New Bootsy Collins Album, World Wide Funk

If ever one needed a new album of Funk from masters of the craft, it’s probably now. During the ’70s, George Clinton’s brand of funk ruled the airwaves, not entirely, but enough for us to realize his bands were masters of the craft. One of the main sources of music from the bands was William “Bootsy” Collins. His brand of music not only energized P-Funk but also filled hours with his own Bootsy’s Rubber Band. His own band released more than twenty studio, live, and collected sets from 1976 with the debut of Stretchin’ Out In Bootsy’s Rubber Band (with the memorable cover) to the last release, Tha Funk Capitol Of The World, issued in 2011.

On October 27, Mascot Records will release the next Bootsy Collins album. It’s called World Wide Funk and will contain fifteen new songs with a host of heavy hitters attending.

World Wide Funk will be released on CD, DD, and two 140g-weight splatter colored vinyl LPs. The LPs will pack in a download rights card for the digital content.

Until then…”flashlight, spot light, neon light, stop light…”


Metallica’s Master Of Puppets To Get Massive Attention

With the news that Metallica is remastering Masters of Puppets, their 1986 classic, and are packaging the set in several kinds of sets has made the community of fans delighted. Even more, the Super Deluxe Box will be massive in every sense of the word. Best of all, for the gradient level of fans, the album will be a targeted to all with matching price points.

On November 10, Rhino Records in conjunction with Blackened Records, will reissue Master Of Puppets to thoroughly provide the most definitive of the album.

Watch for the standard release of CD, DD, and vinyl LP. To expand for the growing fan, there will be a 3CD edition that provides the original album remastered, a CD with a collection of eleven demos, riffs from personal tapes, a few rough mixes of tracks, and an interview, and a 3rd CD with selected live performance tracks from various stops along the Damage, Inc tour. But for the SERIOUS fan, there’s this:

The Remastered Deluxe Box of Master of Puppets will provide all of the following:

  • 10 CDs
  • 3 LPs
  • 2 DVDs
  • 1 Cassette
  • 108 page hardbound book
  • A set of 6 collectible buttons
  • Lithograph
  • Replica folder of handwritten lyrics

The ten CDs offer the original album remastered, two CDs of interviews, three richly explored CDs of rough mixes, riff tracks, demos, outtakes, four CDs of live performance shows.

The three LPs will provide the remastered Master of Puppets, with the LPs 2 and 3 providing the complete Aragon Ballroom (Chicago) show from May 5, 1986.

The cassette will provide a live show from Stockholm, Sweden (9/26/1986).

The 2 DVDs will provide video for lives shows, MTV interviews, and other interests.

It may hold the prize for the most adorned definitive box for an album ever.


Debut Album By Lawrence Rothman, The Book Of Law

Music today is a whole different beast. So some say. But not really. In fact, much of the music heard these days are derivative in a good way. We’re truly ensconced in a world that has pretty much seen and done everything, although levels of outrageous art has differed by societal allowance. One of the more interesting artists in today’s indie world is Lawrence Rothman.

Lawrence Rothman sang for The Living Things. The Living Things was a hard rock, glam unit that kept music at a fever pitch (hear “I Owe” here. And since you’re there, check out their other videos.) After a time, Lawrence decided to do his own compositions. Influenced by the unique lens view of his wife, famed photographer, artist, and indie director, Floria Sigismondi (she’s directed videos for David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, The Cure, Katy Perry, and Marilyn Manson (the edgy “Beautiful People” video), among others, and has directed the movie, The Runaways, as well as a series of commercials for television ), Lawrence Rothman has adopted an edgy style for his new solo music. She also directed the Leonard Cohen video for “In My Secret Life” (here). Yes, she’s that exciting.

The noticeable artistic departure from his Living Things days is more than evident in his solo string of music videos. All shot by Floria, they are as different as night is to day. And the songs that Lawrence Rothman provides are as extraordinary as the visual art (see “Wolves Still Cry”, and his latest, “Ain’t Afraid Of Dying” below). “Ain’t Afraid of Dying” has a hint of Lou Reed vibe to it. The music is decadent, but edgy!

On October 13, the debut solo issue from Lawrence Rothman called The Book Of Law, will release. The album will feature twelve songs including the previously mentioned “Ain’t Afraid Of Dying”, with Marissa Nadler, “and Wolves Sill Cry”. Both songs are stunning and memorable. But keep your mind open. While there are other available songs, I have a feeling this will be a stunner of an album.

Ain’t Afraid Of Dying

Wolves Still Cry


Long Anticipated New Beck Album, Colors, Arrive In October

Beck is long considered to be an indie favorite. With delightful songs and albums, Beck gave his fan base a suite of compositions that have set him aside. In 1993, Beck released Golden Feelings, an album that was initially issued only on cassette. His next album, Stereopathetic Soulmanure, lit a fire on his pathway to acceptance. Just a month later, Beck issued his third album, Mellow Gold, on a major label (DGC Records), and racked up over a million in sales earning him his first platinum record. Odelay, released in 1996, climbed even further.  Since Odelay, Beck has released seven albums, with his last one, Morning Phase, released in 2014.

