The Doors To Release A 7″ Vinyl Single For “Light My Fire”

This bit of Friday news is for those rabid collectors of the small things that pertain to a band. And this one is particularly for Doors fans. On July 28, Rhino and Elektra will reissue a 7″ vinyl single of a Japanese pressing of “Light My Fire”. It is backed with “The Crystal Ship”. Both tracks on this reissue are newly remastered.

This celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the single release (June 3, 1967, and topping out at #1 on July 29, 1967, remaining for three cycle weeks.

Focus To Get Career Spanning13CD Box Set, Hocus Pocus Box

Focus was one of those rare progressive bands blending unconventional Rock n Roll styles, and still get an edited Top 10 hit single out of it. While “Hocus Pocus”, with its manic guitar riffing, and yodeling for vocals, was one of the band’s only two singles that did respectably on the important charts, lack of any other singles did not deter the band from producing a fine array of studio albums. The other big hit was the instrumental “Sylvia” from the double LP, Focus III (1972).

“Hocus Pocus” came from the band’s second album (Moving Waves in the US, Focus II elsewhere – 1971). The song, with an album cut tracking at nearly seven minutes in length, was heavily edited (without detriment) for radio with playing time of slightly over three minutes. It was satisfying because Jan Akkerman’s searing riff provided the ‘straight to the vein’ guitar, while the Van Leer’s yodeling gave an element of something different yet effective. But it was the album cut that did the best justice to the song.

Hamburger Concerto (1974) was another classic recording for the band generating their 20+ minute, six movements of “Hamburger Concerto” track that could keep you glued to the stereo as easily as Works by ELP.

Focus delivered eleven studio works including their recent set, 8.5 Beyond The Horizon (without the guitars of Akkerman, who hasn’t been with the band since 1985’s Focus album).

On July 14, a massive 13CD Box will be issued containing sleeved versions of all their released studio sets PLUS the live At The Rainbow (1973), and The Best of Focus (1993). Also included is Ship of Memories from 1976. A booklet is included to tie it all together.

I simply cannot tell you how much I mellowed at “Focus II” from the glorious Moving Waves album.


Bruce Cockburn Returns With New Album, Bone On Bone

Since 1970, when Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Ko-burn) released his self-titled debut on Columbia Records, the artist has consistently provided his fan base with album after album, almost year after year. To date, there has been twenty-four strong sets including Cockburn’s last album, Small Source of Comfort, which was released back in 2011. Since, it’s been relatively quiet, a strange anomaly given the usual consistency of one of Rock’s great male singer/songwriters.

Still signed to True North, we’re given the notice that Bruce Cockburn will rise from his solitude to provide his solid fanbase with a brand new solo effort, Bone On Bone. The new album will feature eleven new Cockburn originals (track-list below). Bone On Bone will be issued on standard CD, DD, and vinyl LP, all on September 15, although Bruce Cockburn’s site states September 8. (Go with September 15, for now.)

Bruce Cockburn is currently on a massive North American tour with eighteen scheduled Canadian dates from July 1 through September 30. He will hit the US with a total of 30 scheduled dates beginning on November 5 through April 21 of 2018. Get complete dates here.

Bone On Bone – Bruce Cockburn

01. States I’m In
02. Stab at Matter
03. Forty Years in the Wilderness
04. Cafe Society
05. 3 Al Purdys
06. Looking and Waiting
07. Bone on Bone
08. Mon Chemin
09. False River
10. Jesus Train
11. Twelve Gates to the City


New Gene Loves Jezebel Album, Dance Underwater

For a brief, tumultuous ten-year window beginning in the early ’80s, the band known as Gene Loves Jezebel rose and diminished , leaving a string of loved songs. Initiated with the concept of identical twin brothers performing Rock n Roll, that blend eventually gave way to misconceptions and unusual expectations that led to the band’s end. Nevertheless, it is their excellent catalog that we hold dear these days. I especially hold closer to my heart, the Michael Aston-less albums that include Kiss Of Life (1990), and the under-appreciated Heavenly Bodies (1993). In 1997, Jay reconvened for VII, while Michael produced three underwhelming (in my estimation) albums using the name of Michael Aston’s GLJ. Since then, Jay has explored his own Rock n Roll using several models of display and production.

