New Can Singles Collection Coming In June

If your head was in a different place musically back in the formative ’60s, then the odds that you ran across the German band, Can, is quite high. With an unprecedented level of experimentation and fusion happening among genre-bending groups like Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Amon Düül, and Popol  Vuh, to just name only a few, Can rose with those names to carve its own space. Can lasted approximately 10 years professionally as a recording unit. And although they have reappeared here and there afterwards, it’s the formative years of Rock that tell their story the best.

On June 16, Mute Records will release an assembled collection of Can singles called simply, The Singles. This collected set of tracks will add up to 23 songs that include original edits of A and B-sides released between 1969 and 1986 (see the list below). The Singles will be issued on CD, and 3LP trifold. And while nothing beats a complete Can album experience, the hard-core fan, completists, and first-time explorers will be pleased to have this in their Can libraries.

The Singles – Can

01. Soul Desert
02. She Brings The Rain
03. Spoon
04. Shikako Maru Ten
05. Turtles Have Short Legs
06. Halleluwah (Edit)
07. Vitamin C
08. I’m So Green
09. Mushroom
10. Moonshake
11. Future Days (Edit)
12. Dizzy Dizzy (Edit)
13. Splash
14. Hunters And Collectors (Edit)
15. Vernal Equinox (Edit)
16. I Want More
17. ….And More
18. Silent Night
19. Cascade Waltz
20. Don’t Say No (Edit)
21. Return
22. Can Can
23. Hoolah Hoolah (Edit)