In Memoriam: J. Geils

In the twilight years of MusicTAP, I had planned to not write up remembrances on stars who are passing. At this point, it is certainly the time where many of them will be leaving us with some frequency. And while 2015 had its share, it wasn’t until 2016 when a notable performer like David Bowie drew every one’s preternatural attention to the deaths of our favorites. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the passing of Mr John Warren Geils, otherwise and affectionately known as J. Geils, and for whom he named his band after.

J. Geils put together a stunning collection of musicians that were highlighted by the incredible vocal and stage prowess of one Mr Peter Wolf, a former DJ of note. Once that magnificent collective of musicians were on the road and in the studio, well…Rock and Roll was the luckier for it. And so were we.

It depresses me to see J. Geils leave us already at the young age of 71. I know he joins an elite band in his passing but the world is deprived of a proper send-off as it should have been. Nevertheless, Mr J. Geils left a legacy behind in a series of albums and songs. He also left behind a legacy of stage shows indicated by incredible Live documents, Full House (1972), and the awesomely wild Blow Your Face Out (1976), and even Showtime! (1982). If you had a chance to see them live, then you were lucky indeed!

Although I’m a BIG fan of the Atlantic years of the band, with less an interest in their EMI years, I loved them throughout. And J. Geils willbe missed for what he gave the world, The J. Geils Band.