On September 15, the Jay Aston-led Gene Loves Jezebel will release their next album. This band still has the legacy members intact that include James Stevenson, Pete Rizzo, and Chris Bell. The new album is being called Dance Underwater. It was produced by long-time GLJ producer, Peter Walsh.

Dance Underwater is being fan-funded via PledgeMusic, and will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Restricted Release and Westworld Recordings in the US and UK. Dance Underwater will feature ten new songs. Currently, a single (“Summertime” is in release ahead of the album release (listen below).

I like the single!


[UPDATE] New Doors Singles Set Includes Vinyl Singles Box

As we begin our slip into July (the SECOND half of the year!), we find that The Doors are getting some attention. Over the time of their short career, The Doors released a nice collection of singles and long players. In all, there were six studio albums beginning with their self-titled 1967 set, The Doors, and ending with their 1971 L.A. Woman album. They issued a live set, Absolutely Live (1970), and a compilation set, 13 (1970). Since then, there have been a wealth of Doors sets to keep the money exchanging hands.

On August 25, Elektra Records will revisit the territory of The Doors with two packages, three if you count their September Box release (more on this in a bit). The two sets will be called The Singles.

Watch for a 2CD compilation (content information is still unavailable), and a 2CD/BD set, which may likely present HD versions of songs, and maybe…maybe 5.1. Maybe. When content information becomes available, I’ll post an update.

On September 15, Elektra will follow-up with a 7″ vinyl singles box with 20 45s. This box is also being labeled as The Singles.

The Singles – The Doors

01. Break On Through (To The Other Side)
02. End Of The Night
03. Light My Fire
04. The Crystal Ship
05. People Are Strange
06. Unhappy Girl
07. Love Me Two Times
08. Moonlight Drive
09. The Unknown Soldier
10. We Could Be So Good Together
11. Hello, I Love You (Mono Radio Version)
12. Hello, I Love You
13. Love Street
14. Touch Me (Mono Radio Edit)
15. Touch Me
16. Wild Child
17. Wishful Sinful (Mono Radio Edit)
18. Wishful Sinful
19. Who Scared You
20. Tell All The People (Mono Radio Edit)
21. Tell All The People
22. Easy Ride
23. Runnin’ Blue
24. Do It

01. You Make Me Real
02. Roadhouse Blues
03. Love Her Madly
04. (You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further
05. Riders On The Storm
06. Changeling
07. Tightrope Ride
08. Variety Is The Spice Of Life
09. Ships W/ Sails
10. In The Eye Of The Sun
11. Get Up And Dance
12. Treetrunk
13. The Mosquito
14. It Slipped My Mind
15. The Piano Bird
16. Good Rockin’
17. Roadhouse Blues (Live)
18. Albinoni: Adagio
19. Gloria (Live)
20. Moonlight Drive (Live)

BD Audio: The Best Of The Doors (1973)  (Quad Mix)
01. Who Do You Love
02. Soul Kitchen
03. Hello, I Love You
04. People Are Strange
05. Riders On The Storm
06. Touch Me
07. Love Her Madly
08. Love Me Two Times
09. Take It As It Comes
10. Moonlight Drive
11. Light My Fire


First Four Eno Solo Albums To Be Reissued As Remastered 45RPM Vinyl 2LP Sets

If you’re an Eno fan, especially of his early run of solo works, AND you love vinyl, then this piece is for you.

Consider the brilliance of Another Green World. Released in 1975, this was Eno’s third set. Issued after the stunningly different but beautifully independent Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), It stepped above much. And then, of course, we’re also including Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Eno’s warmly received debut album, and Before And After Science (1977). Essentially, these four album represent the first four in Eno’s massive catalog (not including Discreet Music, which is decidedly more ambient in nature than these four releases that are mentioned).

The good news is that Astralwerks will be reissuing these four titles on vinyl LP. All albums are Half Speed remastered, and cut at 45RPM. They are being presented as 2LP sets. Personally, anything being released on vinyl these days (that I love…And I LOVE Eno!), should be considered for repurchase if you’re a vinyl fan. I say this because the vinyl craze won’t last forever. When it dissipates, so will these releases. And if you did finally decide you wanted one (after the craze ended), it will cost you half your life’s fortunes to acquire, and maybe more.

These four albums will be reissued on August 4.



