Review: Death Song – The Black Angels

It’s been 1,480 COUNTABLE days (and some change) since The Black Angels had released Indigo Meadow, their last long player of Psychedelic Rock. Indigo Meadow was an achievement that would easily match anything coming from the legacy era of of the late ’60s when Psychedelic Rock was lighting up lofts throughout large cities. If they were a part of that era, The Black Angels would be remembered today as one of the classic greats. And not that the band’s incept date hinders them from becoming as much a classic band. They’re that good. Or great as I am wont to put it.

Just days ago, The Black Angels topped their magic of Indigo Meadow with their latest set, Death Song. (If any of this sounds familiar, it should. It’s no secret the band is a fan of The Velvet Underground. They take their name from “The Black Angel’s Death Song” from VA’s perfect debut, The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967). It’s just now that the band has decided to marry the entire title of that song with their name and an album title. What an album to do it with.) In short and easy to understand language, Death Song, the new album by The Black Angels, is a fantastic album with NO bad songs within its grooves.

Death Song has eleven tracks, none of which lack in any way. Each song is as powerful an offering as the one preceding it…and the one following it. As you listen to it (presumably as it’s sequenced ), your mind is privy to the mental fight that will occur as you vacillate between best tracks. The great thing is that they’re all best tracks. Death Song is a store of perfection. From “Currency” and “I’d Kill For Her” to “Hunt Me Down” and¬†“I Dreamt” to “Death March”, and “Life Song”, Death Song is the masterpiece of The Black Angels. And it waits for your approval.

I’ll stop slobbering all over you. But know this, Death Song is one of the great album releases of an early 2017. If anyone can beat it, well…I’d be impressed. If I had any belief in the Grammy system, I’d call Death Song a no-brainer to claim the award.

Psychedelia never sounded so good!


New Tori Amos Album, Native Invaders, Expected In September

It most certainly – to me – feel like its NOT been well over two years since the release of Tori Amos‘ last studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines. But here we are with the announcement of a new set not long around the corner of a few months. Tori Amos, of course, is the author of so many classic albums that we look forward to each new exploration she undertakes. With her new one, she shifts her focus to, as she puts it, “to find different ways of facing unforeseen challenges, and in some cases, dangerous conflicts”. If Nature can renew¬†things for itself, then why can’t we? I’m in.

Photo Credit: Paulina Otylie Surys

On September 8, Tori Amos will release her 15th album, Native Invaders. This new album will be released by Decca Records, signifying a new contract beyond her time with Mercury. Tori will tour the album starting with an extensive 22-date European tour. I suspect a US one after that but there are no official words on that.