned it.

Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon never got the attention his El-Lay compatriots in the heady Elektra / Asylum stable did. Yeah, you knew about him, and you probably heard "Werewolves Of London", but the majority would only know that song from the soundtrack of "The Color Of Money".

This will probably be the thing that will allow Warren Zevon to live on long after his cohorts pass into the realm of the eternal, all-night oldies radio station. People will discover him for the first time, or rediscover him. They'll find out what he was saying behind that gruff, insinuating voice. They'll find the songs of genuine tenderness, pointed anger and mostly, a wicked sense of humor. They'll find stories told of strange people, lonely people, people in and out of love, out of luck and out of time.

They'll also find out just how well respected he was in the industry, who worked with him and who listened to him. As the lead of the side-project Hindu Love Gods, Zevon fronted R.E.M... On the song "Jeannie Needs A Shooter", he co-wrote with Springsteen. He's hosted Jerry Garcia, Neil Young and George Clinton on his records. He has been mentioned as a personal favorite of Robert Zimmerman's (look it up). The names will come out in the eulogies, of which I hope there are many. I hope that when they do, fans of these individuals will take that second look.

I can't help but think of the last track on Zevon's self-titled second album, "Desperadoes Under The Eaves" and how the end sounds like a salute now. The string section that opened the song comes back in force, a men's choir mimics the "air-conditioner hum" and the tone of the piece becomes something akin to a soldier's solemn march. "Look away, down Gower Avenue... Look away..." The song said goodbye to the listener of the record and now it seems to say goodbye to me.

Had I known the man personally, and had he just read my sickeningly sentimental overview, he'd probably tell me to stop my bawling and quit watching the Lifetime network. The world is a little quieter and a tad more normal in his passing and we're lesser for it.

Buy a Warren Zevon CD today.

From the personal collection of TAP reader, Amy.

A final observation before we close for the day. This one from TAP reader Mike. -

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zevon a couple of years ago, bumped into him in a Borders Books in Los Angeles. Very nice guy, down-to-earth, very approachable. Meeting him is a special memory for me. He was one of rock & roll's true original voices. He will be missed. What a generous and courageous gift his last album, "The Wind", is to his fans. God bless Warren Zevon.

Come back and see us tomorrow. We'll have reviews and more release news. And remember..."...we should enjoy every sandwich." -- Warren Zevon, 2003.

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The Digital Bits

September 8, 2003

When Johnny Strikes Up The Band...

The universe's empathic musical sphere lost a note before we published this day's posting. And Warren Zevon occupied a larger portion of that space than many. Diagnosed last year with inoperable lung cancer, Warren went on to produce yet another album of memorable music including his pensive cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

We at MusicTAP, indeed around the world, feel a huge tear in our hearts as we mourn his passing Sunday, 2003. Mark that date, 09/07, on your calendar and every year bring out your favourite WZ song, play it, and remember one of the great talents of our musical continuum.

As Warren was fond of saying..."Enjoy Every Sandwich."

Tomorrow, we'll post a tribute to Warren Zevon. We will not detract from the occasion with what can only be perceived as trivial news during this sad moment. I do offer this, if you have words to say, send them to me. We'll extract and post some of the memorable ones in a medley of sentences. Our sendoff to the Werewolf of London.

Ahh oooo...

Whooo...did Rolling Stone open a can of worms or what?! Personally, I would have found another way to sell an issue. Truly, their list was wrong and uninformed. Additionally, it shows a once proud magazine in the 'out of touch' light that it has been fogged in for a while..quite a while. Despite their assertions that they have begun a lively debate, they have really showed their ignorance. No matter. Let me take this opportunity to apologize, on the fans' behalf, to all of the 'forgotten' guitarists that truly earned their place on that misbegotten RS list and were neglected by RS. I'm ashamed that I even had to write this.

We've received a ton of email concerning our little rant on Friday concerning the RS slights and, in addition, more guitarists that should have been listed. We had forgotten:

  • Rory Gallagher
  • Adrian Belew
  • Brian Setzer
  • John Lee Hooker
  • Nancy Wilson
  • Slim Harpo
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Alex Lifeson
  • Steve Hackett

I'm stopping here. We merely grabbed a few reader observations and noted them. Rolling Stone...(rolls eyes).

Mouthwashing this yuck, let's take a look at what's down the pike.

On October 14, Shout! Factory will release a Jim Croce title, Jim Croce Home Recordings: Americana. No word on the details yet. They will also release a live Croce DVD, Have You Heard Jim Croce Live. This DVD will be released on October 14.

Columbia Records will issue the SACD MultiChannel/Stereo disc of Kelly Rowland's 2002 release, Simply Deep. This is expected to release on October 21.

Mudvayne has a live album coming out as well as a DVD. The live album, Mudvayne Live, is scheduled for October 14 whilst the as yet untitled DVD is planned for November 4. More on this as news become available.

Epic Records is releasing a DVD for one of the clearly neglected guitarists on "THE LIST", Steve Vai. The DVD, Live at the Astoria, will be made available to you on October 21.

On November 4, Shout! Factory is issuing 3 Marshall Tucker Band titles. They will be The Marshall Tucker Band: A New Life; Stompin' Room Only; and The Marshall Tucker Band. Back on these titles in upcoming posts.

A long time ago, we posted that we had heard that Simon & Garfunkel may get together for a tour. This, folks, appears that it's finally going to happen. THIS will be an important moment in Rock history. Do try to become a part of it, if you can. Use that handy utility at the bottom of this page to locate scheduled shows near you. On the subject of S&G, Columbia/Legacy will issue an Essential Simon & Garfunkel title on October 14.

Come back tomorrow for some news on Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Smith, Norah Jones, Miles Davis, a new batch of King Biscuit Live titles, and Basement Jaxx.

In the meantime, how about some reviews of some great discs for you. We have Yes' recent release of 4 Rhino Expanded and Remastered titles of Close to the Edge / Tales From Topographic Oceans / Relayer / Going for The One; and Jane's Addiction's latest, Strays. Is this a way to start out the week? Now, if only we could turn back the hands of time and give RS another chance to get that list right.

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