New 3CD Columbia Retrospective Box, The Real…Mott The Hoople

Mott The Hoople has an amazing story to their history. At one time the band had planned to give up their Rock n roll ways despite being signed to Atlantic Records and having four excellent albums out. Soon, David Bowie arrived, and with Mick Ronson, soon turned the band into the powerhouse they were meant to be. Their debut release, All The Young Dudes, on Columbia Records produced the still-memorable Bowie-penned “All The Young Dudes” song. And anyone who has heard this album can attest to its selections that also includes a stunning cover of “Sweet Jane” (Velvet Underground).

In the remaining years left to the original band, they delivered two more great studio albums on Columbia Records (Mott – 1973, The Hoople – 1974). Between the last two, Mick Ralphs left to form Bad Company, and Ian Hunter left for a solo career after the last album. The live set, Mott The Hoople Live issued in 1974 to great success in both the US and the UK. The remaining band continued as Mott, issuing Drive On (1975), and Shouting And Pointing (1976). It goes without saying that Mott The Hoople had quite an impact on Rock and Roll. It may no have been as impactful as, say Led Zeppelin, but nevertheless, ask any fan of the band what THEY think of Mott The Hoople, and you’ll see an instant smile. then, get ready to sit and listen.

On September 22, Sony will release a 3CD set collecting  45 tunes from their Columbia sets, both as Mott The Hoople, and as the Ian Hunter-less Mott. It will be called The Real…Mott The Hoople.

While I’m not getting the title, I’m all in on this collection!

01. All the Young Dudes
02. Momma’s Little Jewel
03. Drivin’ Sister
04. Alice
05. Jerkin’ Crocus
06. Hymn For The Dudes
07. Sweet Jane
08. Where Do You All Come From
09. Henry & The H-Bomb
10. One of the Boys
11. Through The Looking Glass
12. I’m a Cadillac / El Camino Dolo Roso
13. Sea Diver
14. Ballad of Mott The Hoople
15. Sweet Angeline

Disc: 2
01. Roll Away the Stone
02. All the Way from Memphis
03. Lounge Lizard
04. Whizz Kid
05. Honaloochie Boogie
06. Crash Street Kidds
07. Violence
08. Born Late “58
10. Foxy Foxy
11. Ride On The Sun
12. Rest In Peace
13. I Wish I Was Your Mother
14. Marionette
15. Saturday Gigs

Disc: 3
01. Good Times
02. Pearl ‘N’ Roy (England)
03. Soft Ground
04. I. Hunter
05. Sucker
06. Trudi’s Song
07. The Great White Wail
08. Too Short Arms (I Don’t Care)
09. Stiff Upper Lip
10. American Pie / The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll
11. Shouting And Pointing
12. Black Scorpio
13. She Does It
14. By Tonight
15. The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll