Limited Edition Cinema Paradiso Vinyl LP Set For May

I’m an immense fan of not only the film, Cinema Paradiso, but also of its accompanying Ennio Morricone soundtrack. In short, the album of music is nothing more than an uncontested work of beauty that is often chosen by poplar artists as a showcase piece. (You should hear Steve Hackett’s version on guitar!) The soundtrack so perfectly meshes with every nuance of the film that it becomes inseparable. Even better, it’s a stunning stand alone set to just listen to at home. I could go on and on here. But I’ll just tell you the news instead.

If you’re a vinyl fan AND a Cinema Paradiso score fan, then you should know about the upcoming special edition 180g-weight transparent vinyl set. It is on the calendar for delivery from the UK on May 19. This special vinyl edition is housed in a deluxe soft touch jacket with a silver foil finish and a PVC sleeve.

This special vinyl edition is a part of a Classic Soundtrack Series for Norman Records. It will be limited to just only 1000 copies, world-wide!

Order here.

Steven Wilson Remixes Marillion Classic, Misplaced Childhood, For July

When we think Steven Wilson, we think superior audio…audio so pure and clean that we are sometimes left with amazement at what we’re hearing. I recognize there are those that prefer only what was original vinyl (I do know people that prefer the original mix), but I have to say, I love listening to these remixes reveal new things to me. The good news here is two-fold:

On July 21, Parlophone and Rhino Records will release a massive remix of the classic Marillion album from 1985, Misplaced Childhood. To complement the remixed original, the new edition will provide 4CDs and add in a BD top off the box.

CD 1 will be the original Ten-track album. CDs 2 and 3 will include the full 1985 support show, Live at Utrecht with eighteen performance tracks. The remaining CD will include eighteen bonus tracks with demos, outtakes, and alternate mixes.

The Blu-ray will provide the expected hi-resolution 96/24 stereo remaster and 5.1 remixes. Also on the BD will be the 72-minute documentary, Childhood Memories, and four promo videos. The box is capped off by the inclusion of a 60-page book.

There will also be a 4LP (180g-weight vinyl)Box of Misplaced Childhood available on the same date.

Misplaced Childhood (SW Remix) – Marillion

CD1 (original album):

01 – Pseudo Silk Kimono
02 – Kayleigh
03 – Lavender
04 – Bitter Suite
05 – Heart of Lothian
06 – Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
07 – Lords of the Backstage
08 –  Blind Curve
09 – Childhood’s End?
10 – White Feather

CD2 (Live at Utrecht – 1985):

01 – Emerald Lies
02 – Script For A Jester’s Tear
03 – Incubus
04 – Chelsea Monday
05 – The Web

CD3 (Live at Utrecht – 1985 continued):

01 – Pseudo Silk Kimono
02 – Kayleigh
03 – Lavender
04 – Bitter Suite
05 – Heart of Lothian
06 – Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
07 – Lords of the Backstage
08 – Blind Curve
09 – Childhood’s End?
10 – White Feather
11 – Fugazi
12 – Garden Party
13 – Market Square Heroes

CD4 (Bonus Tracks):

01 – Lady Nina
02 – Freaks
03 – Kayleigh (Alternate Mix)
04 – Lavender Blue
05 – Heart of Lothian
06 – Lady Nina (SW Stereo Remix)
07 – Pseudo Silk Kimono (Demo)
08 – Kayleigh (Demo)
09 – Lavender (Demo)
10 – Bitter Suite: Brief Encounter/Lost Weekend (Demo)
11 – Lords of the Backstage (Demo)
12 – Blue Angel (Demo)
13 – Misplaced Rendezvous (Demo)
14 – Heart of Lothian: Wide Boy/Curtain Call (Demo)
15 – Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) (Demo)
16 – Passing Strangers: Mylo/Perimeter Walk/Threshold (Demo)
17 – Childhood’s End? (Demo)
18 – White Feather (Demo)

BD (Extras):

01 – Childhood Memories (Documentary)
02 – Misplaced Childhood (5.1 Surround of album)
03 – Lady Nina (5.1 Surround Mix)
04 – Misplaced Childhood (96kHz/24-bit Stereo of album)
05 – Kayleigh (Video)
06 – Lavender (Video)
07 – Heart of Lothian (Video)
08 – Lady Nina (Video)