New Steven Wilson Album, To The Bone, Scheduled For August

Steven Wilson fans come in all ways. There are those who adore his years with Porcupine Tree. There are those who love his solo works. And there are those that love his flawless remix works on classic albums from the ’70s and ’80s. And, of course, there are those that love every facet of his music involvement. With that, it’s good news to learn that he will be releasing his next solo effort soon.

On August 18, watch for the latest SW set, To The Bone. It will offer a collection of eleven new tracks. his last album, Hand. Cannot. Erase. was released back in early 2015 (that long ago?!) then, Rolling Stone magazine referred to Hand. Cannot. Erase. as one of 2015’s best releases.

With To The Bone, there will be multiple variations on delivery. There will be a standard CD issue, DD, and a 2LP vinyl release. For the die-hards, there will be an immersive 2CD/BD/DVD Deluxe Hardback Book Edition. It’s chock full of goodies that will include the original 11-track album, a bonus CD with 55 minutes of demos and unused outtakes from the To The Bone sessions, the Blu-ray (BD) containing 96kHz/24-bit high resolution versions of To the Bone in Stereo, instrumental, and 5.1 Surround, as well as two videos (“Pariah”, “Song For I”), and an 85-minute documentary, Ask Me Nicely – The Making of To The Bone, and a DVD with a high resolution Stereo mix. and a DTS high resolution 5.1 Surround mix, both at 96/24. the DVD will also include both previously mentioned videos. An additional bonus to the Hardback Book Edition will be a 7″ vinyl single of “Antisocial”, an otherwise unused instrumental tune. To top off the goodness, the book is 120 pages of photos, a 12,000 word journal, and more.

To The Bone is led off with the release of the first single, “Pariah” (listen below).

A large multi-date tour in support of To The Bone commences in January of 2018 with a European our.

To The Bone – Steven Wilson

01 – To The Bone
02 – Nowhere Now
03 – Pariah
04 – The Same Asylum As Before
05 – Refuge
06 – Permanating
07 – Blank Tapes
08 – People Who Eat Darkness
09 – Song of I
10 – Detonation
11 – Song of Unborn

Bonus CD (on Hardback Book Edition):

01 – Ask Me Nicely – intro (1.42)
02 – A Door Marked Summer (7.41)
03 – Pariah – demo (4.58)
04 – People Who Eat Darkness – demo (5.35)
05 – Refuge – demo (4.59)
06 – The Same Asylum as Before – demo (5.32)
07 – Ask Me Nicely (3.53)
08 – Northern Cyclonic (3.50)
09 – Detonation – demo (10.18)
10 – Song of Unborn – demo (6.56)


Rhino To Reissue 2CD Deluxe Edition of Jet Debut, Get Born

Imagine how strange it is when you think of units sold back in 2003. That year doesn’t seem to be too far removed from our current time. And yet, a popular band from Australia sold over 6.5 million physical copies of its label debut. That band is Jet, and the album is Get Born, released in 2003. Today, that album, and many others that might be shocking to mention, would likely sell through less than 30,000 physical copies and be deemed successful. That’s how much times have changed in so seemingly few years. That doesn’t knock the quality of the music; it merely explains the times we live in.

Jet is a four member band with two brothers from Melbourne. Their Elektra debut was a big hit that generated singles “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, “Cold Hard Bitch”, “Look What You Done”, “Rollover DJ”, and “Get Me Outta Here”. Over time, the band released two more albums (Shine On – 2006; Shaka Rock – 2009). Strangely, Get Born was the only album with Elektra, with the last two each released on different labels.

Recently reformed, Jet has met with touring success with a sold out show in Australia. With renewed interest, Get Born is being revisited.

On June 16, Rhino Records will release a 2CD Deluxe Edition of Get Born with rarities and B-sides. The reissue will also feature brand new remastering.

The added CD will supply eleven tracks that include live performances, demos, and B-sides (see track-list below).

Get Born – Jet

01 Last Chance
02 Are You Gonna Be My Girl
03 Rollover D.J.
04 Look What You’ve Done
05 Get What You Need
06 Move On
07 Radio Song
08 Get Me Outta Here
09 Cold Hard Bitch
10 Come Around Again
11 Take It Or Leave It
12 Lazy Gun
13 Timothy

01 Sgt. Major
02 That’s Alright Mama (Live)
03 Hey Kids
04 You Were Right (Demo)
05 You Don’t Look The Same (Demo)
06 Bruises
07 Move On (Live at The Troubadour)
08 Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Live – AOL Session)
09 Take It Or Leave It (Live In Hamburg)
10 Lazy Gun (Demo)
11 Cigarettes And Cola (Demo)