On October 13, Capitol Records will bring fans the next Beck studio album with Colors. Colors will provide ten songs with three of them already having been issued as fore-running singles from an album that took longer to materialize than normal.

Dreams” was released in 2015 in June, while “Wow” came out in June, 2016. Both songs will be joined by the latest single, “Dear Life”, as well as the anticipated album’s other seven tunes.

Colors will be released on CD, DD (including HD versions of the digital songs), and red colored vinyl LP.


01 – Colors
02 – Seventh Heaven
03 – I’m So Free
04 – Dear Life
05 – No Distraction
06 – Dreams
07 – Wow
08 – Up All Night
09 – Square One
10 – Fix Me


New Peter Hammill Album, From The Trees

Van der Graaf Generator is a part of the pioneering group of bands that helped to define progressive rock as a genre. The long-style music and concepts of thought within the framework of every song produced by bands like Yes, and Van der Graaf Generator, were rich with sound drawing a strong collection of fans. As for Van der Graaf Generator, their largest fanbase extended to areas out of their UK base. Nevertheless, the band captured the attention and fancy of many within every country.

One of the major components of Van der Graaf Generator was Peter Hammill. In addition to his involvement with this legendary band, he has released over thirty studio solo albums.

On November 3, Peter Hammill will release his newest studio effort, From The Trees. The new album will feature ten new songs. They’re concentrated on what he refers to as the “third act of life” when “it’s time to look with a clear eye at where one’s been, at where one’s going”.

From The Trees will issue on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

From The TreesPeter Hammill

01 – My Unintended
02 – Reputation
03 – Charm Alone
04 – What Lies Ahead
05 – Anagnorisis
06 – Torpor
07 – Milked
08 – Girl To The North Country
09 – On Deaf Ears
10 – The Descent


New Morrissey Album, Low In High School

Morrissey forged a name not only for the band he fronted, The Smiths, but also for himself. His appearance as a strong frontman to a great musical band, filled with engaging angst expressed by well-written lyrics. The Smiths were only able to eek out four studio efforts (The Smiths – 1984. Meat Is Murder – 1985, The Queen Is Dead – 1986, and Strangeways, Here We Come – 1987) before succumbing to the wiles of Rock. But in that time, they issued a handful of singles that, when coupled with deep tracks from the albums, and a few non-album songs, have filled many a collection.

Following the demise of The Smiths, Morrissey has released a string of excellent albums, many which landed in the UK charts in the Top Ten region. His first, Viva Hate, was released in 1988. His most recent was World Peace Is Non Of Your Business (2014).

On November 17, BMG Records will released a new album by Morrissey that will be known as Low In High School. As for now, litle else is known about the album, what songs are in it, or even a cover shot. But I do know that the album will be issued on CD, DD, colored vinyl LP, and a limited edition cassette.

Ian Dury’s New Boots And Panties!! Get 4CD/1LP 40th Anniversary Edition

Back in 1977, when I bought my first copy of the Ian Dury debut, New Boots and Panties!!, never once did I figure to this extraordinary album to be remembered as well as it has been. In seeing Lou Reed on his tour for Street Hassle at Chicago’s Park West, I enjoyed Ian Dury and The Blockheads as an opening act. From that time to this writing, this album is never far from my mind. Therefore, I’m always pleased to see it recognized for what it is, an enduring document of the changing late ’70s that transitioned into the New Wave of the ’80s. Make no mistake, New Boots And Panties is a classic.

On October 27, Edsel Records will revisit New Boots And Panties!! with a 4CD/1LP 40th Anniversary Edition. Besides the new remaster of the original ten-track album, this box will cram a definitive revue of this album with a wide range of demos, a few outtakes, a few live tracks, a selection of John Peel Sessions, as well as a complete live set from Dury’s Paris Theater (London) on 01/07/1978. Topping this all off with a vinyl LP of the original album, this 40th Anniversary Edition should seal a deal for any serious fan of Ian Dury. The Paris Theater show has never been available on CD until now.

This set will include a 12″ by 12″ hard cover book (where the CDs and LP are housed). Inside, a pull-out 8-page booklet will highlight the album and the era it was released in by photos, liner notes, and other things.

Looking forward to this UK import in a big way!

