Review: Witchy Feelin’ – Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown have always been an underrated band. Of course, they have a fan base but in the big scheme of things, they were under appreciated. And for the life of me, it’s something I don’t understand. Regardless, from their origin dates (somewhere in the ’60s) to this advanced Millennial date, Kim Simmonds, who is the mainstay of the band since the beginning, have produced almost thirty long players for the band. And many of them are stupendous.

In late August, Kim Simmonds, along with Pat DeSalvo (Bass), and Garnet Grimm (Drums), released Witchy Feelin’. With eleven original tracks, that album is as solid any almost anything the band has released including some of their very early albums.

Kim Simmonds is a master guitarist with an ability to play blues like few others. I can drone on and on about that but the new Savoy Brown album is better equipped to prove that and to display that in the eleven songs on it. I can tell you about the incredible slide guitar on “Standing In A Doorway”, or the era-conscious tunes of “Why Did You Hoodoo Me”, “Livin’ On The Bayou”, and “Guitar Slinger”. But overall, the songs on Witchy Feelin’ are a triumph of great Savoy Brown music.

You can trust me on this one, folks. If you EVER liked blues/rock or the music of Savoy Brown, you will not be disappointed in any of this album. When you have legacy bands trying to remain musically relevant to the times we’re in (and failing terribly), it’s refreshing to see that Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown have never lost a step.


4-Track Mastodon EP, Cold Dark Place, Planned

Mastodon is one of Rock’s best heavy metal bands these days. As such, they are always busy with music. Often, that means recorded tracks that don;t make the cut for a particular album although they were recorded in the sessions for the album. Those are popularly known as outtakes. It makes complete sense that a band with the creativity of Mastodon should have good music that didn’t make initial cuts but are too good to ignore. Enter in Cold Dark Place.

On September 22, Reprise Records will release a four-track EP from Mastodon. The songs included here are: “North Side Star”, “Blue Walsh”, “Toes To Toes”, and “Cold Dark Place”. With the exception of “Toes To Toes”, three of the listed tracks are songs recorded for the Once More ‘Round The Sun (2014) album but were shelved as outtakes. The remaining track, “Toes To Toes” was recorded for 2017’s Emperor Of Sand album but shelved.

Cold Dark Place is a fan interim release for the songs that never saw proper release as they were meant.