New Foo Fighters Album On The Way (With Tour)

They’re aren’t many big name bands that could fill a stadium on announcement of a tour. But there sure are a few. Foo Fighters are one of them. Sprung from the ashes of the tragedy of Nirvana‘s demise, this Dave Grohl band has pushed the boundaries of Rock n Roll with eight now classic studio issues. In an age of recorded music, Foo Fighters are a label’s dream. Their last album, Sonic Highways, even delivered near a half-million units in sales in the US alone. Given that they’re a world-wide treasure chest, they have accumulated several million units of each album in sales.

Recently, it’s been announced that their ninth studio work is on the calendar. Scheduled for September 15, one thing is for certain, Foo Fighters aren’t leery of making a high profile release a news item. So many studios try to keep an upcoming album under wraps for as long as they can (I guess to maintain momentum from release news). Foo Fighters already know they’re going to move those units and therefore clues the adoring public on its arrival date.

The new album is being called Concrete and Gold. It will contain eleven new tracks with one of them, “Run”, already in circulation. It’s a wild run as would be expected from the band.

Foo Fighters also begin a support tour for this year.

Concrete and Gold will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP


Anomaly Deluxe Arriving From Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley is as well known a name as many classic members of any classic band. That, of course, includes the original members of KISS, of which Frehley was once a noted standout member of. As times change, so do bands. Unfortunate for KISS, the loss of their iconic members (Peter Criss, Ace Frehley) has been well documented and mourned. Nevertheless, Ace Frehley easily produced several stunning solo albums to ensure his legacy even further. One of them is Anomaly.

Anomaly was released in 2009, selling extraordinarily well. And as Space Invader (2014) was further immortalized as a Deluxe Edition. it’s only fair that Anomaly get its turn.

On August 18, eOne Music will release Anamoly Deluxe. I don’t have complete details on the reissue. But for now, let’s be pleased that it’s arriving on both CD and vinyl LP. That’s great news for vinyl fans.


New Queens Of The Stone Age Album, Villains, Scheduled For August

When we last left Josh Homme and Dean Fertita, they were actively assisting Iggy Pop in the creation and touring of Iggy’s great final (?) album, Post Pop Depression (don’t believe me that it’s great? Listen to “Gardenia” here). And for all that, we were wondering if perhaps such energies might be better expended toward a new Queens Of The Stone Age album. And not that we didn’t appreciate the electricity implanted into new Iggy Pop; we just wanted new Queens of the Stone Age music. Well, as it turns out, we were wrong to be concerned.

Recently, it was announced that a new Queens of the Stone Age album would be forthcoming. Populated with nine brand new songs, a new album would be in our hands before the summer ended. It’s actually been four years since …Like Clockwork, the 2013 masterpiece that delivered five singles and sold quite well with over one million in worldwide sales. That’s quite a feat for a band – any band – these days.

On August 25, Matador Records will release the next album by Queens Of The Stone Age, which is being called Villains. A song from the new album, “The Way You Used To Do”, is currently available as an audio-only YouTube offering (play below).

Villains will be released as a standard CD issue as well as DD, and two variations of vinyl LP. Both vinyl issues will be released in gatefold sleeves with pockets for a lyric sheet. The main difference between the two vinyl packages is a 180g-weight, vinyl-etched Deluxe Edition complete with pockets for fourteen inserts (lyrics, etc).


The Long Wait For New Music

Seemingly, three years (or more) is the new wait period between new albums by artists these days. Gone are the fruitful six-eight month turn around in albums by many bands and artists that we considered great (and still do). (Inspiration must not come in cloudbursts anymore!) Today, I was thinking about new music from artists that we haven’t heard from in quite some time. One of them is First Aid Kit.

Now, know that I’m not knocking a band for their extended wait periods. Rather, I just like new music from bands that I love. And I hate waiting three to four  LONG years for something new. Even so, I’m usually rewarded with a classically great album when they do come out. But that wait!

First Aid Kit released their last album, Stay Gold, on June 10, 2014. We’re at the three year mark. Amazingly, they have toured that album successfully for the duration. They’re currently on a tour in Sweden, England, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and an October taping in Austin, TX for Austin City Limits. And then there’s Heartless Bastards, who hasn’t released an album since their June 16, 2015 set, Restless Ones. And it was three years from their 2012 Arrow release. To be fair, Erika Wennerstrom has a solo set coming soon. So, that helps.

Honestly, I’m just bitching because time frames have changed dramatically since I was younger. There’s no longer an industry need to push new music into our hearts on a fast track. But unfortunately, too many bands disappear without a trace because of the long waits.