New Boots And Panties!! – Ian Dury

CD1 (Original Album):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sweet Gene Vincent
03. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
04. My Old Man
05. Billericay Dickie
06. Clevor Trever
07. If I Was With A Woman
08. Blockheads
09. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man

CD2 (Bonus, Outtakes, Live, John Peel Sessions):
01. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
02. Razzle In My Pocket
03. You’re More Than Fair
04. England’s Glory [live]
05. Close To Home
06. Two Steep Hills
07. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (BBC John Peel Session)
08. Clevor Trever (BBC John Peel Session)
09. Sweet Gene Vincent (BBC John Peel Session)
10. Blockheads (BBC John Peel Session)

CD3 (Demos):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sink My Boats
03. Apples
04. England’s Glory
05. Tell The Children
06. I Made Mary Cry
07. Sweet Gene Vincent [backing track]
08. Blackmail Man
09. My Old Man
10. Something’s Going To Happen In The Winter
11. Wifey
12. Sink My Boats [alternate version]
13. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
14. If I Was With A Woman
15. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
16. Clevor Trever
17. Blockheads

CD4 (Live at The Paris Theatre – London – 01/07/1978):
01. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll
02. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
03. Clevor Trever
04. Plaistow Patricia
05. I Made Mary Cry
06. What A Waste
07. Blockheads
08. If I Was With A Woman
09. Upminster Kid
10. Sweet Gene Vincent
11. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll (Reprise)

LP (Original Album):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sweet Gene Vincent
03. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
04. My Old Man
05. Billericay Dickie
06. Clevor Trever
07. If I Was With A Woman
08. Blockheads
09. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man


The Lost Tapes by Can To Get Re-Released

While the date for this upcoming re-released Can box is still a few months away, it’s still worth noting for fans to get prepared for what will (still) be a pricey and limited edition set.

On November 3, Mute Records will re-release The Lost Tapes on 180g-weight black vinyl. The box will number five discs. This box was originally released back in 2012.

The Lost Tapes were discovered when Can’s studio was sold. In dismantling the studio, these tapes of shelved recordings were discovered. Pretty much over fifty hours of recordings with poor labeling. That meant that he apes had to be listened to individually, a lengthy task although not an unpleasant one.

If you missed out on the last set before it sold out, I hope you get lucky his time.

New Chris Hillman Album, Bidin’ My Time, Planned for September

Byrds fans are likely happy with the fact that a new album by Chris Hillman is just around the corner. And it’s bringing a few surprises along with it. Hillman was a part of The Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, as well as his own solo projects.

On September 22, Hillman will be releasing his new solo effort, Bidin’ My Time. The album will contain twelve songs including a reworked version of Davies and Seeger’s “The Bells of Rhymney”. That song was first recorded by The Byrds for their Mr Tambourine Man debut back in 1965. “Here She Comes Again” is getting a proper studio version on this new album. Other surprises include a new studio work of “Old John Robertson” as well as “She Don’t Care About Time”, which was a B-side to “Turn! Turn! Turn!”.

For Bidin’ My Time, Chris Hillman will be joined by David Crosby, and Roger McGuinn on some tracks. Also in the mix are Benmont Tench, and Mike Campbell. Tom Petty produced the album. Rounder Records will issue the album.

Bidin’ My Time will be released on CD, LP, and DD. Hillman will embark on a 19-date US tour in support of the album.

Bidin’ My Time – Chris Hillman

01. Bells of Rhymney
02. Bidin’ My Time
03. Given All I Can See
04. Different Rivers
05. Here She Comes Again
06. Walk Right Back
07. Such Is The World That We Live In
08. When I Get a Little Money
09. She Don’t Care About Time
10. New Old John Robertson
11. Restless
12. Wildflowers


Montrose Gets 2CD Deluxe Editions Of Montrose, Paper Money

On August 2, I posted this little bit about Hagar-era Montrose receiving remastered vinyl LP treatments. I had a hunch that CDs were just around the corner as well. Now, it looks like the hunch is coming to fruition with the news that expanded 2CD remasters of both Montrose, and Paper Money, will be hitting the marketplace, at least in the UK (for now).

On October 13 (same date as the vinyl LPs), watch for the 2CD Editions.

Montrose (1973) will add a second CD filled with six demo tracks, and eleven KSAN Live tracks from April 21, 1973:


1. Rock The Nation
2. Bad Motor Scooter
3. Space Station #5
4. I Don’t Want It
5. Good Rockin’ Tonight
6. Rock Candy
7. One Thing On My Mind
8. Make It Last

01. One Thing On My Mind
02. Shoot Us Down
03. Rock Candy
04. Good Rockin’ Tonight
05. I Don’t Want It
06. Make It Last
Live (KSAN Radio Session, Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA 4/21/73)
07. Intro
08. Good Rockin’ Tonight
09. Rock Candy
10. Bad Motor Scooter
11. Shoot Us Down
12. One Thing On My Mind
13. Rock The Nation
14. Make It Last
15. You’re Out Of Time
16. Roll Over Beethoven
17. I Don’t Want It

Paper Money (1974), the last album to retain Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist, will add a second CD filled with eight KSAN live performance tracks (no demos):

Paper MoneyMontrose

01. Underground (Remastered)
02. Connection (Remastered)
03. The Dreamer (Remastered)
04. Starliner (Remastered)
05. I Got The Fire (Remastered)
06. Spaceage Sacrifice (Remastered)
07. We’re Going Home (Remastered)
08. Paper Money (Remastered)

CD2 (Live KSAN Radio Session, Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA 12/26/74):
01. Intro
02. I Got The Fire
03. Rock Candy
04. Bad Motor Scooter
05. Spaceage Sacrifice
06. One And A Half
07. Roll Over Beethoven
08. Trouble
09. Space Station #5