50th Anniversary 2LP/2SACD Audiophile Box For The Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request

It’s nice to know that past albums from The Rolling Stones are still important enough to pursue the quality of an SACD release from a major label. In this case, the major label is Abkco, who released many of the Stones classic sets. Some years back, Abkco released SACD versions of all of the Stones albums under its tree. Those were well-received. And now, with the 50th Anniversary of Their Satanic Majesties Request around the corner (it was released on December 8, 1967), Abkco has decided to release a somewhat limiting package of the album with a 2LP/2SACD set. This new reissue will feature new remastering on both the Stereo and Mono sides, which account for the double formats here.

On September 22, this new box will feature two LPs pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. One will contain the Stereo version, while the other will provide the Mono version. The SACDs are similar in that they will feature the Stereo and Mono versions. It would be nice if the label would look beyond the niche market  (and perhaps they will) , and present standard CD reissues for sale of the new Bob Ludwig remasters. Nevertheless, it is equally important to understand that the SACDs are Hybrid and can therefore be played in standard CD players. It’s important to note that there are NOT any additional bonus track inclusions for this.

This 50th Anniversary Audiophile Edition will be cool with the original lenticular cover restored to the LPs. A 20-page book will accompany this exclusive and numbered edition.