New Peter Hammill Album, From The Trees

Van der Graaf Generator is a part of the pioneering group of bands that helped to define progressive rock as a genre. The long-style music and concepts of thought within the framework of every song produced by bands like Yes, and Van der Graaf Generator, were rich with sound drawing a strong collection of fans. As for Van der Graaf Generator, their largest fanbase extended to areas out of their UK base. Nevertheless, the band captured the attention and fancy of many within every country.

One of the major components of Van der Graaf Generator was Peter Hammill. In addition to his involvement with this legendary band, he has released over thirty studio solo albums.

On November 3, Peter Hammill will release his newest studio effort, From The Trees. The new album will feature ten new songs. They’re concentrated on what he refers to as the “third act of life” when “it’s time to look with a clear eye at where one’s been, at where one’s going”.

From The Trees will issue on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

From The TreesPeter Hammill

01 – My Unintended
02 – Reputation
03 – Charm Alone
04 – What Lies Ahead
05 – Anagnorisis
06 – Torpor
07 – Milked
08 – Girl To The North Country
09 – On Deaf Ears
10 – The Descent