New Squeeze Album, The Knowledge, In October

When Squeeze arrived to delight pop fans everywhere with their brand of radio music, they didn’t know that just a few albums forward, they’d do more than capture a stable of die-hard fans. Fast forward a few decades from the late ’70s and ’80s, where the band was at the height of their popularity, and it’s not at all surprising o hear their name mentioned regularly among fans of New Wave.

In 2015, the band (without Jools Holland, who left after ArgyBargy), released he well accepted Cradle To The Grave album. And now, they’re back to follow that up with a new album, The Knowledge.

The Knowledge is being released via Love Records and will contain twelve new Difford and Tilbrook compositions. And judging by the already released single from The Knowledge (“Innocence In Paradise”), the band is still in top-notch quality. The Knowledge releases on October 13 on CD and DD. For vinyl fans, the vinyl LP edition streets on November 10.


25th Anniversary Set For Automatic For The People (R.E.M.)

R.E.M. has an anniversary arriving for Automatic For The People. Originally released in 1992, 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary for the classic album that spawned well over eighteen million units of sales. ┬áIn addition to the massive sales of the album, there were six singles pulled from the set that include “Drive”, “Man On The Moon”, “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight”, “Everybody Hurts”, “Nightswimming”, and “Find The River”. You’ll be hard pressed to find yourself not familiar with any one of those songs. Plus, if you’re a serious R.E.M. fan, then the entire album is well-known to you.

On November 10, a 25th Anniversary Edition of Automatic For The People is scheduled. For now, there is no information as to what will be included inside this awaited edition. But I’m sure it will be rich with content like its predecessors were.

I’ll update this post as more info becomes available.