Next David Bowie Box: A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)

With two massive box sets in the catalog, the music of David Bowie could never be so important. An artist the caliber of David Bowie, (something I never anticipated as I began listening to Bowie during the new release of Hunky Dory, and eventually backtracking to the previous three), commands that he be accessible in all ways. His labels have assuredly assembled many a project to insure that happened in every way. With Five Years (1969-1973) handling business for Space Oddity (1969) through Pin Ups (1973, and including Live Santa Monica ’72, and the OMPS for Ziggy Stardust, plus Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 doing the upkeep for Diamond Dogs (1974) through Station To Station (1976). Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 also provided for David Live, and Live Nassau Coliseum ’76, and included bonuses like The Gouster (unreleased album), and a few other nice things. Both sets provided a bonus disc of extras and a large book of details and photos.

It stands to reason that RCA would eventually get around to closing off their David Bowie involvement with a finishing Box that would encapsulate the remainder of his work. And that’s what we have coming:

On September 29, RCA will release A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982), which provides everything from Low (1977) through Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980), and including Stage (1978) along with a 2017 remastered version of Stage. There are also the Heroes EP, and a new Visconti remix of Lodger inside (along with the original mix). A new edition of ReCall (Re:Call 3) will provide bonus music from those album periods (singles, B-sides, etc.) In addition to the music, and like the previous Boxes, there will be a hardbound book with photos, information, memorabilia, and notes in 128 pages. And like the previous boxes, the CDs are contained in the standard cardboard mini-LP jackets.  The CDs are gold in color.

A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) will be made available as an 11CD box and a 13LP box.

The included Heroes EP is newly compiled with French and German versions of “Heroes”, both album and single versions.

Re:Call 3 Track List:

01. Heroes (Single Version)
02. Beauty and the Beast (Extended Version)
03. Breaking Glass (Australian Single Version)
04. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live) [Single Version]
05. D.J. (Single Version)
06. Alabama Song
07. Space Oddity (1979 Version)
08. Ashes to Ashes (Single Version)
09. Fashion (Single Version)
10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [Single Version]
11. Crystal Japan
12. Under Pressure (Single Version)
13. Baal’s Hymn (Der Choral Vom Großen Baal)
14. Remembering Marie A. (Erinnerung An Die Marie A.)
15. Ballad of the Adventurers (Die Ballad Von Den Abenteurern)
16. The Drowned Girl (Vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen)
17. The Dirty Song
18. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
19. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy

It would be brilliant for EMI and Columbia to continue this definitive boxing of eras!


Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology With Two Bonus Tracks

Brian Wilson is one of Rock’s most enigmatic personalities. Not only did he energize The Beach Boys, bur he also brought plenty of excitement over to his solo efforts. His first, Brian Wilson, was released by Sire Records back in 1988. It was received by his fans and was critically applauded. Over time, Brian Wilson has released eleven solo albums including No Pier Pressure, which was issued in 2015.

On September 22, Rhino Records and Warner Brothers Records will release Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology. It will be released on CD, DD, and 2LP.

Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology will pull eighteen songs from the Wilson catalog. Some of studio; some are live. For this set, Rhino will include two previously unreleased songs, “Run James Run”, written and recorded for this project, and “Some Sweet Day”, written back in the early ’90s for an unfinished project.

Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology – Brian Wilson

01 Love And Mercy
02 Surf’s Up
03 Heroes And Villains
04 Melt Away
05 Let It Shine
06 Some Sweet Day (Previously Unreleased)
07 Rio Grande
08 Cry
09 Lay Down Burden
10 The First Time (Live At The Roxy Theatre)
11 This Isn’t Love (Live At The Roxy Theatre)
12 Soul Searchin’
13 Gettin’ In Over My Head
14 The Like In I Love You
15 Midnight’s Another Day
16 Colors Of The Wind
17 One Kind Of Love
18 Run James Run (New Song)